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Brent Finnegan -- July 30th, 2008

While some Democrats are reporting stolen Obama yard signs in the city, someone on Craigslist rants about political fliers littering the streets after the McGaheysville parade.

It makes me wonder just how effective signs and fliers are, and where one would even find a McCain yard sign to steal. The vast majority of yard signs I’ve seen in the city have been Obama and Rasoul signs.

32 Responses to “signs and flyers”

  1. Bubby says:

    Those Obama signs are like gold – very rare, everyone wants one. Until we see more I suggest everyone just paint “Obama for President” on the side of their house, their car, their leg.

  2. JGFitzgerald says:

    I agree that it’s probably souvenir hunting and/or goofy teens. Not that there aren’t people in the GOP who would do such a thing, but they’re just not that organized this year.

    The principle is that signs don’t vote, but they express support and help propel the bandwagon effect. Which is why it’s symbolic that there aren’t a lot of McCain signs visible yet. His bandwagon is a Conestoga.

  3. seth says:

    you know what john mccain is older than?


    (and he’s as old as canned beer, screw top bottles and the forty hour work week)

  4. Emmy says:

    LOL at Bubby and Seth. Sad thing is, that tattoo isn’t very good. It doesn’t look much like him. I bought my Obama sign so I’m going to be ticked if it gets stolen (I got it right before Joe said he had some). Good thing is, I live in an apartment with a little patch of lawn, so no one but me sees it. Guess it doesn’t do much good, but at least it won’t be stolen.

  5. JGFitzgerald says:


    Need one for a window? Harder to steal.


    Allowing for some guesswork, when McCain was your age, the Beatles hadn’t been to America. Winston Churchill and Herbert Hoover were still alive. The beer that wasn’t in a screw-top bottle wasn’t lite beer because that hadn’t been invented yet.

    Older than …? It would make a nice contest. Meanwhile, if any Pubs can tell me where a McCain sign is, I could possible get a young volunteer to take it. This has to be embarrassing for them.

  6. charlie chenault says:

    This is some serious smack, but what can I say except sort of funny. What worries me is that when I was Emmy’s age, the Beatles had not been to America, and I used to play with Winston Churchill (neighbor’s dog that is).

  7. Emmy says:

    I bought one of those too Joe! I’m just waiting for my car magnet to be stolen. I think about it when I park certain places.

  8. JGFitzgerald says:


    You’re not exaggerating your age for political purposes, are you? ;->


  9. charlie chenault says:

    Joe – I cannot talk right now. I am getting ready to meet with Paris Spears and Britney Hilton or whatever.

  10. Frank J Witt says:

    Charlie you rack me up! Emmy, where do you park your car, I have a yearning yo steal something that was probably free to begin with….and I use it scrape up my dogs’ poo!

  11. Emmy says:

    Haha. Actually I purchased the magnet too. Pretty much all of the Obama stuff I have, I bought. My kids even bought me a button when they went to DC with their dad.

  12. Renee says:

    Emmy, my magnet was stolen off of my truck! Not sure where… I imagined someone took it off and threw it away or something. It definitely didn’t fall off, and it was a surprisingly pretty magnet I got by donating to the campaign!

    I can’t imagine an Obama supporter taking it, it seems worse for someone that likes Obama to steal something from another Obama supporter.

    Guess the person’s assumed anti-Obama-magnet plan backfired, though. All it’s going to do is make me donate more money to the campaign to get another magnet!

  13. Emmy says:

    That’s what I’ll do if it happens to me Renee. Won’t do them much good.

    I intend to take my boys to his inauguration. Anyone want to go?

  14. Bubby says:

    If Obama pulls this thing off, we’re gonna rent a bus and everyone rides!

  15. Emmy says:

    You mean when right ;)

  16. Lowell says:

    I just love you guys…

  17. Christa says:

    Count me in.

  18. Brian M says:

    I’ll be there.

  19. Barnabas says:

    IF, seems more accurate. There is going to be a much higher voter turn out this time around. Obama scares a lot of people. He’s saying the right things but the lies he tells kind of hit you in the face. His misrepresentation about the things in Northern Ireland, and taking credit for things he didn’t have anything to do with make you wonder what he’s trying to pull. He says the right things and I like that, we all do. I’m still a swing vote.

  20. There’s a young family in Waynesboro who have already asked Goodlatte for tickets to the inauguration (members of Congress give away the tickets) because they want their children to witness it if Obama wins. If McCain wins, I am sure they’ll be happy to give someone their tickets.

  21. David Miller says:

    Not claiming one party name or the other as my creed I pondered why some voters (like you Barnabas) wouldn’t want to vote for Barack besides the D beside his name on the ballot. I quizzed a few people and came to a surprising conclusion; people are truly scared of change. There are some voters who can ignore the horrible truths about the last eight years because their lives are relatively unchanged (minus fuel costs, they wouldn’t normally notice inflation). When anyone preaches change it scares the shit out of them. People have said to me that they know where a Republican will lead them but have no idea about this new guy. I choke back my disgust because of the havoc of the last eight years and the damage done to our constitution but these people haven’t noticed and so they focus on things like “family values”. It is a scary truth but we have an undeserving electorate but they are well intentioned, family values seems like such a positive thing and one that the average person can feel good about voting for. SO when McSame insinuates that Barack is a Hollywood Rockstar who’s obviously in league with young blonde bimbos and could be a socialist in middle American Democrat’s clothing, it just might work. We just have to hope that the true liar; McCain, is shown to be the insult to American values that he really is. That’s my rant for the morning. Ps, Barnabas please don’t call Barack a liar without calling the other guy a bigger liar/politician. Otherwise you misrepresent our options come Nov.

  22. Emmy says:

    If may be more accurate, but I try to be a positive thinker. I read something not long ago that was sort of a duh statement to me. If you want your candidate to win, focus on your candidate…not the other guy. That’s what I try to do.

  23. Frank J Witt says:

    Emmy, please check your e-mail. Thanks

  24. JGFitzgerald says:

    I’m kind of disappointed to see Northern Ireland enter the debate as a political issue. I really had hoped we could dodge the … never mind, I can’t even successfully mock this one. Ulster has fewer people than Nebraska. Where did that come from?

    See you folks on the bus.

  25. Bubby says:

    I’m with you Emmy, I just remember the “Obama Girl” – the one that did the high profile You Tube singing about Barack Obama. She was from one of the New York City boroughs – she didn’t bother to vote in the New York primary because she was “too busy that day”!

    It is so important to register and vote. I encourage everyone to do a check on their people and make sure they get to the polls. The Obama people are doing voter registration canvassing every week – pitch in! Testify for your candidate!

    And Renee is right, that Obama magnet is swe-e-e-e-t! Throw Obama a Jackson and get one of your own. Display it proudly.

  26. Deb SF says:

    Re Barnabas @ 10:24 Wasn’t it Hillary Clinton who claimed some credit for the Northern Ireland peace accord? I googled, and found a lot of old stuff from the primary, questions about Clinton’s role, but no controversy about Obama.

  27. Barnabas says:

    Obama little Ireland mix up. ttp://

  28. Frank J Witt says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t agree with the man on anything…

    I agree…not that it matters…

  29. JGFitzgerald says:

    Re: Walls. The hair is accordingly split. Now what does it have to do with … anything? And does “misrepresentation” imply intent, and what did he intend? In other words, HUH?

    ETA: Changed name from Deb’s to mine. The perils of sharing a computer.

  30. Barnabas says:

    Like I said I’m still a swing voter. The things he said about Nothren Ireland may not bother you but it does bother me. And thats the only point I have to make. We all have different things that speak true to us. So if Barack saying things like this doesn’t matter to you fine, if you don’t understand how twisting these things could matter to someone else fine. But do not mock me for having something that matters to me. Save your “HUH?” for someone else. You should be smarter than that and should be able to have something better to say than just trying to minimize issues that matter to me.

  31. finnegan says:

    I agree that Obama’s little statement was a Bush-ish screw up. I’ve been to Belfast in the last five years, and I know that it’s not getting better. It’s being glossed over. If he did indeed say what people accuse him of saying, he should just be honest and say, “I made a mistake.”

    However, in the big picture, I would venture to guess that the number of Americans that care about what Obama thinks of Northern Ireland makes up less than one percent of the electorate. I care about NI — I subscribe to the Irish Times online — but I don’t care that much about what he said. My guess is that if he wins, and he ever revisits the area, he’ll correct it.

    Anyway, how did we end up talking about this?

  32. JGFitzgerald says:

    Does “misrepresentation” imply intent, and what did he intend?

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