Rasoul-Richardson debate live blog

Brent Finnegan -- April 1st, 2008

Gxeremio and I will (attempt to) live-blog tonight’s debate between 6th District Democratic nominees Sam Rasoul and Drew Richardson from our cell phones via Twitter.

If you are part of the H’burg Twitter group, feel free to chime in from your computer or cell phone. If not, feel free to leave a comment below. The debate should also be live on City Span starting at 7:00 pm.

Here’s a “transcript” from Twitter, starting with last entry, ending with first:

hburggxeremio: Closing statements. Ras: reform system to fight special interests. Rich: we are pretty similar but one of us needs to beat Goodlatte.

bfinnegan: Drew: elect me because I am the most electable

bfinnegan: Closing: Sam: elect me because I’m zealous & will fight corporate corruption

hburggxeremio: Finnegan wishes this room had wifi. Me too.

bfinnegan: Drew: we need internet neutrality. Me: we need internet in this room!

hburggxeremio: Net neutrality. Rich supports and also wants rural wireless service. Ras says net gives voice to common person

hburggxeremio: Immigration solutions: both support virtual fences. Rich adds diplomacy as option

bfinnegan: Health care: Drew wants slower reform like Obama, Sam wants HR 676

hburggxeremio: Ras rejects “political feasability” and supports doing what is right re: healthcare

hburggxeremio: Moderator keeps chastising Ras 4 rebutting previous questions rather than responding 2 current ones

hburggxeremio: Wall street bailout. Rich says gov should care more about individuals. Ras says more oversight needed

hburggxeremio: Both want more $ for veterans

bfinnegan: All the college students split

hburggxeremio: Lots of young ppl disappearing. Where to?

hburggxeremio: End of prepared questions. On to audience questions.

hburggxeremio: Rich keeps mentioning toxicology – wonder why?

bfinnegan: Council chambers need wifi. This texting is tedious!

bfinnegan: Drew takes stab @ sam’s ties to cobalt 6 w/ cartoon comment.

hburggxeremio: Rich says he won’t be associated with groups that lampoon Goodlatte. I guess he won’t be contributing 2 Crocktown

bfinnegan: Sam: tax cuts = tax increase on next gen. Drew wants fdr progressive tax.

bfinnegan: Trade reform: both advocate fair trade over free trade.

bfinnegan: Telecom immunity: sam says its a executive branch abuse.

hburggxeremio: Telecom immunity. Rich: no but meet needs of law enforcement. Ras: no and fight abuse of executive power

bfinnegan: Fish kills: sam wants “pro-business” solution, drew talks about role of poultry litter.

hburggxeremio: Room packed – about 140 people

hburggxeremio: Ras: Obama and Clinton health plans dangerour because they don’t bring down costs

hburggxeremio: Health care. Ras:support HR676. Rich: need transition of mandated insurance

bfinnegan: Immigration: sam said people should wait in line.

hburggxeremio: Illegal immigration. Rich: need 2 respect immigrants. Ras: nation of immigrants but must respect rule of law

hburggxeremio: Y are you running as a dem? Ras:fight 4 minorities. Rich:party of idealism and good governance

hburggxeremio: Richardson opening statement – biggest crowd yet. Personal experience is important 4 credibility

bfinnegan: Sam calls david layman his inspiration. Drew invokes 1960s

hburggxeremio: Rasoul opening statement – special interests are too powerful

bfinnegan: This place is packed!

hburggxeremio: Republitarian just handed me a note – Sam’s real name is Salam?

hburggxeremio: 1st impressions – all my old profs are here. Richardson looks like he has a toupee. Lots of Rasoul supporters in the crowd.

hburggxeremio: Seated and waiting 4 event 2 start. NBC29 is here

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7 Responses to “Rasoul-Richardson debate live blog”

  1. finnegan says:

    One thing is clear: the city council chambers need wireless Internet access. If they had it, it would allow citizen journalists to live blog updates from city council meetings, etc.

    …which is probably why the city would never do it.

  2. Gxeremio says:

    A lot of the tweets are missing from this transcript.

  3. finnegan says:

    I added three I missed. Am I missing others?

  4. Bubby says:

    As I listened I thought, either one of these guys would be a huge improvement over Bob Goodlatte. He takes so much money from industrial Agriculture and manufacturing that I don’t think he can afford to help with poultry litter management, energy policy, or displaced job assistance. He has become what he originally ran against – a comfortable incumbent, unaccountable to his voter constituents.

  5. Gxeremio says:

    Looks like you have them all now, finn. Thanks.

  6. finnegan says:

    I take back what I said about the city never doing free Internet access in the council chambers. Apparently there are ports in the back that I was unaware of. Just no wireless.

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