They Have Not Yet Begun to Count

Adam Sharp -- November 8th, 2006

Hey, thought you would wake up to find out who won the Senate race and who controls the Senate? Hahaha, silly reader: certainty is for wimps.

As I write this (1:45 AM), Montana and Missouri are leaning Democratic. If this holds, that means that the Senate will be 49 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 independents who will probably caucus with the Democrats. The remaining race: Virginia.

Now let’s step back to last year. We didn’t know for sure who would be our attorney general until the week before Christmas. That was stressful and exciting and tiring. But it didn’t affect much outside of Virginia.

But this race is different. The winner determines the party that controls the Senate – the party that controls appointments to the federal judiciary, controls the budget, and has subpeona powers over the executive branch. The winner of the Virginia Senate race will determine control over the federal agenda for the two years leading up to the next presidential race.

So there will be lawyers coming into Virginia from both sides, from everywhere. This isn’t as big as Florida 2000, but this will cause flashbacks. Ballots in every county will be counted once, maybe twice, hopefully not more than that. If they are, we will be invaded by media from all over the country and maybe the world – and more lawyers.

Did I mention there will be a lot of lawyers? If economics professors are correct about supply and demand, you might be able to hire a lawyer for under $25/hour if things go on too long. That’s really the only benefit I can see to the onslaught that is coming.

So take a deep breath and don’t plan on knowing who our next senator is, or which party will control the Senate, until mid-December at the earliest. I recommend focusing on your Thanksgiving plans, picking the winner of Ohio State/Michigan, and getting a head start on Christmas presents.

And for all of you who voted on an electronic machine without a paper trail … sweet dreams!

-Adam Sharp

9 Responses to “They Have Not Yet Begun to Count”

  1. Barnabas says:

    Actually I noticed when I voted on the electronic machine that as each person voted there was a role of paper coming out the back of the main control machine that all the little machines were hooked up to. This is the paper trail incase of system failure. So my vote still ended up on paper, I just voted 2006 style while some voted 1970’s style.

  2. finnegan says:

    I’m a 70’s kind of guy.

  3. finnegan says:

    … and you’re right about this, Adam: it’s gonna be super messy in Virginia over the next month. Lots of lawyers, lots of national media.

    Like Ben/Not Larry said:

    FLORIDA 2000
    OHIO 2004
    VIRGINIA 2006

  4. zen says:

    Does anyone think Allen would realize that he’s lost and spare the state and the nation the agony of a recount?

    hahahaha….okay, must be the lack of sleep making me say that.

  5. finnegan says:

    Looks like Montana is going to be going through the same process, but Dems claim both.

  6. finnegan says:

    The buzz right now is that Rumsfeld is resigning as a result of the Dem Senate gains.

  7. zen says:

    too little, too late….to save the Republicans. Let’s hope it’s not too late to help the Iraqi people, or the US troops in Iraq.

  8. Adam Sharp says:

    OK, got this one wrong too. Did not foresee a 7,000 vote deficit for Allen, or such a collapse of the Republican fighting spirit.

  9. finnegan says:

    Me neither, dude.

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