things are getting crazy in the 24th

Brent Finnegan -- May 30th, 2007

It’s 13 days until the Hanger-Sayre primary in the 24th state senate district. Last night the two candidates squared off at BRCC. What was expected to be a debate on taxes sounds to me more like a debate on immigration policy.

Sayre criticized Hanger’s vote to allow illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates at Virginia’s colleges. “We have been rewarding illegal behavior,” Sayre said.

Hanger explained his vote was to allow undocumented workers who want to assimilate an opportunity to get an education…

There are currently four candidates running for that seat: Emmett Hanger (R), Scott Sayre (R), Arin Sime (L), and yesterday David Cox secured the Democratic nomination to run against Sime and the winner of the June 12th primary.

Things are getting crazy. Now the real muckraking begins.

17 Responses to “things are getting crazy in the 24th”

  1. Sayre has run a completely clean campaign… Then again, didn’t Emmett come out swinging with calling his fellow Republicans Anti-Tax, Anti-govt. anti-education, and extremists?

    First it’s labels for his opponents, and then an attack on his wife?

  2. whackette says:

    Hmmmm….labeling opponents and attacking their spouses. Sounds awfully familiar.

  3. Maria says:

    “calling his fellow Republicans Anti-Tax, Anti-govt. anti-education, and extremists”

    What part isn’t true?

  4. William says:

    Sayre’s wife is fair game, and she should be. If the allegations are true, the wife is a habitual offender, endangering people’s lives, and we are not supposed to take this into account? From what I understand, this is not his EX-wife. It is his current wife. She hasn’t done this once, but numerous times. She hasn’t stopped this illegal behavior, but continues. He shares his thoughts, his home, his assets, and his decision making process with an individual who is committing felonious acts, and apparently covering them up. That demonstrates that he, himself, has a lack of judgment and is making bad moral decisions. It also makes him a co-conspirator. At least that is how the courts look at it when they convict so many husbands and wives in drug cases every year.

    I think we can safely say that this is not the type of, ahem, ‘good’ moral character that we want in government.

  5. JGFitzgerald says:

    I would not even consider posting these comments on that other blog, despite a lively discussion of the issue there. The atmosphere of gotcha and potshot that predominates there is good for humorous indulgences and for taking the air out of pompous public figures, but doesn’t lend itself to a certain type of serious discussion. Hopefully there are enough people reading both blogs.

    If a person has received two DUI tickets, particularly in a short period of time, odds are better than even that person suffers from alcoholism. I’m not trying to diagnose somebody I’ve never seen — I’m not Frist examining Schiavo — but when somebody sneezes, twice, they might have a cold.

    In that context, perhaps we should ask what other illnesses in family members should disqualify a person from public office. A wife with breast cancer? A mother with Alzheimers? A child with ADHD? A brother who smokes?

    The issue is a sideshow. It is an order of magnitude less important than whether a politician is asking to be a part of a process he refuses to fund, and whether he’s running against someone who wants to offer physical mutilation as a condition of parole.

    If I lived in the relevant district, and could ask the candidate about the issue, I’d want to know if it inclines him to increase the treatment requirements for DUI offenses and simple drug possession case, as opposed to just demanding stiffer sentences.

  6. mr soul says:

    Sayre may have run a clean campaign but his demanding puppet masters have not. G. Dog (Michael), swacgirl (Mitchell), and friends have been all over the blogs sliming Hanger, his wife, and probably his pets. Seems to me Hanger’s negative comments about Sayre are at least issue based and valid subjects of debate. The Sayre camp’s malicious slander is neither. I don’t know who will win this mud wrestling match, but if it is Sayre it will be a long and ugy fall.

  7. republitarian says:

    No Joe, you are incorrect.

    The issue here is that a potential state senator’s wife endagers the lives of others ont the PUBLIC roadways.

    That is the issue, and you know it.

  8. JGFitzgerald says:


    How incredibly presumptuous of you to believe that you know what I know. All due respect, you don’t. Say, how’s that thing about not campaigning on your blog going?

    See, that’s how you take a potshot. Study it. There will be a quiz.

  9. David Miller says:


    I think I’m in love with your wit

  10. JGFitzgerald says:


    It’s not always called that. Go figure.

  11. David Miller says:

    It all depends on which side your on. For the time being, I get to be the observer not the receiver of the “potshot”

  12. David Miller says:

    And for the record on the actual issue that is being discussed.

    “The issue here is that a potential state senator’s wife endagers the lives of others ont the PUBLIC roadways.”

    Myron, I think that this is not the issue. I think that the reason I vote for and against particular candidates is because of the direction in which they will cast their vote. Their vote represents mine, this is the only reason I vote for any candidate. I don’t care if they are handsome, articulate, rich or poor. I care that they will represent my interests, that they will vote as I would if this were a true democracy and not a republic.

    Did you vote for a DUI’er for President and a double DUI’er for Vice President. I know I didn’t. Follow the link to see more interesting facts about character flaws of our President. Then again, I guess since I’m taking the stance that the voting habits of our representatives is all that matter then we should really check into that instead!

  13. Marci says:

    Call me stupid, but does that ticket say that Pres. Bush was 2 months old when he got it????????

  14. David Troyer says:

    Pretty sure the D.O.B. was scratched out because it was invalid… his date of birth is in fact 7/4/46

  15. finnegan says:

    Chris Graham follows the insanity (or in some cases, inanity) of the unraveling race here.

    Man, the blogosphere is about as self-referential as that Charlie Kauffman movie “Adaptation.” Like a snake eating it’s tail… What’s that thing called?

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