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Brent Finnegan -- June 12th, 2007

One of the problems with starting a blog is that no one reads it. It took a while for people to find out about hburgnews, and there were several times I wanted to quit because the hits were so low. Was anyone even reading it? Enter the aggregator. An aggregator pulls posts from various blogs and puts them into one blog (also, one feed). It’s a one-stop-shop for blogs.

The thing I like about Waldo Jaquith’s is that it’s essentially the voice of a community. It’s another source of local information, musings, and opinions, and an alternative to traditional, commercial media like the DNR. So, I decided Harrisonburg should have it’s own aggregator. Introducing Harrisonburg Blogs. I’m still trying to work the bugs out (it’s not updating as often as it should be) but it’s ok for now.

There are only three criteria for a blog to be added to Harrisonburg Blogs:

1) Your blog must have an RSS feed (this is built into most blogs).
2) You have to live or work in Harrisonburg or Rockingham County (or have some other relevant connection to the area).
3) The content of your blog must be of interest to people other than just you, your family, and your friends. In other words, no myspace surveys or LiveJournal rants about how much of a jerk your boy/girlfriend is.

I’m still scanning the local blogophere, looking for good writers and/or interesting content. Right now, there are over 20 on the list. I’m aware of many others, but I only added the ones that have been updated within the last month or so.

Hopefully this will encourage people to start blogging, since you will soon have a local audience to start off with. I would love to see blogs on all sorts of topics: education, news, fishing, mountain biking, snowboarding, SVASL, hiking, cooking/culinary arts, music reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, city council and/or county BoS member blogs, coffee, beer, wine, photography, etc (or any combination thereof). Whatever your hobby is, whatever you’re passionate about — if you feel like writing about it semi-regularly, I’d encourage you to set up a blog at wordpress, blogger, or typepad. It’s free, and relatively painless.

If Harrisonburg Blogs increases hits to your blog, and you feel compelled to return the favor, you could add a link to hburgnews on your blogroll. If you meet the criteria listed above, and would like to be added (or if you want your blog taken off the list) email me at hburgnews[at]


14 Responses to “introducing Harrisonburg Blogs”

  1. zen says:

    This is really great fin. You’re doing so much for the community, you should know your efforts are well appreciated.

  2. finnegan says:


    The aggregator isn’t fully operational yet. I still have to update it manually. I need to figure out how to set up a cron job. I wish I knew more about the Internet.

  3. justin says:

    I write about video games in my spare time. It’s my true hobby. I’ll let others be the judge if it should be included. I write pretty regularly. If I know others are reading, I’d probably write more.

  4. finnegan says:

    I’m not a gamer, but it looks like you know what you’re talking about.

    Do you live in Harrisonburg?

  5. chuck norris says:

    uh oh! am I out of line posting comments on hburgnews since I don’t live/work in H’burg anymore?

  6. Renee says:

    I think this is a great idea. I just started a blog (though it’s not relevant to Hburgers specifically) so I probably won’t add it, at least not right away.
    Did I just type Hburgers?
    Anyway, good idea – I look forward to reading the new combined feed!

  7. finnegan says:

    chuck, you’re a former “h’burger” so it’s all good. plus… well, just check the different backgrounds on hburgblogs.

    Renee, it’s fine for blogs not to be local content. Just as long as the blogger him/herself lives here.

    Cool, justin. I’ll add that.

  8. kai says:

    every community needs a finnegan – thanks for hburgblogs, and for breaking out the pending new Arts Council website, (shh…still not officially released)

  9. finnegan says:

    Woops. Sorry about that.

    I can take it off for now if you want.

  10. Brent, I was just kidding last night when I was teling you I didn’t need ONE more thing to look at on the computer. I think you know I was razzing you. I’m not happy unless I’m picking on someone. What you do is so great Finney. I admire you greatly…..and I like you too..wasn’t sure I would. LOL :)

  11. finnegan says:


    Yeah, I figured you were razzin’. Besides, we can always look at one more thing.

    Also, thanks for picking up the tab yesterday. Now THAT’s a service to the community!

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