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Brent Finnegan -- June 12th, 2007

Thanks to everyone who showed up at Dave’s Taverna this evening, and thanks to Christa Gitchell and Emmy (writergirl) for taking the initiative. It was great to meet everyone. It’s hard to believe, but before tonight, I had never met writergirl or TM in person. Even Arin Sime, Libertarian candidate for the 24th was there.

In case you’re wondering, it never came to fisticuffs, and no one was thrown off the roof. It was surprisingly cordial and relaxing.

Even though I’m sure I’ll forget someone, and I’m bad with names, here’s the roll call:

republitarian & Whackette
Dave Briggman (and his wife)
Emmy (writergirl)
Lowell & Dianne Fulk
Deona Landes Houff
Playgirl Politician (and wife, Becky Neal)
TM (and his gf, Sara)
David Miller
David Troyer
MikeFus (and his wife)
Arin Sime
and last, but certainly not least, Christa Gitchell and family.

Sorry if I forgot anyone. Let’s do it again sometime.

25 Responses to “blogger get-together”

  1. Lowell Fulk says:

    Dianne and I enjoyed the evening very much!
    Thank you to all who attended and participated.
    Meeting each of you was a pleasure.
    And to Christa and Writer Girl,
    Thank you ever so much for setting things in motion for this evening to happen.
    You both exhibit, and live, what it is that builds a strong community.

  2. Emmy says:

    I had a wonderful time meeting everyone! I hope that we can get together again soon!

  3. It was a great time! My thanks to Christa and Emmy…and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Please, let’s do it again.

  4. The twenty minutes or so that my wife and I spent there was the most fun I’ve had without my kids in a long time. Thanks to Christa and Emmy for organizing it.

    Let’s do it next month at Cally’s (Calhouns). The temptation to toss someone off of the roof simply won’t be there. :-)

    Time for Sime, folks!

  5. Though the roof was not a point of temptation for me, I agree with everything else that folks have said. Finnegan gets kudos, too, for starting the blog in the first place. Community building is cool.

  6. Barnabas says:

    I had a good time. I’m glad I got to meet you all. If we’re are going to do it again we should do it on the roof of John Calhouns Feel Good Ragtime Beeratorium and Old Fashioned Vittledashery, so the throwing off of the roof thing could still be a possibility.

  7. My only complaint was the beer bottles were too big!!!!!!!! I did manage to polish it off though!

  8. TM says:

    I like to pretend the bottles up there are regular size and I’m simply tiny while saying things like, “They coome in pints?! I’m getting one!”
    Sara and I also had a great time last night. It’s definitely going to make the blog better for me being able to put faces and voices with the screen names. Thanks from me as well to everyone who had a hand in finally organizing something like this.

  9. kestrel9000 says:

    An interesting evening, to be sure. I’d have stayed longer, but I was putting beer on top of an empty stomach and I got a little ahead of myself. Great to meet everybody, except for Myron.
    Him, I already knew! :) And he’s still Myron, that’s reassuring somehow.
    Briggman, I second your motion. Next month at Calhoun’s. Been meaning to try out their micros anyway, haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

  10. finnegan says:

    Here’s the TV3 Creswell story from the Sime soundbite last night. Sorry, guys: no video of us in the background.

  11. Finnegan,
    Me, my wife and Josh was on TV-3 when Mr. Sime was shaking hands.(FYI)

  12. Damn, Benny, you beat the living crap out of that sentence. :-)

    It probably should have been something like:

    My wife, Josh, and I were on TV-3 when Mr. Sime was shaking hands.

    Oh yeah, Myron’s got yet another press release coming when he returns from a couple of days at the beach.

  13. kestrel9000 says:

    Good to meet you last night, Dave.
    Shoot me an email, wouldja?
    I wanna back up that bomb I threw on the way out last night, but I don’t wanna do it on this board.

  14. Aw, come on Kestrel…we all like a little drama in our lives. And Dave…you be nice to Benny…you guys were playing so nice last night….I have pictures to prove it…and I’ll post them when I get a minute.

  15. kestrel9000 says:

    Yay for pictures! :)

  16. Emmy says:

    Don’t post any of me if they are scary!! Or at least use a lot of Photoshop on me first!!

  17. looked like you were drunk in them!!! Come over and see them tomorrow and help me set up the Flickr acct Finney was telling me about.

  18. kestrel9000 says:

    Setting up flickr is easy, Christa.
    It’s just yahoo.
    Go to and log in with your yahoo ID and password and it will walk you through the rest.

  19. I don’t have yahoo….

  20. kestrel9000 says:

    You can do it that way, and set up a yahoo account, or you can use or
    With imageshack, you don’t have to set up an account. There are size and bandwith limitations on imageshack and the free photobucket (I subscribed to photobucket ‘cuz I use it to death) that are more rigid than they are on flickr.

  21. Emmy says:

    I always look drunk in pictures! I’ll help you if you don’t figure it out tonight.

  22. Too tired to figure it out tonight!

  23. Sorry Dave,
    I got my hitch mixed up with my giddy-up.

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