Obama’s local HQ officially opens

Brent Finnegan -- July 19th, 2008

There were lots of sweaty Barack Obama supporters packed shoulder to shoulder at the official opening of Obama’s Harrisonburg headquarters this afternoon. The reception followed an open house held across the street from Dave’s Taverna downtown. Several energetic Obama staffers addressed the crowd, encouraging them to help organize and coordinate canvassing events in their precincts.

I spoke briefly with Mitch Stewart, the state director of Obama’s Virginia campaign.

He explained why the campaign is opening campaign offices all over the state, seemingly regardless of how “red” the locality is. He also hinted at an office opening in the Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta (SWAC) region.

18 Responses to “Obama’s local HQ officially opens”

  1. Renee says:

    Cool! I’ll have to drop in there and see if I can get a sticker or sign or something to replace the Obama magnet someone removed from my tailgate!

    I think it’s a great idea to have a bunch of small campaign offices in areas like Harrisonburg. Also, on his website, you can print out names of undecided voters in your neighborhood, along with flyers you can take with you to strike up a conversation with them. Similar to his web-based volunteer-driven phone campaign in the primaries.

    Go Barack! :)

  2. will says:


  3. So, this explains why Dave’s Taverna is losing its liquor license!

  4. Brian M says:

    Man. I hate it when jokes go either so high above my head that I can’t see it or so below my radar I can’t even feel the ground move. I feel rather ignorant either way.

    Could you explain the Dave’s Taverna comment? Thanks!

  5. Emmy says:

    You’re not alone Brian M, I don’t get it either.

  6. Deb SF says:

    Dave’s isn’t losing it’s license; it’s just been suspended for 10 days, starting yesterday. Kind of a big difference, especially as it sounds like they kind of got screwed in this situation. Let’s not let the lazy link clickers get the wrong idea.

    They are of course opened in the meantime. If you’re going out for lunch or dinner over the next week or so, you might think about stopping by and having a meal there and throwing a little business their way during what is going to be a difficult period, for everyone from the owners to the waitstaff. Dave’s has been a believer in downtown Harrisonburg from the start.

  7. charlie chenault says:

    Deb is correct. Let’s continue to support this great downtown restaurant, and it’s owner and staff. Dave has a long history of dedicated ABC compliance. 10 days will pass soon. On a lighter note, I will continue to lend my considerable weight to this cause.
    Thanks – Charlie

  8. seth says:

    so dave endorses obama?

  9. JGFitzgerald says:

    Ya’ll still haven’t explained the joke. See, a councilman and an economist walk into a bar . . .

  10. Lowell says:

    You’re a good man Charlie Br.. er… Chenault.

    The joke actually also involves a duck with a cowboy hat and briefcase at the next table.

  11. JGFitzgerald says:

    Whatever … anyway, the councilman and the economist order drinks, and the bartender says, “We don’t get many economists in here.”

    The councilman says, “At these prices, you won’t get many more.”

    The bartender laughs so hard he spills a drink on the councilman. The councilman gets mad and calls a friend with the ABC board to come and shut the place down.

    The economist walks across the street to Obama HQ and picks up a bumper sticker. The Obama volunteer says to him, “Thank you for coming in.”

    The economist says, “At these prices, you won’t get many more.”

    The Obama volunteer backs away slowly.

    See, some people just can’t tell a joke.

  12. charlie chenault says:

    Joe – I think I actually understand the joke – it is the first thing I have understood this year – Charlie

  13. Actually, it was a bunch of Obama-supporting economists who went into Dave’s Taverna, and, well, the rest is simply unspeakable, but we all know the outcome…

  14. Of course it was not just the reprobate economists. Rumor has it this bunch included ink-stained wretches of the print media as well as electron-enhanced refugees from the blogosphere. And then there were the lawyers. But of the truly unspeakable, let us not say any more…

    In any case, Dave’s Taverna does deserve sympathy, and I have full confidence that the competent staffers at the Obama HQ will be able to handle diplomatically if any of this riff-raff shows up expressing their praises of the candidate in an inappropriate manner, :-).

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