Downtown Progress

David Miller -- May 23rd, 2007

Just wanted to update everyone on some things going on downtown.

Currently construction is underway at Main Street Bar and Grill’s former location on Main Street. The owners seem enthusiastic and the construction is bustling.

Repair of the rooftop of the former A&N building has begun (if you’ve been downtown you have probably noticed!). This repair preempts the interior work that will be done to house the Children’s Museum.

The blacktop on Newman Ave has been replaced and is smooth as can be.

Polly’s former location is currently being renovated to house IMS.

Finally, Blue Nile’s construction looks fantastic in the old hotel building across from the Federal Courthouse on Main Street!

26 Responses to “Downtown Progress”

  1. writergirl says:

    They are also doing something interesting to 1 Court Square today. Thanks for this update David, we were wondering what was going on at Polly’s.

  2. finnegan says:

    Can’t wait for the new Blue Nile…

  3. Frank witt says:

    Thank you for the updates. When is the best time to wander around downtown. I dislike driving down there as it seems not too many people know which lane to take but I love the idea of a busy downtown. Are alot of the businesses, not only restaurants , open after 4 pm on Saturday or Sunday at all?

    Thanks again!

  4. writergirl says:

    I got a sneak peek at the apartments at Gitchell’s today too! Very nice! Thanks Christa!

  5. David says:

    Frank, just off the top of my head the stores (retail not restaurants) that you will find open on a Saturday in the Downtown District are as follows (please forgive/correct me if I miss anyone)

    -You Made It! Paint Your Own Pottery Studio
    -Midtowne Market
    -A Touch of the Earth
    -Granny Longlegs
    -Lou’s Barbershop
    -Downtown Barbershop
    -La’ De’ Da’
    -Runner’s Corner
    -Rocktown Yarns
    -Laughing Dog
    -The Smith House
    -Massanutten Regional Library (I know but I thought it should still be on the list)
    -James McHone Jewelry
    -Wilson’s Jewelry
    -Ben’s Music
    -Duke’s Sports Cards
    -Shenandoah Bicycle Company

    and I’m out of ideas but I think that my list is complete?

  6. How ’bout the sidewalk between Finnegan’s Cove and the old Spanky’s…has that been repaired yet?

  7. finnegan says:

    “How ’bout the sidewalk between Finnegan’s Cove and the old Spanky’s…has that been repaired yet?”

    Nope. People are still cutting through there every weekend, hopping over the barrier, or in some cases, moving it aside. This is the last thing I wrote about it.

  8. Tim says:

    Dave, you forgot Calhoun’s. Unrelated issue but I just heard that the price of beers in mug 24 just doubled.

  9. Zach says:

    death to the sidewalk barrier around Finnegans Cove! Freedom to the massess! Doubling beer prices is also on my list of dreadful crimes.

  10. David says:

    Lol Tim, good because my mug is 25! The list was for non-restaurants, sorry! I guess growlers of beer should have been on the retail list!

    Oh yeah and add Downtown Wine and Gourmet to the list as well!

  11. David says:

    The sidewalk as I understand it is a tricky issue. Supposedly the current problem is that after the city and the property owners (to whom the sidewalk actually belongs) worked out a deal, they submitted a request for bids. No one bid. Apparently no one can or will do the work. I wish that I was in the construction business.

  12. Aww David, you forget me. Gitchell’s Photography is open on Saturdays until 2 !

  13. Tim says:

    Oh, i see the the non-restaurants clause now, sorry for any moments of panic. I guess we’ll leave the price gouging to the oil industry and return poor number 24s price to normal.

  14. Frank witt says:

    Hey all, thanks for the info…looks like some “down”time this weekend. I was approached about a lease option at Spanky’s and was informed the work would be done by late summer. I guess we won’t be spreading our food downtown any time soon.

    Maybe on the other side of town…but that has some snags to overcome as well.

  15. I hear Dave and Julie (Dave’s Tavera) are looking at opening yet another restaurant…anybody know anything?

  16. David says:

    Frank, I hope for all of our sakes that you can manage to get the Spanky’s building (i’d love to see it come back into use!).

    Christa, I apologize for missing you. I used to by all my b/w film from you when I actually had time for photography.

  17. David,

    I gave up film and camera sales a long time ago. I saw what was coming with digital…. besides I stay so busy with photography. The camera/ film sales and photofinishing end didn’t pay off ,although I still develop a ton of film for people.

  18. handy Andy-handyman services may be able to do the
    shoring up/consruction work at the cove sidewalk area… class “B” contractor license 433-2639

  19. finnegan says:

    Not sure whether or not that qualifies as spam, or electioneering…

  20. any ol’ port in a storm!

  21. Yea, Benny got his contractor’s license back as of May 9th. Benny did you not work between 3/31 and 5/9 while you had no license?

  22. Dave,
    do you realize you are like an old nosy lady? You need to
    quit worrying about other people all the time.

  23. Benny…that’s the same question you asked time after time on Republitarian…but you’re not willing to answer it, are you?

  24. Benny, you think I should have Republitarian’s wife post a listing of all of the fake names and bogus conversations that you’ve had with yourself on

  25. …don’t be a dave (can you spell” Premier” yet?

  26. Frank Witt says:

    Update in todays Rocktown as the sidewalk srama goes. Still no takers on repairing the walkway down at Finnegans…but Mayor Eagle says it needs to get done.

    Maybe he can talk to the people building the CVS on his land to donate the $200,000+ and the labor to finish the project if it is SO important to him…

    I know downtown needs the work done. Should have been fixed LONG ago.

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