Lohr running, Frank silent?

Brent Finnegan -- April 26th, 2007

No real surprises here; Matt Lohr announced that he’s running for office again.

But where is Carolyn Frank? The last thing we heard from her was back in December, when she said she was “testing the waters,” considering a challenge to Lohr…

33 Responses to “Lohr running, Frank silent?”

  1. republitarian says:

    She is silent because she is awaiting her results to see if her cancer has returned.

    If she does announce, it will be on another Valley blog…….

  2. Johnathan says:

    Breaking news on the Republiterian blog!!!

  3. finnegan says:

    Yeah, “breaking news” : Myron should watch what he posts.

  4. JGFitzgerald says:

    Broken news? Broke news? Braked news?

  5. zen says:

    Live tonite…Myron R and the Sensationals!

  6. republitarian says:


    I believe what I posted to be factually correct according to the elected government officials I spoke with today.

  7. republitarian says:

    The most news you guys ever break is the new movie at Court Square Theatre.

  8. finnegan says:

    You’re absolutely right, Myron.

    What this site needs is fewer posts about things people can do for fun, and more aimless mud-slinging and unfounded rumors. Less discussion about the local environment, and more scandals.

    We’ll get right on that.

  9. JGFitzgerald says:

    Finnegan, if you want to compete, I can help out. I’m pretty sure that on at least two occasions while I was on council, Roger parked in a council member’s parking place. This isn’t a real scandal, of course. That would only apply if it were the mayor’s slot.

    Also, one year when two firms wanted to buy dinner for the Harrisonburg contingent at the Virginia Municipal League convention, Roger chose the one that was eating at the better steakhouse.

    I don’t know what Lester was doing during all this.

  10. Johnathan says:

    Make all the fun you want at Myron…but you will be eating

  11. Frank Witt says:

    What this site needs is fewer posts about things people can do for fun, and more aimless mud-slinging and unfounded rumors. Less discussion about the local environment, and more scandals

    Now, I’m new here but I elect tthat as the “Best of the Best”

    Thanks Fin !

  12. finnegan says:

    Really? I love crow. I prefer it sauteed in a garlic sauce, but I’ve heard crow stew is not really as bad as everyone claims.

    But seriously, when and where did you see me refute any of Myron’s allegations? I simply stated that he should “watch what he posts.”

  13. Joe Mahma says:

    I am so relieved that Del Lohr is going to give us two more years of excellent representation! I’m sure he’s excited to continue protecting us from teenaged homosexuals and, um, well… I guess that’s all he really tried to do.
    Oh well, I feel safer in my marriage thanks to his work!

  14. Frank Witt says:

    Hey Fin, Crow is best served cold with an olive /garlic/strawberry sauce.

    Thanks again for he best blog site !

  15. JGFitzgerald says:

    Crow? Tastes just like chicken.

  16. Good grief…another cat fight

  17. republitarian says:

    Notice…I am not participating….

  18. finnegan says:

    “The most news you guys ever break is the new movie at Court Square Theatre.”

    “Notice…I am not participating….”


  19. JGFitzgerald says:

    Not participating for the last three hours and fifteen minutes anyway. Does anybody get why this thread is funny? Or is that too meta a question, like whether cats eat crows, before or after a fight?

    Let me help. Myron, are you ready to post the thing that was up, then down, that you can’t tell us about, yet, that was told to you by somebody, we don’t know who, just who it wasn’t, and is the DNR, where Frank more or less announced today, another Valley blog, or is that not really an announcement? And as far as this being a cat fight: Has the person who asked still never served her country, and does that remove her right to ask the question?

    Some will obviously get my point, and some will agree with it.

    Some won’t.

  20. finnegan says:

    Well said, Mahma. Thanks, Frank W.

    And thanks for pointing that out, Joe. Here’s a link to that DNR story.

    “…Harrisonburg City Councilwoman Carolyn Frank is still considering challenging Lohr. On Thursday, Frank said she is leaning toward running.”

  21. David Miller says:

    I really thought that I could escape THE Inegalitarian by not visiting his damn site! Thank god for HBurgnews. Factual and logical arguments to counter fictional and illogical tripe, my favorite! Peace please, constructive conversation, otherwise **** ***.

  22. Joe, you are the funniest. You give me a good laugh every time I’m on here.

  23. Del Marvel says:

    So what was the big news?

  24. Del Marvel says:

    Maybe I’m slow today, but that seems like one confusing, incomplete article even by local media standards. Anyone know the full story?

  25. Mary Lou says:

    Ms. Neal is the one that is comfused. Perhaps she should decide what she is trying to say before alling a press conference, honey! My goodness! From what I hear, no one relly knows why she is making such a fuss. Oh, and I understand the story quite well, it’s Ms. Neal that is an “incomplete article.”

  26. republitarian says:

    What I’d like to know is how the mayor feels about being lied to by Thumma?

  27. Sleezer says:

    Mary Who,
    do you have the full story?,If so,please share.

  28. Del Marvel says:

    Some unanswered questions in the article:

    Who is responsible for the missing money? Was there ever a public explanation?
    What was in the police report?
    On what basis did the treasurer ask for reimbursement from Virginia Risk Management? Why was she turned down?
    What did the director of finance and city attorney want to change in the report?
    The article reads “According to the city treasurer, this would have been an easy problem to solve.” What is the easy problem to solve and how would she have solved it?

    Some or all of this might have been covered in the media during the original story but there should be some kind of recap in an article like this.

  29. Sleezer says:

    If the DN-R runs the story they might cover those questions

  30. Mary Lou says:

    I doubt it!

  31. Sleezer says:

    Mary Lou,
    I guess you were right.

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