Jeremy Aldrich -- December 13th, 2006

The DNR has, in the last two days, exceeded their normal level of ridiculous misunderstanding of important world events. In fact, these last two house editorials, Global Not-So-Warming and Inept and Ungracious, may well give them a head start on meeting their quota of ridiculous tripe for the upcoming year.

Today’s selection, about global warming, basically says that global warming is no threat, based on the fact that a UN panel is downgrading its predictions of sea level rise from 34 inches to 17 inches by the year 2100. What a relief that will be to people in low-lying areas! Now they’ll only have to live in a foot and a half of water instead of 3 feet of water! It also glorifies the work of Fred Singer, a scientist who disputes that humans are a main cause of global warming. Oh, but Singer also has received grants from ExxonMobil, and in the early 90’s opposed linking secondhand smoke to cancer, calling it “junk science.” I’m amazed at how people buy the perception that there is any real scientific debate over whether global warming is occurring, and whether or not it is substantially caused by human activity or not. As Al Gore showed in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, about half of all media reports question global warming, while no peer-reviewed scientific study has ever questioned it. The DNR editorial goes on to absolve humans from caring about this impending ecological disaster by smarmily saying that “livestock are responsible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gases.” The key word there is livestock; these are animals bred in large numbers by humans, not part of the normal ecological cycle without human activity.

In yesterday’s pearl of ignorance from the DNR, outgoing U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is rebuked for saying that, “America must not sacrifice its ideals while fighting the war on terrorism.” After defending putting terror suspects in jail (many of them have been released years after being kidnapped by the US government with no proof they were actually involved in terrorism), the DNR goes on to criticize several things about the UN: the oil-for-food scandal, abuses by soldiers under U.N. command, and the failure to act in Rwanda and Darfur. These situations certainly deserve public scrutiny and correction, but to lay the blame for them all at the feet of Annan is like…oh, I don’t know, blaming President Bush for the Jack Abramoff scandal, or Abu Ghraib, or the failure to act in Rwanda and Darfur! The U.N. needs reform, undoubtedly. But the U.S. has been the main obstacle to meaningful reform for quite a while.

The DNR’s house editorials are just absolutely ridiculous. They use different rules for groups they like and groups they don’t like, they mispresent facts, and they make completely uninformed and dangerous conclusions. I hope they don’t represent or distort the perceptions of people in our community.


5 Responses to “Idiots!”

  1. finnegan says:

    Those are real editorials? I thought they were Colbert-esque attempts at satirical humor.

    No, but seriously… I usually don’t even know where to begin to criticize DNR editorials, so I don’t even go there. It’s like trying to disagree with Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh.

    I often wonder how much of what the editorial staff writes is sincere, and how much of it is to generate letters to the editor.

  2. Adam Sharp says:

    Who else thought of Ren and Stimpy when they saw the title to this post?

    Oh … just me? Shoot.

    Anyway, finnegan is on target with the DNR’s editorial policy. I remember Kirkwood (the managing editor) coming into The Breeze and explaining that his idea of a good editorial page was one that packed the equivalent of a fifth of whiskey in the morning. Or something like that. Basically, be really controversial so that angry people write in (hopefully libruls), and then other angry people can respond.

    Kirkwood is also the one who will be speaking tonight at the Harrisonburg Church of Christ on “real men” … the ad in the DNR started like this:

    “Moms & Dads, Grandpa’s and Grandmas: Are you tired of Society, Hollywood, the government & schools turning your young sons into ‘girly-men?'”

  3. finnegan says:

    Interestingly, Gxeremio, a reader sent this link to me via email:

    The DNR’s managing editor,Cort Kirkwood’s archive on Lew Rockwell.

    I guess it’s a collection of everything the DNR wouldn’t print.

    It’s an odd mix of conservative Libertarian, anti-war, anti-feminist, anti-public school rantings. Some of it reads like a transcript of the Neal Boortz show.

    Also, I found Kirkwood’s profile on the Center for Media and Democracy.

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