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Brent Finnegan -- July 16th, 2008

hburgnews.com admin/commenter Josh Baugher is mentioned several times in today’s DNR feature about web recipes and food blogs.

Thanks to those who responded, especially Josh Baugher, who suggested a few very good blogs. A couple of them were new to me but I’ve visited them regularly since receiving his picks from the blogosphere.

9 Responses to “web recipes”

  1. MAW says:

    What’s going on at WalMart in Dayton? Cops have parking lot blocked off.

  2. Olivia says:

    I have heard that they are investigating a “suspicious package.” Unfortunately, none of the local news sites have updates on this yet.

  3. finnegan says:

    TV3 is reporting it as you described, Olivia.

    I really wish Twitter would hurry up and fix the “with friends” badge already.

  4. Emmy says:

    I wish Twitter was working too! There were at least five fire trucks and as many police cars with the roads all blocked when I went to get my kids from Westover. I couldn’t even tell what was happening there were so many!

  5. TM says:

    If you’re talking about the intersection of W. Market and Dogwood, that was a minor gas leak. Backhoe backed over a line or spiget or something. It was cleared pretty quickly.

  6. TM says:

    BTW, congrats Josh on the coverage and the great site suggestions.

  7. Emmy says:

    That was it TM. Sorry we hijacked Josh!

  8. Josh says:

    Thanks guys. Here’s the email I sent the DNR. P.S. I forgot to include the oh-so-awesome “bowl of good” local food blog in my list of suggestions: http://abowlofgood.com/blog/

    Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 10:55:56 -0400
    To: skyline@dnronline.com
    Subject: Food blogs


    Thank you for writing your food blog article!

    There are so many great food blogs out there that it’s hard for me to narrow my list down of favorites to pass along. There are quite a few daily journal style food blogs, and a whole host of other styles. There are even basic instructional blogs. I subscribed to one with basic instructional videos a year or so back but found that it was too basic to help me advance my skills. And by subscribing, I mean I read food blogs through a special “reader” program. It’s the only way to fly, and makes keep tracking of these things way easier and less time intensive. I can share more technical details about this if you would like (I use Google Reader).

    I’ve been reading food blogs for at least five years now, and have gone through quite a few subscriptions. I’ve narrowed down my list of six favorites for you to pass along if you would like:

    1) Simply Recipes http://www.elise.com/recipes/

    Simply Recipes is my all-time favorite. This is a good all-around blog that talks about techniques and has lots of followers (and comments). Elise and her parents are great cooks.

    2) The Amateur Gourmet http://www.amateurgourmet.com/

    This is Adam Robert’s blog. Adam started food blogging while in law school in Atlanta, during writing school in New York and now while he is hosting an online tv show for Food Network. Oh, and he published a book based on the blog called “The Amateur Gourmet.” Sidenote: I’d be happy to lend it to you.

    3) French Laundry at Home http://carolcookskeller.blogspot.com/

    Carol is cooking her way through Thomas Keller’s “French Laundry Cookbook,” one of the most challenging home cookbooks around. Sidenote: I have this book too if you’d like to see it.

    4) Serious Eats http://www.seriouseats.com/

    Serious Eats is a food community with multiple contributors, fun contests, lots of information.

    5) Ideas in Food http://ideasinfood.typepad.com/

    This blog will challenge the way you think about food. I like this blog because it has helped me better understand the process of discovering new techniques. Aki and Alex are going to be superstars someday.

    6) Chocolate & Zucchini http://chocolateandzucchini.com/

    Clotilde is an adorable French woman making the transition from amateur chef to cookbook writer (she’s actually on book #2 now). Sidenote: I’d be happy to lend her blog-based self-titled first work to you if you’d like.

    There have been a few sorta-local food blogs over the years (Cville, etc.), but I don’t know of any in the Harrisonburg region. I’ve thought about starting one but I just stick to posting photos of food creations every once in a while: e.g.

    Lynsie at Perfect Flavor ice cream in Waynesboro has a nice blog: http://blog.perfectflavor.com/

    I could talk about this stuff all day, so I’m going to wrap things up here.

    I hope this helps!

  9. Josh says:

    Here’s a listing of some additional local food blogs for you to checkout:

    A New Mountain Cookery (Charlottesville)

    Eat Air (Charlottesville)

    The Food Geek (Charlottesville)

    The Humble Chef (Lexington)

    Red Hen (Lexington)

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