Earth & Tea reopened

Brent Finnegan -- February 24th, 2007

A few weeks ago, writergirl reported that Earth & Tea Cafe closed down due to the lack of proper permits. This was followed a few days later by a DNR story about it.

I spoke with Aaram, the owner last night, and he said they have the permits and the place is re-opened for business.


8 Responses to “Earth & Tea reopened”

  1. Dave Briggman says:

    I had the chicken/rice/carrots/pineapple dish there yesterday afternoon…very tastey number…wifi service wasn’t consistent, but then, I can’t get broadband at home so almost anything’s better than dialup.

    Waitress was very attentive and seemed surprised I gave her a $2.00 tip for a $6.00 meal…but then, most people native to here appear to tip on the lowside…no offense meant to anyone.

  2. finnegan says:

    I’m sure most waiters/waitresses/delivery drivers around here would agree with you, Dave.

  3. compassless says:

    I have found that tipping has a stronger relationship to education level rather than geography.

    ~veteran waitress

  4. ktr001 says:

    My father has a college degree and is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met….but he tips like crap. You had to have been a waitress/bartender or worked another job that relies heavily on tips to know how crucial tipping is. I think very few people understand that waiters/waitresses/bartenders only make a whopping $2.13/hr.

  5. Frank W says:

    The further you go in life…distance, not eduation wise, the better the tip. You realize just how hard most of these people work. Extra shifts, opening early, closing late and dealing with drunks all makes you think. Next time you go to a restaurant on a weekend, just quitely watch and see what these servers have to deal with. from people returning food that they percieve is cooked wrong to telling bartenders to “put some alcohol in it this time”, you will come to better understand just how hard they work. I have never been a bartender or waiter, but being a restaurant owner and patron to many-a-bar, you MUST deal with all kinds of a**holes. It is just a hame the public doesn’t appreciate ANYONE ANYMORE !

    Have a super day !

  6. finnegan says:

    I’ve never waited or delivered or bartended, but many of my friends have, so I make sure to have patience and tip well (unless s/he is just plain terrible or rude, in which case I would want to say something to the manager).

  7. Josh says:

    Rocktown Weekly has a story on lessons learned:

    Business 101
    Earth and Tea Café owner learns tough lessons about starting out in business

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