should H’burg ignore abuser fees?

Brent Finnegan -- July 24th, 2007

Looks like the town council of Front Royal may ignore the new “abuser fees” imposed on Virginia drivers July 1. This is an interesting development, because if municipalities start revolting on the local level, it defeats the purpose of the new fees.

Harrisonburg has seen the federal-state-local hierarchy challenged before, when the school board passed a resolution to not give the NCLB tests to students who cannot read English. Of course, we all know how that turned out.

Should Harrisonburg city council (or the county BoS) consider following Front Royal’s lead?

7 Responses to “should H’burg ignore abuser fees?”

  1. Bubby says:

    In December, Buhl (Circuit Court judge William C. Buhl) and three other Michigan judges told a legislative committee that the state’s unlicensed motorists are increasing in number and are regularly fleeing police. Once caught, they face another round of fees they cannot afford.

    Several judges in Michigan are taking matters into their own hands by lessening the charges for some motorists so that the fees are not triggered.

    “We are trying our best to get them past this rather than impose another $1,000 fine on them, or they would never drive. They would just be poor forever,” said District Court Judge Roger J. La Rose, who presides in suburban Detroit.

    When Buhl heard that Virginia lawmakers were considering the fees last year, he e-mailed all 140 legislators, explaining why he thought the program was a failure in Michigan, which began assessing the fees in 2003. No one responded, Buhl said.

    That is encouraging. I thought was just me that was ignored by speaker Howell.

    Virginia Enacted Bad-Driver Fees Despite Red Flags

  2. Justin says:

    Yeah, it’s got bad written all over it. Add that to the fact that some people that pursuit chases are negative anyways, I can definetly see these fines increasing the likelihood of a high speed wreck into someone’s living room (wait, didn’t that already happen?)

    I didn’t know ignoring the fines was a possibility. And I never would have expected FR to be the leader there (it being my hometown and all).

  3. cook says:

    the abuser fees/fines/taxes ares a bad idea for a variety of reasons, but i do not think that a locality will be able to “ignore” the tax unless the general assembly expressly gives them the authority to opt out. but, front royal, i do appreciate your creative thinking.

  4. David Miller says:

    A friend of mine suggested something amazing(if it could work). Boycott the speed limit, eliminate all speeding tickets by imitating grandma and show our legislators that their attempt to “fund raise” for new roads backfires when people obey the law.

  5. Marty says:


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