David Miller -- July 25th, 2007

This is an invitation to all Candidates for the position of Clerk of the Court to attend a pre-election debate at Massanutten Regional Library. The purpose of this debate will be to educate the public of your qualifications for the position for which you are currently campaigning. A panel of professionals that work directly with or within the Court system will be available for a question and answer session after the debate and to clarify legal perspectives during the debate.

Debate time and date will be determined upon consensus of the candidates. Please email me, David Miller @ to indicate your intent to participate.

For all parties interested in participating in the panel group please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thank You

22 Responses to “Posted”

  1. finnegan says:

    You sure you want to open this can of worms, dude? Have fun with it.

    All I respectfully ask is that hburgnews does not become a dumping ground for rumors and trite accusations. If there are VALID comments regarding that race, feel free to post them. If they are mean-spirited, libelous, slanderous, irrelevant, or have no bearing whatsoever, I will delete them.

    Thank you.

  2. David says:

    Thank you for continuing to promote conversation and not BS.
    No, I am not looking forward to it but I believe that dialogue and a reasoned approach to electing officials whose jobs have such an impact upon us is very important.

  3. Thanh says:

    One suggestion I’d like to make, and maybe you have already done it. Have you emailed and/or snail mailed each of the canidates to inform them of this opportunity? I doubt that all of them read hburgnews and so it would be unfair on many levels. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

  4. Emmy says:

    Oh man, have fun with that!

    PS – I will come get my tiles from Shrek, and I’m going to try to do at least one of those Friday camps with the kiddos!

  5. Benny Neal says:

    As you know from my email – I’m in!
    Good luck getting Myron to participate. He has said he isn’t doing debates/forums – go figure. He even put on his blog that he’s gonna have a hard time deciding who to vote for. :)

  6. Del Marvel says:

    That’s one debate that could very well have more candidates than spectators. Maybe the fair way to do this would be to have a weekly show on the city cable channel. We’d vote people off one at a time for ten weeks until we get a winner. We could sell advertising and help pay for the golf course.

  7. Emmy says:

    Fabulous idea Del…I’m all for the voting off.

  8. Lowell Fulk says:

    Good luck David, and thank you for your interest in getting the public involved. Yours is the direction that public discourse should take. Please feel free to call me as you work to make this event a reality. Brent can share with you my phone number. I assure you Dianne is willing to stand side by side with any and all of her ten opponants to match ideas, solutions and vision for the office. This is the very type of forum which will allow folks to see why she is worthy of their trust and vote. I also will be surprised if the other candidates are willing to give her such an opportunity.

  9. Benny Neal says:

    I hope that this will be one of many such opportunities for the public to get to know all of us, and our qualifications. I’m looking forward to it.

    I think that you will have a good turn out. I believe the public wants to be involved and informed.

    Thanks David.

  10. Drew Richard says:

    I say don’t let the other candidates know about it any other way…if they’re not checking this regularly I’m not gonna vote for them haha. And good luck getting this to run smoothly. I was at the Bridgewater Lawn Party with my parents and we were watching the firefighter’s parade and after about the tenth Clerk candidate my mom leaned over to me and said “So are you running for Clerk too? Seeing as everyone else is” Now if I thought a 20 year old JMU student (even though I am from B’water) would get any votes I might consider it, but I don’t think I’d be too popular.

  11. Justin C says:

    I think the debate is a great idea since it seems no one I talk to even knows what the Clerk does let alone what the qualifications should be.

    My only concern is time. I attended the city council debate at the library last year and they had trouble keeping that to the proper time. If a good portion of the candidates show, this will either be a long debate or it won’t cover much.

    On a side note, any thoughts regarding “Reader Submission” questions for the debate?

  12. republitarian says:


    The only way I will participate is if this is a “no holds bar” deal where anyone can ask questions from the audience, and the candidates can directly question their opponents.

  13. David says:

    Absolutely, I have taken the liberty of setting up an email specifically for this occasion. Please send any and all questions that you would like to ask the candidates during the debate.

    Your questions will be combined with pre-existing, job specific questions with the intent that we explore each candidate’s qualifications.

    Please look forward to a more detailed post in the next two days outlining details.

  14. David says:

    Myron, I will be happy to discuss details of the debate with you and the rest of the public. Please know that we will take every effort to please each and every candidate while finalizing said format. Please also know that the debate is designed to benefit each and every voter.
    This debate is designed to improve voter education and dialogue at our local level. I’m sure that we can agree that these two goals are very important within our society and that we are willing to work towards them.

  15. Benny Neal says:

    It is my opinion that Myron is up to no good…I for one will only answer

  16. Benny Neal says:

    oops..I for one will only answer questions that pertain to the race.
    I agree that questions could come from the public and fellow candidates which have been submitted to you prior to the debate.
    If you read the blogs, I am sure you know where I am coming from.
    Lets keep it professional.

  17. republitarian says:

    I want the ability to ask uncensored questions along with follow ups in case they try to dodge a fastball.

    I also want a DNR reporter and WSVA news.

    I also request my own cooler full of Mountain Dew during the debate so I don’t get dehydrated…..

  18. Josh says:

    Heh, I just imagined this debate as a room so full of podiums that there isn’t any room for audience members. :-)

  19. Del Marvel says:

    I think there should be food, too. Lots of very ripe vegatables and cream pies set in handy places.

  20. kai says:


    Kudos to you for taking the initiative to create an opportunity for the candidates to share their unique qualifications and for the public to inform their vote. Setting up a debate is not an easy task. There is a lot involved in putting together a format that is fair to all candidates, the audience, and the subject/topic. Time, location, format, moderator, questions, advertising, media, and more are all considerations, as you know.

    I say that to make clear this isn’t something to throw together, which I know you know – but others may not consider without having been involved setting up such an event. The fact that you’re keeping these factors in mind early on in the design phase and taking input from candidates and audience members gives it a chance to really be a meaningful event.

  21. Mrs. Roadcap says:

    Mr. Miller,
    I am a widow and I would like to submit a question for the debate.

    A few months ago Mr. Rhodes was very vocal on WSVA’s candid comment about his opinion that people who received social security benefits were “moochers”.

    I would like Mr. Rhodes to explain why he feels that way.

    I have retirement savings and a meager pension and Lord knows that I wouldn’t make ends meet without my social security benefits. And I know that I am not alone.

    Thank you for this opportunity to submit a question.

  22. David Miller says:

    Mrs. Roadcap

    As a grandson whose grandparents have counted on Social Security for financial security throughout their retirement I can sympathize with you. I believe that your question is a good one to pose to Mr. Rhodes. I believe that the forum most suited for it would be via email, phone or at his blog The reason for this is that the office of Clerk of the Court has no authority about the policies of Social Security. Persons more closely attached to this issue include Rep. Goodlatte and Senator Webb, as their votes count directly towards Social Security’s lifespan. Thank you for your question.

    p.s. I believe that your question about Mr. Rhodes’ opinions on Social Security could certainly prompt a lively debate about the intricate issues that Social Security was designed to deal with. Myron; if you are interested, I’d love to see you start a post on this issue to spark discussion.

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