WVTF in H’burg?

Brent Finnegan -- June 18th, 2008

Today a reader pointed out to me that WVTU (WVTF), Virginia Tech’s public radio station, has a mandatory notice in the DNR informing us that they have applied for a translator tower on Massanutten.

If approved, the tower would expand their coverage area to the Harrisonburg DMA. Although this is WMRA’s territory, the stations wouldn’t necessarily be in direct competition, as WVTF plays mostly classical music during the day. Morning and evening programming looks pretty similar, though.

I’ve written about WMRA news, programming and the state of public radio here before.

6 Responses to “WVTF in H’burg?”

  1. David Troyer says:

    Any idea what the frequency would be? Also, that’s a lot of links in that post, Brent.

  2. blondiesez says:

    As a former Roanoke resident who has been puzzled by the overlap in coverage between WVTF and WMRA, this really stymies me. Yes, WVTF has classical music. And Morning Edition, and All Things Considered, and a weekend lineup that is awfully similar to WMRA’s. They ALSO have a lower-power second channel where they broadcast BBC News, Talk of the Nation . . . . sound familiar?

    I wonder if this is in response to WMRA’ recent decision to pilf . . . er, I mean, rearrange, programming between WMRA and WEMC. Do we really need this much “competition” in local public radio when all we stand to gain is perhaps Diane Rehm?

  3. finnegan says:

    Yeah, I like to link it up. Maybe it’s all that time I spend on Wikipedia.

    When I was at WVPT, it seemed like there was constant friction with WCVE (Richmond) over the coveted Charlottesville DMA. Public TV/radio stations are essentially competing against each other in overlap areas for pledge money, and most stations are looking to expand their coverage areas. When WVPT successfully fought for satellite carriage in the Washington DC DMA, WETA wasn’t too happy about it.

  4. Karl says:

    The repeater for WVTU would operate on 92.1

    I’m not sure what the 10 radiated watts will get them, but I hope this is a sign of larger things to come. Last time I was down at VTF, it appeared they run a top notch operation. It would be good to see some consolidation in the public radio realm.

    As Paul Harvey would say “telling you more than I know…” there may be something in the hopper and some frequency sales in the offing. I have read that a new organization is looking to launch a news/talker in the valley. I don’t know any more than that and thought it might not be in my best interest to investigate…I do enjoy being employed.

  5. David Miller says:

    Air America? ;)

  6. Terry Ward says:


    Re: Comment by blondiesez of June 18, 2008, 11:38 am.

    > I wonder if this is in response to WMRA’ recent
    > decision to pilf . . . er, I mean, rearrange,
    > programming between WMRA and WEMC.”

    Pilf ?!?


    Try SAVE.
    Remember, wEMC had lost its EMU funding and was about to go dark.

    wMRA saved wEMC.

    Worth repeating: wMRA saved wEMC.

    wMRA now runs wEMC day-to-day and does it at some expense to itself. wMRA also provides full technical support with modern (rather than decrepit) equipment.

    Rotten wMRA.

    Then those pirates realized that so much program overlap was redundant and a waste of the combined broadcasting resources; they consolidated the classical onto one station (wEMC) and put news/chat onto the other (wMRA). The area still gets the programs, just has one type on one station and the other type on the other.

    wMRA also provides wEMC with weather forecasts (remember when there were none?) and also 24/7 webstreaming through WEMCradio.org

    Och, wMRA, what jerks.

    ( Aw man, I dripped some sarcasm on my shoe. )


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