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Brent Finnegan -- February 4th, 2008

If you’re familiar with the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference (MACRoCk), you may recall it never happened last year. We reported that MACRoCk organizers, previously associated with WXJM and JMU, were partnering with the Downtown Renaissance. Two weeks ago, the Drop reported that it was scheduled for April 4th and 5th. Today HDR confirmed the dates, and announced it will be happening downtown.

No bands have been announced yet.

16 Responses to “MACRoCk on”

  1. danno says:

    It should be good, it just won’t have the bigger name bands that they have had the budget for *cough* in the past. It will probably be more like the earlier years with smaller shows. One of my favorite bands from some years ago The Extraordinaires have already announced that they are playing (hopefully at Court Square again, wink wink).

  2. finnegan says:

    I know this dates me, but ’96 was my favorite MACRoCk. Maybe because it was the first time all these indie rock kids descended on the city at once. I was back there somewhere, trying really hard to be cool.

  3. Seth says:

    hdr has got juevos muy grande to get involved in this. don’t get me wrong, i do appreciate macrock and i’m tickled that it’s coming back. it’s great for our town. i just hope someone can be the hard-nosed organizer they always needed.

  4. danno says:

    I wonder if anybody has footage of the Frodus show at the Artful Dodger at Macrock ’99? Damn son, that was sweet.

    Please bring this guy back!

  5. David Troyer says:

    I hope HDR’s involvement keeps embezzlement down.

  6. Justin C says:

    Big props to everyone involved in getting back up and running.

    I don’t worry about the budget and the big bands. Some of my favorite MACRoCk shows of old were smaller bands in smaller venues. Ted Leo years ago in Court Square was a show I won’t forget.

  7. Joey Groah says:

    I think the ’97(’98?) show was one of my favorites: Atom and His Package, The Blacks… and apparently I didn’t know Ted Leo played here either. Holy monkey, that’s some good stuff.

    You don’t like the band at Venue X? Try the one at Venue Y. Good luck this year, MACRoCK.

  8. finnegan says:

    About that venue X vs venue Y dilemma…

    I’m still kicking myself for not seeing Elliot Smith when he played MACRoCk at the Artful Dodger in ’96 — a year before Good Will Hunting came out, which sent Smith on stage at the Oscars, performing “Miss Misery” right before Celine Dion.

    I even had his Needle in the Hay 7″ at the time.

    I ended up seeing some other band I don’t remember the name of. I recall thinking, “I really would like to see Elliot Smith, but this other band sounds like it might be pretty cool, too.”

  9. Seth says:

    is the other band still alive?

  10. johnmarr says:


    Very classy. :)

  11. Tim says:

    I always loved Macrock when I was at JMU because it was the one weekend I could get all my northern VA friends to come down, Harrisonburg was the place to be. I hope a little bit smaller scope, with a focus on quality instead of quanity, improves the festival and eases the burden of organizing it.

    Speaking of organizing, who’s doing the booking? Say what you want about the xjm kids organizing/money managment skills but they brought in fantastic acts that drew kids from all over the state. I would hate for Macrock to be revived only to be turned into a wine/cheese/jazz type event, it’s got to rock.

  12. Lowell Fulk says:

    I knew to expect it, I knew it was coming, I tried to ignore it and pretend it wasn’t happening but… All of a sudden and seemingly overnight, I have gotten old.
    (phone call interruption)
    Well, my good friend Kai just called on an unrelated matter and helped me feel somewhat better by sharing that he had never heard of these groups either. I think he was just being nice to the geezer though but I appreciate his thoughtfulness.
    Well, you young whipper snappers have fun. I’m gonna shuffle over to the TV and cheer for Obama.

  13. Chrisfb says:

    Lowell don’t feel bad. MACRoCk generally books groups who have relatively little exposure. So, if you still were a young wipper snapper you probably would not have heard of these bands anyway.

    I’m really excited about MACRoCK this year. Last year was my freshmen year at JMU, and I was really bummed that it didn’t happen.

    I’ve heard rumors of Mock Orange playing this year, so I have high hopes for the quality of bands that will be playing.

  14. Patrick says:

    Everyone is working really hard to get everything prepared. Expect the first official announcement of bands within the next week. Or you can go see some unofficial announcements at:

  15. finnegan says:

    Unwed Sailor? Excellent! It’s been a while for me. I miss seeing Johnathan Ford play.

  16. Seth says:

    always my strong suit.

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