Brent Finnegan -- July 24th, 2008

This morning I was having trouble connecting to the Internet in two separate locations (both Comcast). I Twittered, “I’m starting to get the feeling that Comcast is down all over H’burg last night and this morning.” A few hours later, Twitter user “comcastcares – Frank” replied, “DM the phone number on the account and I can take a look.”

Now I read on the front page of the NYT that Frank is Comcast’s liaison to bloggers with Comcast problems. Sounds like a very full-time job.

15 Responses to “interesting”

  1. finnegan says:

    Obviously, it’s working now.

  2. Justin says:

    So if I twitter “Comcast needs to equalize HD channel quality” or “Comcast DVRs need their USB ports activated”, Frank might give me a good reply?


  3. Frank J Witt says:

    Finn ~ I sent a Twitter message out right after I received yours…I don’t know if you got it but Comcast was working on this side of town. Surprisingly, a tech from Comcast spent over 2 hours at our house trying to unscramble some poor signal strength issues we have been dealing with…all for “no” charge. So, 2 powered splitters later and still no cheap way to get BBC America…oh well.

  4. finnegan says:

    Justin, you should try it and see what happens. Although, after the NYT story, there are likely a lot of people trying to get his attention.

  5. Joey Groah says:

    Frank seems sincere and customer-oriented. He appeared on TWiT back in May and talks about how he got started doing what he does for Comcast. He’s got some big goals long-term.

  6. Nicklaus Combs says:

    My comcast definitely had issues this morning.

    As for Frank I’ve read numerous times on the consumerist about him coming to the rescue when it comes to banging your head into the wall about Comcast’s service. Glad to hear he really is working to help.

  7. Emmy says:

    My mom had to have Comcast come out to work on her connection. Now she can’t use her computer at all. Good to hear that someone there cares.

  8. Nicklaus Combs says:

    “She can’t use her computer at all” sounds more like a user problem :)

  9. Emmy says:

    Hehe. Close, but not entirely user error this time ;)

  10. Emmy says:

    I figured out my mom’s computer. Turns out, Comcast is the reason it was broken. They installed something less than helpful while they were here. I’m posting from her machine, so thankfully I was able to fix it for her with some advice from those wiser than me in the area of computers.

  11. Bubby says:

    Could someone get on this Twitter thingy and tell “Frank” that if Comcast “cares” they should post the phone number for local service and support. Calling Wichita to get a local service appointment next Wednesday has this customer yearning for reliable DSL.

  12. Frank J Witt says:

    Hey all, just an update on the bye bye bye of Comcast from my life.

    Received the free Verizon wireless router that came with the new service I bought from them. Easy to install and surprisingly fast with 4 people on a router in our house. Verizon will also give you a $75 credit if you are changing from cable to Verizon.

    AND only $30/MONTH less than 1/2 of what COMCAST was charging us and I can now watch videos without interruption. Next comes the Direct TV for $30/month with NFL Channel AND BBCAmerica, my 2 favorite channels. $20 credit to go GREEN with electronic billing and payment.

    Next will be my story about the new services at Wachovia…

  13. David Troyer says:

    What kind of contract did you have to sign, Frank?

  14. Frank J Witt says:

    Verizon didn’t make us sign a contract and Direct TV is for 1 year plus 1 year option to keep prices same if service doesn’t fail.

  15. Josh says:

    My last Verizon bill was $64.88 for minimal service and internet. I talked to them about switching to DSL-only and they told me it would actually cost a few dollars more per month.

    The internet part is $37.95/mo.

    I’ve had service with them at this location since Spring 2005.

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