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Brent Finnegan -- July 6th, 2007

Since the Shenandoah Riverkeeper is often too busy doing real stuff to update his blog, I wanted to draw attention to another blog I recently came across called Fish Kill Portal at (link removed at blog owner’s request)

It looks like they’ve been tracking the fish kills pretty closely. Hopefully the blog admin(s) continue to do so.

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  1. Frank J Witt says:

    I know this is a ittle late but I just fund this article in the USA TODAY..

    Friday, June 29
    Richmond – Regulators have proposed increasing the acceptable amount of fecal bacteria in Virginia’s streams, rivers and lakes. The State Water Control Board will make a final decision next year. Department of Environmental Quality staff members said it’s almost impossible to meet the current bacteria standard in many waterways. The relaxed limits would continue to protect the public, DEQ staff said.

    Interesting how it will continue to protect the public…

  2. Mary Lou Miller says:

    Yeah, I saw that on WHSV last week. I think it was in the DNR too.

  3. bub says:

    Where could I find a car decal supporting the conservation of the Shenandoah River?

  4. Renee says:

    Ack! No. Please remove this post immediately. I am the developer of the portal and it’s not ready to go public. In fact, we are planning to delete some of that content, and the layout if going to change, too. That was supposed to be a “hidden” test site that is not linked from anywhere (hence the test URL). Here is the “old” version that everyone can look at until we get the new one finished:
    Sorry about the mix-up! Thanks!

  5. Renee says:

    OK you don’t have to remove the post, I meant please remove the link! Thanks!

  6. finnegan says:

    Link removed.

    FWIW, I thought it looked pretty good.

  7. Renee says:

    Thanks, finnegan :)

  8. My husband and I are avid fisherman and canoers. We did very little fishing in the last 2-3 years…the fish just haven’t been there. June 22 we went to Luray and did some fishing and were pleasantly surprised. The fish we caught were healthy and fiesty. About 13-16 inches.(Small mouth bass) And they were biting well. Last Sunday we were on the South Branch Potomac in WVA and were ecstatic. We hadn’t caught fish like that in years. Couldn’t throw the line in without pulling out a small mouth….healthy fish. It was encouraging. If anyone ever wants a great day, go to Moorefield and put your boat in and float through what is called the “trough”. Took my son and girlfriend there on canoes and they were in awe. We saw so many deer and their babies by the river, otters, wild goats,mink and lots of bald eagles. anyone ever wants to know more about it, e-mail me. It’s about a 12 hour float.

  9. Oh, and the north fork is looking better also. We live on Linville Creek and put the boat in in our back yard and float to either Timberville Park or New Market, depending how early we get on the river. The fishing is MUCH better now. The last 3 years have been depressing. I’m hopeful.

  10. Bubby says:

    The redbreast sunfish was the fish dying in the greatest number this spring. That seems to be abating. The bass are living with lesions and a weird white fungus. You can see what that looks like here:

    You can download a sick fish report form here:

  11. Thanks for the links Bubby. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

  12. Frank J Witt says:

    Christa, thanks for the info. We gave up fishing the river anywhere from Port Republic north too a dam area outside Shenandoah.

    We did find a great 1 1/2 mile stretch of Middle river tha is clean and healthy! just outside Weyers Cave.

  13. Frank, there is a nice stretch of river from New Market to Meems Bottom bridge that we really like. Seems the North fork is lots healthier than the south, so we stay away from it.Less people too and no outfitters running it. Frank, I keep thinking I know who you are.Help me out here! :)

  14. Frank J Witt says:

    I delivered your lunch the other day. Used to work in Food Ave at Target as Team Lead, used to cook at EMU, other than that we are new to the area. Been here for 4 years, used to go to HAMS alot, kinda fat, kinda red hair, always wearing shorts and very attractive ! LOL

    I used to do alot of things before we started to go insane and open this restaurant…

  15. Ok, I know who you are now!!! By the way… that chicken sandwich I got was GREAT! The one that was on special on panini bread. You’ll be hearing from us alot.. I’m too lazy to pack lunches at 6 in the a.m. I clicked on your link one day and knew I had to try your restaurant. We actually ate there once before. I was impressed with all the patriotic stuff there (son was in USMC) I’m just so happy you deliver!!
    OK, gotta run for the day…being that it’s 7-7-07…I have 2 weddings to shoot and another photographer that has one too. I dread this day!

  16. Frank J Witt says:

    Thanks and the specials will be up on Sunday !

  17. David Miller says:

    Happy 7/7/07 EveryOne! Especially me. Finn, celebration tonight, inquire within!

  18. Benny Neal says:

    David Miller

    I thought you celebrated every night!!!

  19. David Miller says:

    You know I do
    Special occasions do call for extra attention to reckless details though!

  20. Frank J Witt says:

    Christa ~ an update from the Middle River…

    43 Small Mouth Bass, about a trillion sunnys and not a leasion in sight. The river is in much better shape than her sisters.

    Hope all went well yesterday.

  21. Think we might head to the Middle river next Sunday. Where do you put in and take out? Thanks for the tip!
    All went well yesterday. Glad it’s over. Long day…..

  22. Frank J Witt says:

    We have not “floated” the river yet but you can put it at Cline River Road and then hopefully pull out at Craig Shop road. The link will take you there. I know for sure if it does not rain we will be there Sunday morning as well.

  23. Frank J Witt says:

    That link doesn’t work.

    Google “Craig Shop Road, Weyers Cave, VA” and you will see the 2 road I speak of.

  24. Frank J WItt says:

    Can someone explain why there are SO many differnet organizations working on this problem. No wonder they have a hard time getting funds. With so many groups working on this problem, money doesn’t go very far.

    Is this due to a mandate from the government…or is there a prize waiting (besides cleaner water) for the group that hopefully one day figures out what is the MAIN reason for these kills? I know there are many pollutants but there is probably a MAIN source as well.

    Just asking…of course.

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