Hanger taking it sitting down?

Brent Finnegan -- April 24th, 2007

I missed this yesterday, but I thought it might be a good follow-up to the post about Bloggers4Sayre. WSVA reported:

The Virginia Education Association‘s Political Action Committee has announced its recommendations for the spring primaries and November elections. Hanger is the only candidate in the valley to garner the support of the more than 56-thousand member strong organization.

On the flipside, political analyst/blogger Ben Tribbett posted a few days ago on NLS:

The key number is what Hanger is spending- less than $2,000 in this quarter. He isn’t running a real campaign yet, and Sayre is spending cash to build a grassroots organization. This one is shaping up as the best chance for a GOP incumbent Senator defeat.

I’ve heard a mix of things about this primary. Some GOP folks in the 24th say Hanger will get 58-62 percent of the vote. Of course, if you ask any of the Bloggers4Sayre, I’m sure they’ll tell you the exact opposite. The thing that strikes me is that Hanger seems to be taking this sitting down. I mean, just look at his website.

4 Responses to “Hanger taking it sitting down?”

  1. Hanger doesn’t have to be out there right now. Some might say he has nothing to gain and too much to lose by campaigning right now.

    Hanger’s been around for some time. People know him. His base knows him and doesn’t need him to campaign for their vote at this early stage. Sayre, however, must get his name out there in front of the entire district. His task is much more daunting.

    Hanger’s site might actually be an indicator that he’s about to become more aggresive. Perhaps he’s constructing a campaign style web site.

    With that said, it would be a mistake for Hanger to take Sayre and the campaign for granted. Sayre has improved his organization, message, and approach to his campaign. We’ll see what all this means later in the summer.

  2. finnegan says:

    Hanger stands up

    “…Hanger has the support of some heavy hitters of his own – joining him at his campaign kickoffs today were several elected members of the Augusta and Rockingham boards of supervisors, including … Billy Kyger in Rockingham County.

  3. John says:

    The Virginia Education Association knows a good “democrat” when they see one. No surprise that this liberal leaning organization is supporting a senator who loves to increase taxes!!!

  4. David Miller says:

    John, please elaborate with proof on your “Loves to increase taxes” comment. Otherwise a citizen such as myself might consider a tax increase necessary to match increased spending needs. If you believe Hanger wants to increase taxes out of the pure joy of doing so, by all means quote him in the act.

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