Chaz in, Fulk out

Brent Finnegan -- December 29th, 2007

If you read today’s DNR story about Chaz Evans-Haywood taking office as Clerk of Court, you’ll find no mention of his former challenger, Deputy Clerk, Dianne Fulk.

But WSVA reports:

Dianne Fulk has been let go from her position as deputy clerk in the office. The dismissal is effective on December 31st.

Fulk told W-S-V-A that when she announced her candidacy in April she was told by then Clerk of the Court L. Wayne Harper that if she did not win the election, she would be out of a job.

Fellow Clerk hopeful Brenda Huffman is still employed in the office.

The implication is that Harper fired Fulk so Haywood wouldn’t have to.

43 Responses to “Chaz in, Fulk out”

  1. will says:

    too bad. terrible for Dianne…i’m so disapointed that Allen’s clone won…

  2. David Miller says:

    I didn’t know that this would be the outcome. I think the term is WTF? Was this action because of negative campaigning that I missed by Diane? Was it that Diane shirked her duties while campaigning? What is the explanation that our elected official has for this seemingly egregious decision? Someone fill me in, maybe this is normal.

  3. Emmy says:

    I was told that this would happen but I was really hoping that it wouldn’t. I think its pretty sad. But, it is probably a blessing in disguise for Dianne because clerk’s don’t make hardly anything and I’m sure she will find something that not only pays better, but somewhere where people treat her better too.

  4. David Miller says:

    It just seems ridiculous too, not just sad. Why in the world didn’t Jeff Mellott bring this up, he glanced over it “Lane then swore in Marlene Key as deputy clerk, along with the other members of the clerk’s staff.” I want to know more. If the paper had given me more on this story I would be happier.

    Then Mellott writes “ Lane noted that the staff members who served with Harper will make for a smooth transition, and urged the new clerk to turn to them as he starts his job.” Yeah, smooth for everyone but Diane, who is now fired.

    WTF indeed.

  5. JGFitzgerald says:

    It’s hard to tell what this is a story about. Harper firing Fulk. If so, why? Mellott not reporting it? Reportorial sloppiness, or DNR malfeasance?

    Do these people still know how to blush?

  6. David Miller says:


    Here’s my version of the story based upon the DNR’s headline

    “Evans-Haywood Takes Oath as Court Clerk”

    Today Chaz Evans-Haywood was sworn in to the Court Clerk position by Judge Lane along with Marlene Key being sworn in as Deputy Clerk. Just prior to Haywood’s swearing in, former opponent Diane Fulk was fired from her Deputy Clerk position by soon to be former Clerk, Harper. Fellow Clerk hopeful Brenda Huffman is still employed in the office. When asked to comment on her firing, Harper refused comment. Similarly, Haywood refused to comment on the issue.

  7. republitarian says:

    Yes, there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Dianne would have been fired regardless of who won the election because Wayne was going to do it.

    Chaz could always hire her back.

    Wayne is making a point and it should be obvious why he felt he needed to do it. This has almost nothing to do with Chaz and everything to do with Wayne and Dianne.

  8. David Miller says:

    “Dianne would have been fired regardless of who won the election because Wayne was going to do it. ”


  9. David Miller says:

    Wayne is making a point and it should be obvious why he felt he needed to do it. This has almost nothing to do with Chaz and everything to do with Wayne and Dianne.

    Why, what’s obvious?

  10. republitarian says:

    Wayne didn’t feel Dianne should have run in the first place, and it was his way of sending that message….back in April.

    Like I said…it’s a Wayne and Dianne issue.

    There’s a whole lot more to it….a lot of history.

  11. Whatever the history may be, it’s just wrong. Harper didn’t even do the firing, Marlene did it. She told her to clean out her desk by 10:00 a.m. and not to touch the computer. Chaz wouldn’t return her phone calls. I think it’s low class and unethical. But why is anyone surprised by the actions of both Wayne or Chaz? Doesn’t surprise me a bit knowing the character of either one of them. Dianne didn’t deserve what she got, but guess what folks…what goes around, comes around again and if it were me, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. Maybe I wouldn’t win, but I sure would make some lives miserable for a while. I know some really good lawyers in the area that might take a case like this. Although Emmy is right. One could work at Wal Mart and make as much money as they do. I told Dianne this morning, when one door closes, another opens. I hope only good things for Dianne. She is such a wonderful person and too honest to work in that hell hole of an environment.

  12. Lowell Fulk says:

    There is no history Christa, what you see written above by Myron is innuendo intended to elicit drama, and tease of inside information which does not exist.
    What game of prevarication and manipulation are you playing at now Myron? What fame or notoriety this time do you seek? How can you honestly even pretend to speak for Wayne Harper, Chaz Haywood, or Dianne Fulk?
    My wife has only and always treated you with respect, compassion, generosity and kindness. This is her nature, it is who she is and how she deals with people, and it is now time for you to leave her alone. And I’m telling you Myron, leave her alone.

  13. republitarian says:

    Lowell, I think you are reading too much into what I wrote. No one was trying to be a drama queen, and no one was trying to seek any fame. I have found this entire situation very difficult and was afraid to even comment.

    I appreciate and respect the fact you are letting this situation go.

    Wayne is entitled to his opinion, but the way he has operated in this entire affair is, in my opinion, less than desirable. The candidate he endorsed has made Wayne’s feelings known in public settings to numerous people. There is no inside information needed.

    ….and don’t you ever tell me to leave to someone alone, because I wasn’t picking on her in the first place.

  14. kestrel9000 says:

    This is, then, how Rockingham County Republicans do business?
    And am I to believe Chaz was not complicit in this?
    Recall that, in response to a relatively innocuous comment, my first, on in respect to that race, that Chaz tried to get me disciplined – or worse – at my former place of employment.
    Albeit unsuccessfully.
    My best to you and Dianne, Lowell, and I’m sorry as hell that this happened.
    It does, however, further show the face of the beast.
    This is disgusting, and were it me, I would sue.
    Early and often.

  15. David Miller says:

    Ahh, so enlightening.

    Lowell, please let Diane know that I was happy to have met her during the campaign, she seemed wonderful. I wish her the best in her endeavors.

    You always prove yourself to be entirely wonderful. Your perspectives are always refreshingly non-partisan and humane. We need to get the crew together for another night at the taratsa if it’s open!

  16. I am always open to getting together with friends like you Dave. Even though we differ so greatly on some issues, you have always listened respectfully to my opinions. I have been to your ranting sight many times and always enjoy those thoughts in your head. I have the worst time signing in though and I have wanted to comment several times. You name the time and place and if I am free, I’ll be there.

  17. Brian says:

    I think The republitarian is right, there is alot of history between Dianne and Wayne. And why is Dianne surprised about getting fired If Wayne already told her in April that if she lost the election she would be fired. This is just politics and what you can expect if you work in a political office. Do you really think if Dianne was elected that she woulnd’t fire anyone.

  18. Draegn88 says:

    This should make for interesting listening tomorrow on Candid Comment.

  19. finnegan says:

    Brian, where did anyone say Dianne was surprised?

    Just because something is vindictive or under-handed doesn’t mean it’s surprising. Especially not in the world of politics.

  20. Where is the history Brian? No history exists. Did Wayne tell Brenda that she wouldn’t have a job if she ran? No…she was an independant and no was threat, although I’m glad to see Brenda did well. What kind of managerial practice is it when a manager tells his employee that if they apply for the top position is his company, that they will be fired if the position isn’t given to them? It’s just about the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Kestrel says it’s Republican politics in Rockingham Co. Maybe he’s right. This would be one more instance where I kind of hang my head that I am a Rockingham Co Republican. I think it’s just mean and vindictive.. There are no other words for it.

  21. She was an independant and was NO threat…is what it should have said. I need to proof read better!

  22. bryan says:


  23. MAW says:

    I guess I need someone to draw me a picture. I’m not getting it. Wayne told Dianne before the election. If she isn’t good enough to be a Deputy Clerk, according to Wayne, why didn’t he let her go before the election so she wouldn’t even have a chance at being Clerk?

    If there is no history, what’s the reason for letting her go? Is there history between her and someone else in the office who has Wayne wrapped around their finger?

    What can she do? In Virginia, I don’t think you need a reason for firing someone. I could be totally wrong about that. Someone told me that. Don’t know if they know what they’re talking about.

    Politics just isn’t a good enough explanation for me.

  24. whackette says:

    “Did Wayne tell Brenda that she wouldn’t have a job if she ran? No…she was an independant and no was threat…”

    Not a threat to who? The other independent that Wayne endorsed? Don’t forget that Chaz wasn’t Mr Harpers choosen replacement.

  25. She was no threat to anyone.

  26. hobo says:

    Was there anything to the hit pieces on Diane? She was accused of being incompetent by lawyers and those who worked with her.

  27. John says:

    You can be fired at any time for any reason. That being said, the employer can be sued at any time and for any reason!

    What annoys me most about this is the fact that Harper, an elected official, did something (that I have to assume) was personally motivated. When one becomes a public servant, the interest of the people should outweigh any personal interest he or she may have. As a constituent, I’m pissed off that he did something that begs a lawsuit. If there was a reason or some grounds for the dismissal, I’d say it’s time to speak up – or allow Chaz to do so. The fact that she had ambition is no reason for punishment.

  28. Bubby says:

    Do you really think if Dianne was elected that she woulnd’t fire anyone.

    Brian: What I expect is that Chaz pull on his big-boy pants and do the job himself…after he directs Mr. Harper to suspend any hire/fires in his waning, lame duck days.

  29. finnegan says:

    I’m thinking this may have more to do with Mike Harvey than with Chaz. But that’s just a guess.

  30. republitarian says:

    You are partly correct, Brent.

  31. Greg says:

    Just good ole’ boy politics…the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Of course none of this would have happened this way if the lazy dems had actually gotten off the butts and voted in the election. I refer to an excellent post on the dem’s blog site.
    Maybe one day the dem committees will understand the importance of a campaign to motivate the base prior to an election. Until then, useless putz’s like “Chaz”, Lohr and Obenshein will continue to get elected.

  32. JGFitzgerald says:


    I would address the same question to both you and the anonymous Valley Progressive who posted the diatribe you reference: Have I seen you at any Democratic functions?

    Beyond that, and returning to topic. First, I would ignore any comments from the blogger who only proves that all Rhodes lead to roaming in a realm of pretense. Second, it’s worth noting that nobody who’s posted here, as near as I can tell, knows if Harper acted on his own behalf. I’d be interested in knowing the motivations of everyone involved just as much as I’d like to know the identities of everyone involved.

  33. Greg says:

    I have been to several functions, even helped to organize a few. I’ve also been a large financial donor to the individual candidates so I also put my money where my mouth is (sorry about ending the sentence with a preposition). Obviously you don’t remember but we have met, in fact we had lunch together several months ago.

    I’m sorry that you consider the blog that I referenced as a “diatribe.” When I read it, I was impressed that someone actually had the audacity to mention something that many others have felt, but not dared acknowledge in public.

    I consider it more of an admonishment simply because if it’s veracity and the fact that “motivating the base” has worked so well for the repubs in the past few elections.

    Have a Happy (and safe) New Year.

  34. JGFitzgerald says:


    What gripes me about your comment is the casually thrown insult, “lazy dems”. Look at what has happened to the voting patterns in this Valley in recent years and attribute it if you will purely to the changes in demographics or to the efforts of candidates. I think there may be more to it.

    Some party members may be lazy, or Dems in name only, but many others aren’t, and they deserve better. I also give money to Democratic candidates, but I don’t feel it gives me a right to call anyone lazy.

  35. republitarian says:

    Did you give money to Dianne, Joe?

  36. JGFitzgerald says:


    I can no more imagine why you’d be interested in my political giving than I can why I’d answer. But in the interests of seasonal good cheer, I offer the following.

    Deb and I gave in the neighborhood of $1,000 to political candidates and events in this past political season. None of it went to Republicans, independents, drama queens, or blog whores.

    For further details, consult the public records.

  37. Deb SF says:

    If you want to know, why don’t you ask the Fulks, Mr. Rhodes?

  38. Lowell Fulk says:

    Our phone number is 540-896-1323

  39. republitarian says:

    Gosh Joe, I was just curious.

    It’s not like I just asked the local priest if he’s molested any boys lately.


    “None of it went to Republicans, independents, drama queens, or blog whores.”

    Over the last several years I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk with many people who work with the city or have served on council. “Drama Queen”, “off-centered”, and “weird” have been some of the nicer words used to describe you. In fact, I have never heard one nice thing said about you, except by democrats. Please describe “blog whore”.

    …and Deb(sweetheart), please don’t call me Mr. Rhodes. Calling me mister implies that I deserve some amount of respect.

  40. finnegan says:

    Should old acquaintance be forgot,
    and never brought to mind?

    I think so.

    At least for one day.

  41. LOL Brent. Wouldn’t that be nice. You are such a great kid, Brent. Thank you on this New Years Day for all your hard work and dedication. And for just being you.

  42. Margo Jantzi says:

    I send my blessings and best wishes to Diane Fulk and her family. After reading the Daily News Record this morning, I only choose to look forward. May the next chapter of your life be filled with exciting new endeavors.

    Margo relentlessly posititive

  43. linz says:

    I think the DNR did a good job of covering the issue in today’s article and brought to light some of the things previously not mentioned in the initial article about Chaz’s swearing in. Thanks for taking notice and doing the follow up article.

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