Make Way for Ducklings!

Emmy -- April 30th, 2007

Christa Gitchell and I saved a momma duck and her babies today downtown! Well, Christa did more of the saving…I just carried a box full of ducklings. So this is a little PSA; when you are driving downtown please watch out for the ducks. This is the second time I’ve been involved in a rescue. This momma decided she’d take them for a stroll down the middle of market street and fortunately a kind man stopped his car and escorted them to the sidewalk. Please make way for the ducklings!

8 Responses to “Make Way for Ducklings!”

  1. Josh says:

    This made me think of the famous “Make way for ducklings” statue at the Boston Public Garden:

  2. Frank Witt says:

    That is too cool. We had a Goerge and Ethel in our “spill way” until we cahsed them off.
    They were way too happy floating in that muck, but I din’t want to wake up one morning to dead ducks becuase our neighbors feel it necessary to allow their cats to roam free while we MUST obey animal control laws for our Terrier…but thats another fire deep in the woods.

  3. My wife has a signed copy of “Make Way for Ducklings”…way to go, ladies.

  4. Eli says:

    My mother saw a police officer helping them across the street earlier in the month. He had pulled his car over with the light bar on so nobody would run them over while they crossed. Thinking of the HPD and the benevolent officer of McCloskey’s book as one and the same made me stop and ponder deeper things for a little while.

  5. finnegan says:

    I wonder if the HDR considered duck X-ing signs in the new signage package.

    I like ducks. Though I can’t say the same thing about the geese that never leave Newman lake. Migrate already!

  6. I’m still really surprised we made it all the way behind the police station a) without me losing the struggling momma duck and b)without me having duck poop all over the front of my shirt. I called Emmy at work this afternoon on my way to photograph teams and told her daddy duck was pretty stressed out that he couldn’t find his family. Wear your old clothes tomorrow Emmy, cause we may have to take daddy to momma. Poor little thing was looking all over for them where the sewer drains are under where I park my car. Who’s got duck duty over there tomorrow, Emmy?? Thank heavens you saw them.

  7. writergirl says:

    I think I always have duck duty! Funny, as soon as someone saw them, they sent me out! I’m amazed she didn’t poop on you too! I’m glad you were willing to grab her, because I think I would have hurt her. I’ll come prepared to reunite daddy tomorrow! Always something exciting downtown!

  8. finnegan says:

    Speaking of downtown ducklings, check out these two pics just added to the hburgnews Flickr pool.

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