Roger Baker press conference

Brent Finnegan -- June 4th, 2007

City Manager Roger Baker is holding a press conference in front of the municipal building tomorrow at 11am to make an announcement. Baker has been hen-pecked by a few local bloggers over the last several months.

68 Responses to “Roger Baker press conference”

  1. Keep it to one beer or mixed drink/hour, Lowell. :-)

  2. Reaganite says:

    Lowell, don’t wait there, Cook and I just got some Elijah Craig 18 year! Wait with us at the suite!

    And Dave, it is a myth that one drink per hour keeps you sober. If you try that, you will need my card (and a big retainer check!).

  3. Reaganite…you guys are getting paid in alcohol now??? You must not need to $$$, run for C.A.

    Like I need a card to know where your office is?

    I tried knocking on your window last night to show you my latest firearm…but you were too busy yapping on the phone for me to disturb you. Maybe on Thursday.

  4. cook says:

    see what I mean, christa?

  5. I can make any night next week as well.

  6. finnegan says:

    “I tried knocking on your window last night to show you my latest firearm.”

    Creepy, Dave. It doesn’t get much more shady-sounding than that.

  7. Hey Cook….how do you know I’m not as crazy as Dave? lol
    OK guys…..Tuesday the 12th at dave’s 5:30 to whenever…is that what we are trying for?

  8. That’s cool with me! Dave Miller can go to the council meeting
    and then make it to Dave’s Taverna…he probably won’t have
    to stay for the whole meeting.

  9. writergirl says:

    Works for me, I’ll be there!

  10. Just going to try to get a head count so I can reserve at Dave’s

  11. Heck!
    With all this talk about Dave’s, my wife and I are going tonight! We’ll be on the roof around 8:00pm. Anyone game?

  12. Should have said something earlier Benny…I’m already home.

  13. Finnegan, can you put up a new post for this? I couldn’t get your e-mail to work.

  14. writergirl says:

    I can Christa…I will now, hope that’s alright with Finnegan. It can be an RSVP.

  15. Great! Trying to figure how many beers I gotta buy!

  16. Oh! Things have changed …Everybody should buy their own.
    We are heading down ther now.If you want to call me, my
    # is 820-1474…. later!

  17. finnegan,

    I read that…shame on you!

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