April Fools’ Day Open Thread

Jeremy Aldrich -- April 1st, 2008

What pranks are you playing (or getting played on) today?

20 Responses to “April Fools’ Day Open Thread”

  1. Justin says:

    Just a small one, but the computer a co-worker uses part-time is usually the first one I give out as a loaner when other computers break. A couple of times it’s overlapped with her schedule and she’s without a computer for an hour that day (she’s a teacher with no first period class on odd days).

    So today I’m “breaking” her computer and giving her this.

  2. finnegan says:

    The hburgnews April Fool’s story is up on Crocktown.

  3. finnegan says:

    Was anyone listening for the annual NPR fake story this morning?

    I was thinking it might be this one. It’s so “duh.” But maybe not. It doesn’t seem ridiculous enough.

  4. Andy says:

    Best one so far at our house — last night the kids and I replaced the middle of three double stuff mint Oreos with toothpaste. The doctored cookies were placed on top of the unadulterated ones in the cookie jar and we trotted off to bed sniggering.

    With freshly brewed cup of tea in hand at about 7:30 am, mom ate one. Not only is it shocking to expect one flavor and receive a completely other flavor, but something about the combination of Crest and those chocolate Oreo cookies that is just revolting.

    I expect my scalded flesh from the thrown cup of tea to heal in few weeks.

  5. Bell says:

    I gave Emmy a case of the Dvorak keyboard layout earlier.

  6. Emmy says:

    Yeah and I had no clue what happened. I told him he’d have to edit my script if he didn’t fix it!

  7. finnegan says:

    Nevermind. It’s gotta be this one. Right?

    If so, they’re really outdone themselves this time.

  8. finnegan says:

    Good ones, Andy and Bell.

    One year I caught a mouse and put it in a covered casserole dish. When my mother got home, I told her I made some quiche, and it was cooling on the counter, and that she should try some.

    The clue was that I don’t know the first thing about baking quiche, but she didn’t pick up on it.

  9. Justin C says:

    We have a handful of classics in our office. Taking a picture of the desktop, hiding all icons, then setting the background image to the picture is always priceless.

    Tape on a computer mouse is always fun (optical OR trackball).

    My favorite I did when I was young with my mom. We put tomato sauce in the bottom of a bowl and spaghetti on the top. I pretended to have an “accident” cutting the bread at dinner, stuck my hand in the pasta, sauce came up red, and mom fake screamed. Both brothers and my Dad were pretty freaked.

    It probably worked so well since I did have so many accidents with sharp edges when I was young.

  10. Marcus says:

    Justin C’s car is a few lots from where he parked it last and his keys returned to his spot. I’m assuming because he hasn’t said anything that he hasn’t noticed yet.

    Hopefully he won’t read this post again before he heads home for the evening and wanders around downtown aimlessly for a while.

  11. Bryan says:

    i offered up a cross-bow in the “free stuff” section of the Washington DC craigslist site. i put the name and phone number of my boss at the bottom.

  12. JGFitzgerald says:

    I walked into the office on an April 1, sometime in the 1980s, and saw a shiny brown thing on my desk chair. I ran my finger across it, pretending to be oblivious to the various people in the room pretending to be oblivious to me, raised the finger to my lips, and proclaimed loudly, “Good thing I didn’t sit in it.”

    What I was really thinking was, “Good thing it really is rubber.”

  13. Gxeremio says:

    My wife got me good with the old “I’m pregnant” fakeout.

    My heartbeat is returning to its normal pace now.

  14. Emmy says:

    I got back at Bell with the help of another co-worker. Storing your passwords on your computer at work is not always a good idea. I really wanted to do the desktop screenshot but the person I was attempting to prank anticipated that someone might try so he changed his password. I stole the ball from his mouse instead.

  15. linz says:

    Bryan – I think that’s one of the funniest I’ve heard. How did it turn out? Did you boss get a ton of phone calls?

  16. Renee says:

    My dad used to wake up and turn on the water full blast before putting his glasses on, so once we taped the faucet so the stream was aimed out. Got a good reaction to that one! We also tried the saran wrap over the toilet trick – Mom made us clean up after that one :/

    My sister used to love stuffing socks into the toes of all of the shoes in the house.

    Once I put just a bit of green food coloring in a gallon of milk, and it got a slight nasty tinge. No one would drink it, even after they knew it was just food coloring!

  17. Renee says:

    My aunt said their neighbor’s kid actually listed their house for sale in the local free paper and put a sign outside!

  18. Terry Ward says:

    I was writing or asleep during All Things Considered, so I can’t speak for the April Fools’ Joke of that program.

    I kind of need to be awake for Morning Edition.

    I think their AFJ was the very quick NPR co-host insert about the cel phone inventor wishing that there were body-implanted phones by now. This thing (from the NPR “rundown”):
    “(7.) MOBILE PHONES — Co-host Steve Inskeep reports on the man who invented the cell phone.” I think that had to be it.

    I did my own bit for the cause early (on Monday) during a weather spot: something like, “today’s highs around 65; tomorrow, April Fools’ Day, highs near 852 with a 30% chance of hovering fruitloops.”

    Just in case any WMRA brass read this, I did do a pretty immediate correction.

    I guess we’ll get the official disclosure of NPR jokes during their listener letters segment which is on Thursdays usually. Someone is always fooled and writes in, then the NPR hosts tip their hands.

    Another NPR April Fools’ Day Joke: me. I went full-time with WMRA on April Fools’ Day eleven years ago –clearly one of the longer-running pranks.

    Admit it –a lot of you were fooled. Me an actual radio person? indeed! You even missed the big clue: take the letters of TERRY WARD and rearrange them. You get WRY RETARD. Even with that glaring hint, many people think I actually do radio rather than being part of an NPR ruse. Got ya.

  19. Bryan says:

    “Bryan – I think that’s one of the funniest I’ve heard. How did it turn out? Did you boss get a ton of phone calls?”

    within one minute he was getting a constant stream of phone calls. not just from the people you’d expect to be in the market for a cross-bow either. apparently cross-bows, when they are free, are in high demand.

    i took the post off within about 7 minutes and he’s still getting calls. he’s going to make a “cross-bow” remix out of all the messages he’s received. it should be pretty bumpin’.

  20. Renee says:

    “cross-bow” remix


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