H’burg Happenings – Mid November

Brent Finnegan -- November 10th, 2006


Mike Harvey joined Independent Sarah Jones, and George Allen aide Chaz Evans-Haywood in announcing candidacy for the position of Clerk of Court for Rockingham County. That election will be held next year, along with General Assembly elections… Anyone care to explain why this is an elected position?

The pit bulls that repeatedly attacked city residents are being “put down.” Lesson: Keep your attack dogs locked away… Or better yet, just don’t own attack dogs if you live in the city.

Conaway Haskins wrote this comprehensive overview of the Virginia blogosphere on Bacon’s Rebellion, proposing a non-partisan code of ethics for Virginia bloggers called Commonwealth SOBs. Not really sure what would keep someone from violating that code, but it’s an interesting idea.

The Breeze is having trouble with their RSS feeds. I emailed the webmaster and he said he’s still working out some issues before it’s updated with every issue.


I still want to organize an informal meeting of local bloggers. I’m thinking on a Saturday. Maybe December 2, 9, or 16?

Two shows on Nov 10: One at Club Sandwich on South High featuring Branchdweller Summercamp and North… The other at Captain Tee’s featuring Olympia, Kaddisfly, Murphy’s Kids, Albuquerque, and Sayward Lawrence.

Nov 10 – 12: The Science of Sleep is playing at the CST.

Nov 14: Snowboarding documentary/demo film Anomaly is playing at Grafton-Stovall at 7.

Also on the 14th at 7:30, Eleanor Clift will be speaking at Cole Hall on the BC campus.

Thursday, Nov 16: Steep Canyon Rangers are playing at the Court Square Theater.

Nov 17: Devon Sproule is playing the Little Grill.

Nov 17 – 19: American Hardcore, a documentary about the socio-political punk rock movement in the 1980s, is playing at the Court Square Theater.

Nov 18: Cashmere Jungle Lords are playing the Little Grill.

for more local events, check the University Program Board, EMU Events, The Little Grill, worthless, Harrisonburg Tourism and GoLookOn.

7 Responses to “H’burg Happenings – Mid November”

  1. forehead on keyboard says:

    Why can’t these people wait a few weeks (or, even better, months) to start the next political season?

  2. linz says:

    Free wine tasting tomorrow at Vintage Wines from 1pm-6pm.

  3. Adam Sharp says:

    The clerk of the court is an elected position because (s)he picks the jury pools for trials and grand juries. If practiced deviously, this process could skew juries for cases of interest to the powers-that-be (it would be feasible to “randomly” select a jury pool consisting solely of individuals more or less likely to convict or acquit certain defendants).

    If judges picked the clerk, you would have judges picking the person who selects the juries they preside over. Potential conflict of interest. Also, some judges are appointed by the General Assembly and some by the local bar associations, so a quid pro quo element would also be possible in an appointment situation.

    A popular election means that the public has at least some say in a position that does affect it (both through jury selection and recording deeds, licenses, etc). It’s actually a welcome breath of democracy in an area where the most powerful people in local government (city manager, county administrator) are not popularly elected.

  4. Gene says:

    Ah Adam, did I forget to teach you about judges oh those several years ago?! All state judges in Virginia are appointed by the General Assembly (usually) or the governor (on rare occasions where the GA doesn’t act or isn’t around to act). Fill-in, substitute judges are appointed by the circuit court judges but they do not hear cases that often. The local bar associations do not appoint any judges and increasingly have little influence on the selection process. It has become increasingly political and the bar’s (local or state) input is often ignored even if it is sought. To see this all in action, stay tuned as several local judgeships come open due to mandatory retirements in the next 18 months.

  5. Adam Sharp says:

    Hey Gene – no, we didn’t talk about judges much. There was a lot about The Onion, and how to question witnesses, but not much about judges.

    I was pretty sure that the local bar had a hand in picking judges, but I guess that was wrong. That’s why we have blogs – to show why I’m wrong!

    I know it’s political – what isn’t in government or law – and therefore any time the public can select officer holders, I think they should.

    All that said – good to see you’re still around! Any picks for the clerk race?

  6. Gene says:

    Yeah, anyone that knows what a clerk’s office does and doesn’t just view it as a political stepping stone.

    You aren’t wrong that the local bars did have lots of influence and IMHO should have lots of influence, but it has become so much more political in the last decade. Some of us not-so-jokingly say that our local bar endorsement is a sure sign that person won’t become judge!

  7. finnegan says:

    Well, that’s essentially why I set up this blog — to exchange info.

    It was an honest quesiton, and I’m glad I know what the clerk does now.

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