Harrisonburg not the only place waiting on IPv6

Brent Finnegan -- May 23rd, 2007

According to the Morgan Messenger, World Airwaves (the company setting up IPv6 wireless network here in Harrisonburg) was supposed to have IPv6 wireless service in Morgan County, West Virginia last year as well. From the Morgan Messenger last August:

Initially, the Winchester-based technology company will mount equipment on Morgan County’s 911 tower on Cacapon Mountain, providing broadband internet service to businesses in the Morgan County Industrial Park and to private customers in the surrounding area. That phase of the World Airwaves build-out must be completed by October 2, 2006 according to the August 18 agreement.

A second phase requires the company to supply broadband coverage to the county’s 911 center on hospital hill, the complex of county office trailers on Mercer Street, and the Board of Education offices within that same time frame… In a third phase of expansion, World Airwaves must provide broadband internet to areas in the county that have no access to broadband through any other company. That project must be completed within the next year.

Apparently they haven’t had any better luck than Harrisonburg. As of two months ago,

County Administrator Bill Clark said work has not yet begun in the county. He said World Airwaves needs to complete work on a microwave tower in Hampshire County before a signal can reach the industrial park.

Meanwhile, another company called SkyWeb has apparently been filling the IPv4 void. Morgan County is rural, and high-speed Internet access in most of the county is scarce.

Officials there were under the impression that World Airwaves was already providing wireless IPv6 service in Harrisonburg.

26 Responses to “Harrisonburg not the only place waiting on IPv6”

  1. David says:

    Sounds to me like the World Airwave’s salesman gave Morgan County the same pitch he did to Harrisonburg “In addition to expanding cutting-edge internet services to county residents and businesses, the partnership agreement promises to make Morgan County the first county in the United States to be IPv6 capable, said Bayliss. “

  2. finnegan, I know this is off-topic, but it’s positive, so I hope you let this slide:

    David: I’ve been to your market and the food and the employees are great. Wish we had one out here in Keezletown. The idea of the corner market needs to come back to small town America.

  3. It would be very interesting to know whether Morgan County actually paid WAW to set up a wireless cloud. If they did so on the representation that WAW already completed such a project in Harrisonburg, I’d say there was potentially a case for fraud that could be made.

  4. finnegan says:

    “…I hope you let this slide:”

    I’ve never deleted any non-spam comments on hburgnews.

  5. finnegan says:

    I spoke with a Morgan County official today, but I forgot to ask him if they paid any tax money, or got grant money to do it.

    I agree with you about Midtowne, by the way

  6. I didin’t think you’d delete, I just didn’t want to get my chops busted, again, for an off-topic posting, which I rarely do anyhow. :-)

  7. David says:

    Thanks Dave. Please feel free to leave suggestions for improvements on our customer suggestion sheet.

  8. Frank witt says:

    Now I know I am in the clouds…Who has a market in town and location PLEASE !

    thank you

  9. writergirl says:

    David has the Midtowne Market (I think he co-owns?). It is near the Water Street Parking deck beside Finnegan’s in what used to be Downtown Wine & Gourmet. It’s great! We were in there this morning to get breakfast and probably go there at least once a week or more!

  10. Frank witt says:

    aahhhh… the place I parked in front of last Thursday night while waiting to pick up our youngest daughter from dance class. Very hopping place even at 8:30pm. Had I known that a local owned it I would have stopped in for a Gatorade or something. Gotta love the locally owned businesses.


  11. finnegan, you talked with an Alex and Wes about WAW for a posting a week or so ago, was that Alex Phillips? If yes, I would think he could tell you what’s up with WAW since he used to be an officer in the company.

  12. David says:

    Thank you to everyone for your support of Midtowne and all locally owned businesses.

  13. finnegan says:

    I did. He’s been out of the WA loop for a while now. He’s got his own thing going on downtown.

    Some of the people listed as “team members” on the WA site (even the people currently listed) have little to do with the actual project, and could tell me nothing.

  14. David says:

    Just checked into my IP address’s location=Visual Link

    This is whom HighSpeedLink must use for backbone (standard setup for most smaller service providers that in no way shape or form means that the two companies are connected any more than I am connected to Verizon because I have phone service through them).

    The Visual Link website states that

    “Visual Link is a leader in developing and deploying advanced Internet services. Visual Link consists of three divisions: Visual Link Internet, Cobalt Racks and WorldAirWaves.”

    So there are three divisions, one of which seems (Very uninformed opinion on my part!) to have dropped the ball on IPv6 in two towns now and missrepresented their capabilities (again a very understandable problem when implementing new technologies or any contracting work for that matter). I would guess that this dropping the ball issue stems from new technology that is by no means supported universally by manufacturers yet. To confirm or deny my opinion, I’d love to hear an official opinion from the following fella

    OrgAbuseHandle: MEB63-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Bayliss, mark E
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-540-667-6431
    OrgAbuseEmail: mbayliss@visuallink.com

    OrgNOCHandle: MEB63-ARIN
    OrgNOCName: Bayliss, mark E
    OrgNOCPhone: +1-540-667-6431
    OrgNOCEmail: mbayliss@visuallink.com

    OrgTechHandle: MEB63-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Bayliss, mark E
    OrgTechPhone: +1-540-667-6431
    OrgTechEmail: mbayliss@visuallink.com

  15. MikeFus says:

    I’ve spoken with Alex several times, and he is another voice in the general chorus of “WA sucks” (of which I am also a member). I have spoken with numerous clients of Alex’s (High Speed Links), both commercial and residential, and I have yet to find any of his customers who has not had an excellent experience. At this point, I’d put more stock in HSL than any other wireless ISP in the area.

    I’ve had communication with William Mularie, who is currently listed on the About Us page of WA, and it seems his involvement in WA is peripheral at most. When I spoke with him on the phone a few weeks ago, he actually seemed surprised to know that he was on their About Us page with an actual title. He’s actually the CEO of Telework Consortium in Herndon, VA. My understanding of his involvement in WA, and specifically the IPv6 project in Harrisonburg is only as an interested business partner who would be interested in leveraging the technology and local infrastructure to facilitate some tele-work services that his organization is developing.

    @David – good luck getting any response out of Bayliss, with email, phone or even face to face. I spoke with him once face to face, and he interrupted me literally mid-sentence, pointed me to an associate of his, and walked away without another word. Not only is he rude by not returning any correspondence by phone or email, he’s incredibly rude even in person. Even if this IPv6 cloud does somehow magically materialize by the “deadline” the city has given (which is in itself pretty vague and shaky, IMHO), I wouldn’t jump on that wagon anytime soon thereafter.

  16. finnegan says:

    What Mike said.

    And now I read this, also from August of last year, saying that WA was supposed to team up with SkyPilot to bring wireless to Occoquan.

    I’ve had a few people ask me recently what my beef is with WA. I have none. All I want is the truth. If the emperor has no clothes, I want people to know it.

  17. MikeFus says:

    Nor do I have a beef (or, perhaps, nor DID I have a beef) with WA. However, when a service provider continually breaks promises, has basically shown us no progress, is completely unresponsive to contact, and makes statements that are dubious at best, more realistically half-truths, and perhaps even just plain lies at worst, how can I keep from “having a beef” with them now? I consider myself an early adopter of technology, excited about the latest and greatest, and eager to jump on the bandwagon of an organization that appears to be able to make that (the latest and greatest) happen for my or my community. So it’s fair to say that I was at first a fan of WA, and the IPv6 project. However, my feelings toward them have admittedly turned sour, as we continue to be strung along, and basically ignored by Bayliss. I’m not naive enough to believe that we (Harrisonburg) were their only IPv6 project, but I’m also not naive enough to ignore the fact that it’s possible that whatever resources have been designated to/by WA for the Harrisonburg project might be poured into a similar project in a different locality. It could be a case of the squeaky wheel…

  18. Well, up until a month ago, there was a WA sign on a door on the 6th floor of the Nationsbank (Now Bank of America) building…the sign is, of course, no longer there.

    MikeFus, I’m not aware of another wireless provider serving downtown (Intelos doesn’t make it)…so putting your stock in HSL ain’t saying much — especially with no other provider…I get _MUCH_ better and consistent high speed connectivity using Verizon’s DSL in my downtown office and I’m relatively close to HSL.

  19. MikeFus says:

    Dave – I don’t know for sure if we’re talking about the same door, but according to Alex, he as been in the process of moving the High Speed Link office to that building. My understanding is that while Alex was involved in World Airwaves, Bayliss claimed much of the High Speed Link infrastructure as that of WA, under the assumption that the partnership would continue. Now that Alex is no longer involved with WA, those claims by Bayliss can no longer be made.

    You are incorrect regarding wireless providers in the downtown area. HSL has an omni on the South East corner of the Artful Dodger building, and the AD is a customer of theirs. I’ve been told there are other HSL customers in the downtown area, but I’m not sure if, or who they are.

    Also – I’m not claiming that any wireless providers are more reliable or in any other way better than DSL or cable. I’m simply saying that we shouldn’t write off all wireless solutions because of the bad track record of a few.

  20. David Miller says:

    For the record my two businesses are HSL customers and we have been very happy with the level of service and speed. There are many other businesses downtown that I know of that are also customers.

  21. Zach says:

    I get _MUCH_ better and consistent high speed connectivity using Verizon’s DSL in my downtown office and I’m relatively close to HSL.

    Generally we don’t allow great speeds through our free downtown service.

  22. Josh says:

    Not so rosy in Chicago. The article you linked briefly mentions that situation. Here is some more information…

    City disconnecting from Wi-Fi vision

  23. finnegan says:

    Interesting. I guess Harrisonburg shouldn’t feel too bad about failure. If Chicago couldn’t do it…

  24. finnegan says:

    “…WiMax has become a victim of over-hype…”

    That’s the way I feel about IPv6.

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