food co-ops and the LGC

Brent Finnegan -- July 1st, 2007

There’s an interesting piece by Alisha Huber on about food co-ops, and features the Little Grill Collective as one example.

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  1. Emmy says:

    There was some talk about a food co-op downtown a while back. I guess that has morphed into the new farmer’s market which I am very excited about!

  2. Emmy says:

    A market type co-op not a restaurant.

  3. Tina says:

    The Friendly City Food Co-op is different from the farmers’ market. It’ll be a store, which they plan to open in the Fall of 2008. People can buy memberships, but non-members will also be able to shop there.

    I haven’t heard any updates about the pavilion being built for the farmers’ market, but the original plan was for it to be done this Fall.

  4. Emmy says:

    Oh thanks! That’s what I was talking about, I thought maybe it had gone away. I know that I filled out a survey that I got at the market about it. They have a little table set up with the plans for the pavilion at the market and on Saturday there is someone there talking to people about it. It appears that they are trying to raise the portion that the market has to raise for the construction outside of what the city (I assume) will be paying. I think I heard $150K but don’t quote me on that.

  5. Mountain says:

    The Farmers’ Market needs to raise $150K by fall to build the pavilion next spring. The bulk of the first $150K was donated anonymously, I heard.
    Farmers’ Market Pavilion Info

  6. Emmy says:

    Ah see, I didn’t know where the rest of the money came from. I stand corrected. Thanks for the info Mountain. I can’t wait for it to be built!

  7. Thanh says:

    I was out at the Farmers Market this past weekend and saw John Eckman out there with a booth up with information on the new farmers market pavillion. I’m assuming that he’ll be out there many other, if not all Saturdays, to talk to people. He’d be a good resource to talk to about the pavillion as would Eddie Bumbaugh of Harrisonburg Downtown Renissance. John Eckman also had a picture of what the pavillion should look like.

  8. Benny Neal says:

    Speaking of food….we had lunch at Frank Witt’s place,
    “Kitchen Classics” and it was delicious! The atmospher was great, too. I hope everyone will experience it! Frank and his wife are both COOL.

  9. David Miller says:


    While I’m sure that Kitchen Classics is delicious (its on a side of town that I prefer to steer clear from, nothing personal) I think that the selections/price at Midtowne Market are superior to all competition. Maybe I’m just biased …

  10. Benny Neal says:

    Is that your place? If so, where is it – I’ll have to check it out.
    I love to eat!

  11. Frank J Witt says:

    Benny, his store is on Water St. right before the parking deck but on the right side.

    David, we can deliver to you as well.

    Just jokin’ man, just jokin’!

  12. Frank J Witt says:

    Benny & Bec, thank you for stopping by…you cannot find a real B&B burger in town. We make a lot of wraps..

  13. Frank J Witt says:

    Benny & Bec, thank you for stopping by…you cannot find a real B&B burger in town. We make a lot of wraps..

  14. David Miller says:

    Frank and Benny,
    We’d love to have you guys stop by for lunch (or call for delivery within Historic Downtown Harrisonburg). Frank, no worries about competition, I eat out all the time. I’m still waiting to try your place, your hours of operation don’t normally fit my schedule. See you soon hopefully.

  15. Sam Nickels says:

    Hello all. Yes, the Friendly City Food Cooperative has been working hard for 20 months — we have a nationally known food coop market study consultant coming this week to do our feasibility study. We’re inviting people to join as members — $200 owner equity share memberships for a household up to 4 adults. This is the big need right now — we need members if the store is going to be able to leverage sufficient capital to open a store by the fall of 2008. The investment comes back to you via owner discounts, access to bulk orders, patronage refunds (like dividends but based on amount shopped), plus all the community interaction and education and health benefits for us all. Give me a call to join or for more info — Sam Nickels 476-4180.

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