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Brent Finnegan -- July 19th, 2007

gimmickApparently the words “kill” and “crack” appear here too often for hburgnews to be rated G.

This is part of some gimmicky ad campaign on a dating website, but I saw it on JohnLL’s Valley League blog, and thought it would be fun to see what a few of the local blogs are rated, according to

republitarian: PG
cobalt6: PG
All Things Valley League: G
Conserve: G
Part Time Gamer: PG G
My Friend Alan: PG
RockDem: G
Daily Wackjob: R (no surprises there)

10 Responses to “blog ratings”

  1. PG? That’s crap.

    Actually I really do try to keep the fowl language at a minimum. But I’ll never deny a good word substitution when the situation calls for it.

  2. Now At The Podium was G-Rated, go figure.

    Daily Whackjob was once NC-17, I guess we’ve cleaned things up a bit.

  3. whackette says:

    Republitaian has had a G rating every time I’ve checked it.

  4. finnegan says:

    Yeah, it fluctuates. This was all as-of yesterday. It may just evaluate what’s on the index page. Last week hburgnews was G.

    After all, this is just an ad gimmick, so it’s probably not that scientific.

  5. whackette says:

    Yeah, and the other week we were NC-17.(Yes, I know, shame on us all) All depends on the buzz words that appear at the time.

  6. zen says:

    Whatever their method is it does not consider context. Just as fin points out with “kill” and “crack.” (do you hate being called “fin?”)

  7. finnegan says:

    No. I’ve been called worse.

  8. JohnLL says:

    Yeah, I think it just counts the index page, and seems to ignore pictures. I went from a PG (6 “guns”) to a G (only 1 gun) in a day. And context? Phooey! Radar guns and AK-47s, it’s all the same!

  9. Benny Neal says:

    Frank Witt,
    What is your blog’s rating?(

  10. Frank J Witt says:

    My myspaces ;…GETS A “G”…also a “G”…gets a “PG” for my use of the a-hole word X-3

    As for the reply to your comment…i don’t remember…the Kool-Aid gets in my eyes some times ! HA HA

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