“deadlines only apply to print media”

Brent Finnegan -- February 22nd, 2008

I haven’t really noticed that TV3’s website is “easier to navigate” (Is it? If so, how?) but I did notice four new videos up on their site that appear to be little jabs at the DNR’s E-edition.

13 Responses to ““deadlines only apply to print media””

  1. Gxeremio says:

    I saw one of those ads on TV this morning. Good writing, and I think it makes the point. Not that I think the WHSV site is better than the DNR site (especially considering commenting and story depth), but it’s an effective ad campaign.

  2. finnegan says:

    I also thought that quote, “deadlines only apply to print media,” was a good one, simply because I used to work in live television. There’s no deadline more strict that when it’s live, on-the-air. What are you going to do, tell the people watching to hold on a few minutes while you finish writing the story?

    But, I agree. The general concept goes along with everything I’ve said before about the need to keep the website updated, and posting stories as they’re finished, as opposed to posting all of them at 12:30 am, when everyone’s asleep.

  3. Evan says:

    I think those ads are just silly… there is no reason print publications shouldn’t be capable of being a viable option for developing stories. The web and multimedia are always on, whether or not they are taken advantage of by area outlets. But to be fair, major stories do get some online exposure. I’m trying to change things at my job (The Breeze), but it takes a huge procedural change to get all the necessary people on-board to fully utilize the timeliness of the web.

  4. Scott Rogers says:

    The DNR actually seems to do a decent job of posting breaking news through the day, and not waiting for the next day (as the ads would suggest). For example, Dean Keener resigned today, and both media sources reported it online fairly quickly:

    WHSV (5:14 p.m.)

    DNR (6:02 p.m.)

    Admittedly, the DNR does the bulk of their online publishing all in one batch, a day at a time (to match the printed publication) — but the ads aren’t entirely truthful, as the DNR does publish stories between print editions (see above).

  5. Scott Rogers says:

    AND — the DNR’s story actually made it to my RSS reader faster….

    DNR (6:02 p.m.)
    WHSV (6:08 p.m.)

  6. TJ says:

    Just another example of TV-3’s mean spirited but creative attacks against its competitors. First it was the super hero ad making fun of WVIR. Now they’re going after the DNR. In a competitive media world, I guess it makes sense. But it does make me wonder if Hburg news should be watching its back too. If this site gets too popular, it could be next on the HSV hit list.

  7. finnegan says:

    But it does make me wonder if Hburg news should be watching its back too. If this site gets too popular, it could be next on the HSV hit list.

    I would consider that an honor.

  8. Gxeremio says:

    Oooh…what if we have a contest for commercials for hburgnews?

  9. David Miller says:

    WHSV attacking Hburg would be a hilarious attempt in futility! It would be satire of Larry Flint proportions.

  10. JGFitzgerald says:

    Hburgnews: We don’t make it up; we only point the way.

    Hburgnews: A blog, not a bog.

    Hburgnews: Helping you decide what to talk about.

  11. WHSV.COM says:

    With the new WHSV.COM (which launched on 12/31/2007), our goals were simplicity, consistency, more streamlined categories, user-friendliness, and easier navigation. Our desire was for visitors and regular viewers to have a positive experience, and to come back to WHSV.COM often. We also wanted our advertisers to get adequate exposure. With our recent video ad campaign, we are primarily trying to point out for consumers the advantages of our web channel as a medium versus print media in general. Obviously, two advantages are accessibility and affordability (“always on” and “always free”).

  12. finnegan says:

    Thanks for stopping by, whsv.com.

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