RoCo Fair open thread

Brent Finnegan -- August 16th, 2007

If you’ve been to the fair, or if you’re going this weekend, feel free to post comments about the fair here.

I hope to see some fair photos added to the Flickr pool…

13 Responses to “RoCo Fair open thread”

  1. Emmy says:

    I was at the fair with my kids Monday night and we had a great time. I do wish it was less expensive to go. It is something that families can do together, but it gets really pricey. My kids had so much fun that it was all worth it though.

    I’ll be at the booth for the Democrats from 8:00 until 11:00 this evening if anyone wants to stop and say hello! Don’t heckle me though, this is my first time!

  2. Eli says:

    I went to the motocross on Monday night and had a great time. I’ve got some good pictures too. I’ll upload them later.

  3. cook says:

    we cooks (including four kids ages 5 to 11) went to the rockingham county fair on tuesday evening for more than three hours and strategically followed a course through the fairgrounds avoiding the payment of any money in addition to the entry fee. that is a very difficult task. and we did purchase funnel cakes at the end of the evening. i think the fact that we visited both king’s dominion and cedar point earlier this year helped diminish the attractiveness of the rides at the fair. we spent most of our time with the livestock, and the kids carried home enough free candy from the exhibitors to last until halloween. this morning our house is littered with sinking balloons announcing support for six or so clerk candidates.

  4. MikeFus says:

    I agree that things are extremely expensive! My family went last night, and even though the kids (ages 1 and 4) got in free, and it was “arm band night” so the 4 year old got to ride rides to his heart’s content, we were still a little shocked to realize just how much we had spent in the three hours we were there, between the $15 arm band, the $4 “large” lemonades and the rather expensive meals (when you take into account the quality and nutritional value of the food). It’s almost as bad as a movie theater (almost). I think next year we’ll opt to stop at Mr J’s on the way out and Kline’s on the way home, and skip the fried fair food.

    I think the thing I like most about the fair though is the people-watching. What an interesting mix of folks!

  5. I’m pretty happy I haven’t been. Not much of a fair goer.Like the little lawn parties. Not as many people!

  6. Thanh says:

    I really wanted to make it to one of the lawn parties this year, but I kept having things come up in my schedule and I wasn’t able to go – hopefully next year! I did make it to the RoCo Fair last night. It was fun. I enjoy walking around people watching, seeing all the animals/livestock, and even the horticulture, photography, and baking contest areas. One thing I experienced yesterday was the tractor pull – I’m still not sure I understand how that works, so I’ll have to do a little research. Yesterday was the antique tractor pull so it was neat seeing old John Deers and such. I got my fix of funnel cake, and we tried a fried twinkie (I must admit I wasn’t so impressed with the fried twinkie, although I didn’t expect to be, I’ve only had a twinkie once before this in my entire life). There was also a concert going on in the grand stand area, and it appeared to be very popular, a lot of people went to see the artist and the place sounded packed. I also appreciated that in addition to fun for family and friends, and a time for the community to gather together, that there were a lot of fundraising opportunities for many local organizations, ruitan clubs, kiwanis, etc who got their groups together to make and sell hot dogs, fries, hamburgers, fried country ham, sno cones, etc.

  7. Emmy says:

    I got stuck in the storm last night while at the fair. It was a disaster and pretty clear that they had no real plan for a situation like that. I ended up wading through ankle deep water to help a woman get to her car. It was a mess! I felt bad for all the people out there.

  8. linz says:

    My friend and I are avid fairgoers and, although pricey, she and I consider the fair to be a sort of buffet that you pay to get into. We went on Tuesday, and for the first course she had a rib sandwich and I had a classic Chicken Shack tray. Our entree was a shared funnel cake followed by a fresh, homemade bloomin’ onion, followed by a lovely dessert of Shenandoah’s Pride ice cream.

    Oh, and the new bull riding show was pretty interesting, too. Although it was too long from too many delays and the time was filled with some extrememely annoying “clowns” who were mistakenly given microphones for the entire 2.5 hours. I would love to see it back next year, keep the bull riding and barrel racing, shorten the intro and the time between bulls, and be confident that we are fully entertained without having to force amateur MCs on us for hours.

    Kudos to the petting zoo this year! I enjoyed the greater selection of animals.

    But where was the Special Olympics Dime Toss? I brought my “dime bag” and was disappointed that they weren’t there.

    I, too ended up with a fistful of Clerk’s balloons! I made the mistake of taking one, so then volunteers at every other booth wanted me to have theirs, too. The best exhibit was the one where you get to take a shot on Wii Golf and win Chik-Fil-A coupons… but I can’t remember whose booth it was!

  9. finnegan says:

    That’s nuts, Emmy.

    I hope it doesn’t pour tonight. I’m going to the demo derby.

  10. Emmy says:

    How was the derby? My sons went with their dad and had a blast. Apparently my oldest pick the winner from the start.

  11. finnegan says:

    The derby was great. Total destruction and chaos for an hour and a half.

    No cars burst into flames like last year, but one flipped upside down. To my knowledge, no drivers were hurt.

    As I was watching the cars get eliminated one by one, and all the people with their ____ for Clerk of Court balloons, it occurred to me that all the 11 candidates should have sponsored a car and painted it with their name on it. Winner takes all.

  12. Emmy says:

    An even better idea would be to have them each drive a car.

  13. TM says:

    Yeah! Then we wouldn’t need the election! Last car in gets the position!

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