VFF dinner

Brent Finnegan -- March 30th, 2007

Social conservatives gathered for the Valley Family Forum‘s “Salute to the Family” last night at JMU’s Festival building.

I was just reading this story on TV3, trying to figure out if it had already happened or was about to happen. The report says, “all the proceeds will go to help build faith, family and freedom in the valley and across the Commonwealth.”

All? Freedom? Really? Wow.

6 Responses to “VFF dinner”

  1. Josh says:

    From the DNR:

    Cobb “One of the greatest [victories], she said, was a bill that Gov. Timothy M. Kaine signed into law last week requiring libraries to install Internet filters that prohibit access to pornographic sites.”

    Fold “It took four years just to get an Internet filter? Are you kidding me?”

    I’m annoyed that the VFF thinks Internet filters are such a no-brainer. So, now that we are prohibiting people from accessing pornographic websites, are we going to prohibit people from access non-pornographic erotica websites? Art websites with “tasteful” nudes? How about hate group sites? How about religious cult websites? How about political websites? Rated R movie websites? Where and how do we draw the line?

    I remember reading about one of the first internet filter programs: it prevented a student from conducting research on Kentucky because, as you know, anything that contains UCK is a bad word.

    I’m sure technology has improved, but ultimately these filter programs are the result of individuals’ determinations of what is appropriate and inappropriate.

    See also:

    The Free Expression Policy Project

  2. Frank Witt says:

    ISn’t that the sae reason that certain groups don’t want certain books in those libraries. Do we NEED interent accessable computers at the library? It seems just a faster way to do your work. But with the likes of Wikipedia…is it neccessary?

    What do you consider inappropriate?

  3. finnegan says:

    The funny thing about the Obenshain filter (as I understand it) is that it really had no effect on the MR Library. They’ve had filters on their computers for years. Over-age patrons could request to have the filter turned off. If I’m not mistaken, they still can under the Obenshain law.

  4. zen says:

    heh. So an adult user could request access to the pornographic sites? Sort of seems like a reliance on the embarassment as a means of dissuading it’s access. But I guess if one intends to view porn at the library they don’t give much thought to being embarassed anyway.

    “All? Freedom? Really? Wow.”
    Reminds me of “Freedom and Justice for All.” Really? All?

  5. David Troyer says:


    I might be wrong, but these filters are in place, or are being lobbied to be put in place, to protect children or other minors from viewing pornographic material. it doesn’t really have anything to do with the morality of an adult’s legal right to do so.

  6. JGFitzgerald says:

    Allow me to dig a little deeper, David. The filters do not necessarily protect children from viewing pornographic material. What they do is keep anyone not specifically allowed from viewing material the makers of the software chose to block. A teen looking for birth control information might be blocked. An adult wanting to look at Manet’s Olympia might need permission from the librarian. Although I have strong feelings on this topic, the only one I’m trying to express here is that the goal may not match the result.

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