Comcast has everything under control

Brent Finnegan -- November 21st, 2006

I have cable internet via Comcast (even though I still get bills under the Adelphia moniker). I wrote about the Comcast/Adelphia buyout back in July, and I figured that was the end of it. This month, Comcast has been “working the bugs out,” assuring customers there will be no immediate rate hikes. But lately I’ve been having the weirdest problems with my service at home, and after reading a few other Virginia blogs, I know I’m not alone.

Chris Graham, whose livelihood depends on the his connection to the Internet, posted about the great “customer service” he’s gotten from Comcast after his connection went down. And nobrainer (other side of Afton) is having the same sorts of problems I’ve been experiencing here in H’burg.

Anyone else been having trouble getting online and logging onto websites lately, or are these stories the exceptions?


20 Responses to “Comcast has everything under control”

  1. Jim says:

    I noticed it yesterday. I worked at home all day and my connection was slow and I was unable to access many, many websites that all came up perfectly fine (kept all my tabs open) when I came to the office today. I hope they get it all sorted soon.


  2. ali2bfd says:

    We have been having problems since September with our Adelphia/Comcast. After contacting Adelphia, we got a new modem, then purchased a new router. Neither one of these fixed the problem. They were supposed to credit our account since we couldn’t use our internet and we still have seen no credit. We contacted again Monday and they say it should be working by the end of the week and we will receive credit again (?). We are currently on dial-up again at home.

  3. x41901 says:

    we have had problems and arranged for them to come check it out SIX times!! And guess what. They didn’t show up. They told us they would come “between 10 and 2” on SIX seperate occassions. Rediculous. Friends in Augusta County and CHarlottewsville are also experiencing awful cable/internet service and terrible customer service.

  4. finnegan says:

    I guess this is what they mean by “Comcastic!”

  5. Josh says:

    Is DSL still the most cost effective high speed internet access in the area? I pay $30/month for access that isn’t quite cablemodem-fast, but fast enough for my needs.

  6. finnegan says:

    I pay more than that for Comcast, and I don’t even have cable TV channels (except MSNBC for some off reason).

    If you’re satisfied with DSL, I wouldn’t recommend switching to Comcast.

  7. Don Beasley says:

    One thing that’s helped me is to quit using Adelphia/Comcast’s “Domain Name Servers”. These are computers that convert a name, like “” to an ip address, like “”. They’re used every time you go to a web site, and Adelphia’s are always dog-slow. If pages take forever to start loading, but then load fine, this is the likely culprit.

    I use OpenDNS instead – – it’s a matter of changing one setting in your computer or router. For (excellent) criticisms and (slightly) more information, see here:

    Also, drop Internet Explorer, and use Firefox, *with* the Adblock Extension. Why waste one’s time and bandwidth downloading advertisements?

    Once I stopped using their DNS, I haven’t had any problems with Adelphia at all. That said, I use their premium service; and, perhaps more importantly, I don’t think there are very many subscribers in my neighborhood. From what I’ve heard, service to every other neighborhood in Harrisonburg is lousy.

  8. nobrainer says:

    I’ve tried the OpenDNS suggestion to no avail.

    Is anyone else still having problems?

  9. Jim says:

    Still having problems. The same problems are non-existent with Embarq DSL, though, so it is clearly Comcast. Convincing them of that is the challenge.

  10. finnegan says:

    I’m still experiencing wierdness, especially when following certain links to youtube.

  11. danno says:

    What links? Do you think they’re deliberately doing it?

  12. finnegan says:

    I don’t think it’s deliberate. I just think their routing is screwed up.

    Plus, I’m not a computer guru like Don Beasley, so whenever something goes wrong, I always assume it’s on my end. I usually check my firewall settings, reboot my computer, and reset the modem… If I’m still experiencing problems (the same problems at different websites/servers) I have to assume the problem is with Comcast.

  13. SeanGallagher says:

    I’ve been experiencing this problem too. Today I got a new router to replace the one that was not able to access some sites.

    With the new router, the sites I couldn’t reach before were accessible, but a whole new set of sites were broken, which work with the other router. If I connect directly to the cable modem, I can reach everything, but that’s not going to be adequate.

  14. nobrainer says:

    My story is now the same as Sean’s. 3 routers and 3 different sets of problems.

  15. Jim says:

    I just posted another follow-up at my blog – searching for commonalities …

  16. SeanGallagher says:

    I posted this on Jim’s blog…I found a site that won’t work when I’m directly connected to the cable modem, and a way to get everything working. It’s not a real fix, but it at least gives us some information:

    It’s not a coincidence. I had the same problem while directly connected, though there was only one site that didn’t work in that case.

    I tried some experiments, and it seems that changing the MAC address your router is presenting to the network makes a difference. If I cloned my PC’s MAC address, then everything worked through the router except the site that wouldn’t connect when I was connecting directly to the cable modem. I made up a bogus MAC address, and every site I’ve tried works, even on the original router that was giving me trouble in the first place.

    I am a network engineer, and this is some bizarre behavior. My only guess at this point is that they have a weird hardware fault on a piece of equipment at the head end, but it’s going to be tough to convince them of that and for them to track down the bad equipment. I’ll be giving them a call and trying to get through the tier 1 support to get somebody who can check this out.

  17. finnegan says:

    Just read Waldo’s post on cvillenews about this topic, and figured I should post it here.

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