vegetarians in the ‘burg

Brent Finnegan -- May 24th, 2007

Today I came across this post by a blogger calling herself “*”. It’s an incomplete list of vegetarian options in Harrisonburg. She says she has “more vegetarian lunch ideas to come.” A long time ago, Martin Cizmar had a blog on the DNR called “Vegetablog,” which hasn’t been active since January, 2006.

If there are any vegetarians or vegans who read hburgnews (and I’m sure there are) it would be nice to know your favorite places to dine out.

12 Responses to “vegetarians in the ‘burg”

  1. David Troyer says:

    I know of a few who surprisingly do not cater well to vegetarians.

  2. Tina says:

    I guess I’ll start with the obvious… the Little Grill. Lots of vegetarian options and many can be made vegan. They’re good at accommodating special requests.

  3. David Miller says:

    Midtowne Market is also proud to cater to both vegans and vegetarians alike!

  4. Mountain says:

    Indian food is always a good choice for vegitarians and vegans. Bombay Courtyard has a nice lunch buffet with lots of non-meat dishes, but Indian American downtown has better dinner opitions, IMO.

    Thai food also has lots of great choices. Pad Thai Tofu at both Taste of Thai and Thai Flavor is a knockout!

  5. chuck norris says:

    Saigon Cafe has a large vegetarian menu. Jalisco has an okay selection of “platos vegetarianos”. Blue Nile Ethiopian has a good selection, but I’ve only eaten there once.

    I used to laugh about Country Cookin’ being voted 2nd best vegetarian restaurant in the valley in the DNR’s Best of the Valley a few years ago. recently I ate there and I found enough on the country favorites bar that I felt confident was meat-free.

    Little Grill, American Indian, and Taste of Thai get my votes too.

  6. Annelise says:

    Calhoun’s has a lovely eggplant and polenta dish on the menu that’s ohhh soooo gooood!

  7. David Troyer says:

    I was just reminded today how good The Daily Grind’s Avocado Wrap is… at least the one on Mt. Clinton Pike, I’ve never gotten food from the one downtown.

  8. Keach says:

    Taste of Thai is my fave, but Thai Flavor is oh so yummy, too.

    Luigi’s is always happy to make a vegan calzone–hold the cheese and butter on top.

    Jako Cafe with their vegetarian sushi and seaweed salad. Yum.

    Saigon Cafe. The lunch buffet is a great deal and always has vegan options.

    And, JMU has a surprising number of options if you don’t mind venturing onto campus. The Festival (on the East side of campus) has falafel and noodle bowls. The main dining hall has a selection of veg*n options all-you-can-eat. Mrs. Green’s for huge salads and always one vegan dessert.

  9. finnegan says:

    I’m with you on the Taste of Thai, Keach. While I’m not a real vegetarian, Pad Thai Tofu is my favorite dish there.

  10. whackette says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what is vegetarian sushi?

  11. Frank Witt says:

    With the increase in interest in vegetarian/vegan options I now have some questions. Really, one for starters…what is soy yogurt…thanks

    We are trying to bring better fresher options to our menu so any help is greatly appreciated.

  12. chuck norris says:

    Frank, here is some info about soy yogurt. basically, soy yogurt is made with soymilk instead of cow’s milk.
    now, I have a question for you: what items on the Kitchen Classics menu are vegetarian? I had some of your delicious pierogies the other day and I didn’t think to ask if there was any kind of meat broth used in them.

    is Saigon Cafe the only restaurant in H’burg that offers “faux-meat” dishes (besides the standard soyburgers)? I ate meat for most of my life, and even though real meat makes me feel sick now, I still have a taste for the texture and consistency of it sometimes. the Little Grill’s tempeh sandwiches really hit the spot.

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