guard unit headed to Iraq this year

Brent Finnegan -- April 19th, 2007

The DNR reports that the Harrisonburg National Guard Unit will be headed to Iraq later this year. Company A, 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry, which includes eighty soldiers from this area will begin training in June.

Of course, this is all part of “the troop surge,” and raises several questions, including: Is the Guard adequately equipped?

8 Responses to “guard unit headed to Iraq this year”

  1. One of those soldiers is a friend of mine. And believe me when I say that he is READY to go.

    In fact, he volunteered to go, even though he’s spent a year in Gitmo and 1 1/2 years in Afghanistan shooting enemies from atop a Humvee…he volunteered to go to Iraq. He really embodies the “gung-ho” spirit of the American soldier.

    Even if you don’t support the war, people…you should admire the spirit in which men like my friend have when fighting for their country.

  2. David Miller says:

    I whole heartedly support your friend and the rest of our Armed Forces. I simply do not believe that they are “fighting for their country” or as the saying normally goes “fighting for our freedom”. I believe that they are brainwashed by a greedy military industrial complex that feeds off of the world’s pain! Violence cannot be the answer to the worlds problems. If it were, we wouldn’t have problems by this point in history. If you believe me to be incorrect I will not be surprised but would be happy to politely discuss it. (sorry, I’ve been jaded by lately).

  3. finnegan says:

    To me, it’s not about fighting: I’m not a conscientious objector or a pacifist. It’s about what are we/they fighting for?

  4. Frank Witt says:

    As both a man who has served and the father of 2 currently enlisted (1 on Iraq, 1 going to boot soon) I believe you don’t join to kill someone. You have a desire to do something important with your life.

    When Wendy was enrolled in college, she did not feel as if she could make a difference. Now, although she does not wish to kill, she feels as if she is part of something bigger…maybe better. It is her generation and her children’s generation that they believe in.

    I am an enabler…and supporter…and damn proud of it !

  5. Believe me, my friend did not join to kill people…he joined to make something of his life, as college was just not for him at the time.

    However, he has believed in what we were doing over there from the get-go, and his support hasn’t waned, even though he has been inactive for over a year. He has told me that a lot of his continued support for the war efforts comes from his experiences while deployed.

    In fact, having known him for almost 10 years, now…that mentality is not surprising, as that’s just the person he is.

    David, there are plenty of places to have civil, spirited discussions about this and other topics. This is a good place, and so are many other blogs. In fact, I’ve had a few civil conversations with guys like Lowell over at Republitarian. It’s not as hard as it seems :)

  6. Frank Witt says:

    Phil, I admire you and your friend. Both have shown how important it is to allow us to continue to show support for all the military does daily.

    People don’t have to show support to me…for it is in the mirror that they must show support to their own refusal to say “THANK YOU” for the right to be irrelevant

  7. Marci says:

    I just want to say that I hope your friends and family members remain safe while doing something that I know I would never have the guts to do.

    I admire them and I thank them for their courage.

  8. Frank Witt says:

    I HAVE to ask this question.

    How is it, that we , as a nation allow broadcast of every little step, good or bad, to be shown all over the world. Our leaders go to Iraq…BOOM…they are attacked.
    We send thousands of troops to Iraq…BOOM…the insurgents counter-attack.
    No matter what we try to do…BOOM…it’s on the air.

    Why must this be the way.

    I do not need to know if Dick Cheney is in Iraq, then why would you show it on the news to the attention of the insurgents. When you try and quell the violence somewhere with more fire power, why does it need to be broadcast? Why does the news show how vulnerable the trains stations, small airplanes and subways are? All that is doing is providing the motivation to these A-HOLES to get some time on the news. Had these 6 Muslim terrorists not been so STUPID, they ight have been able to kill some soldiers. But why do e need to know just how it was to happen?

    What does this solve…nothing but creating more ways and ideas for attacks on the US and its military.

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