local media coverage of Friday’s rally/protest

Brent Finnegan -- October 30th, 2006

Out of all the stories filed for local media outlets, surprisingly I’d have to say the DNR’s Jeff Mellott is the only one that gave (what I believe to be) fair coverage to the counter-rally when Allen came to town.

But some of the other stories seem to downplay the anti-amendment counter-rally. From WSVA: “The crowd included a small, but boisterous group opposed to the amendment.” Were they really that small? I was surprised that so many people showed up to oppose the amendment. I still haven’t seen official numbers, but it seemed like at least half the size of the pro-rally.

Oddly, none Only one of the Harrisonburg media outlets (including The Breeze and WHSV) mentioned the lesbian marriage that took place on the sidewalk as Padilla got up to speak. I saw WMRA’s Martha Woodroof with her mic at the rally, but I’m not seeing anything on their website yet.

Am I way off base here? If you were there, what do you think of the coverage?


10 Responses to “local media coverage of Friday’s rally/protest”

  1. forehead on keyboard says:

    The whole thing was such a NON-event. Of the hundred-thousand people in Harrisonburg & Rockingham, how many people attended? The whole thing (on both sides) was staged FOR the media. I would like to think that the lack of media coverage is the local media finally saying, “We’re not going to be spoonfed fabricated ‘news’ this time.”

    OK, maybe not.

  2. finnegan says:

    Well, I agree with about half of your statement there. The media generally can be manipulated to give coverage by anyone willing to put together a public event and send out a press release.

    However, as I said in an earlier post I still think the amendment is a newsworthy issue (and as important if not more important than the candidates an the ballot) yet so many voters are still un/misinformed about it. So, in that regard, I welcome media coverage of this issue, even if it is in a staged, manipulated context.

  3. Daytonres says:

    I think coverage of protestors and people that come out to disrupt events just breeds more of that. Coverage of a yelling man on a sidewalk that could not compose himself in the same manner as others is as unfortunate as the coverage of the people in monkey suits during Allen’s visit to Staunton. Reading back at what I wrote, some could get the idea that I am pro amendment and pro Allen. I’m not for the first and am having a difficult time with the second…just so you don’t think my opinion is slanted in any political way. I think acting out at a planned event makes you seem like a little child in the corner crying over a broken toy. I wasn’t disappointed in the fact that some people came out to hold signs in opposition to the amendment, but felt their efforts were undermined a bit by one maniac yelling.

  4. finnegan says:

    This post wasn’t an attack on WSVA: I just read all the local media websites and see what they’re reporting on.

    I still disagree with most people about Eric’s cowboy character. Personally, I thought it was funny. People are jaded to the same old political tactics (holding signs, “honk if you support ___”). In my mind, sarcasm is another political tool.

    What I do abhor, however, is when people from either side trying to block signage and/or drown out the other side. If you try to silence your opponent, it makes it look like you have something to hide.

    Side note: Deona at eightyone pointed out to me that the News Leader and The News Virginian did mention the marriage on the sidewalk.

  5. finnegan says:

    Kelly Jasper over at the DNR pointed out that the DNR piece does mention the lesbian wedding:

    …a lesbian couple also staged a mock “marriage” in sight of the speakers on the Rockingham County Courthouse steps…

    Although I don’t think those involved would call it a “mock wedding.”

  6. Daytonres says:

    Finnegan, you should feel free to attack WSVA’s coverage of the event (or anyone’s coverage for that matter). The media should be held accountable for what it does and does not report. I know the news director there very well and he’d admit that his stations coverage that day was lacking. There’s a back story to a lot of the local news coverage woes, but I won’t begin to go into it here.

  7. maryloohoo says:

    Daytonres needs to get over herself, honey. I see her posts all over and all she does is trash people. Don’t mess with WSVA, they are “my peeps.” Since you are “so informed,” why don’t you start a website so we can trash it. I think Daytonres needs to be held responsible for what she says or does not say. I for one would prefer she stay silent. Write something inspiring, Ms. Daytonres or quit the senseless babble talk, honey!

  8. finnegan says:

    This is funny. You don’t even know who your “peeps” are. Daytonres is a she?

    You need to do some research, “honey.”

  9. maryloohoo says:

    I don’t know of any mens that complain like Ms. Daytonres. So if she is a he, coulda fooled me, honey. And I do know who my peeps is, wait until they get a load of this barf. And I never said Daytones was a “peep” of mine, honey.

  10. maryloohoo says:


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