Webb visits Harrisonburg

Brent Finnegan -- August 15th, 2008

webbJim Webb stopped in downtown Harrisonburg today. The junior U.S. senator met briefly with local residents at Blue Nile. He fielded questions ranging from the Russian-Georgian conflict to off-shore oil drilling and constitutional imbalance on Capitol Hill.

I would have a video to post, but my battery died.

12 Responses to “Webb visits Harrisonburg”

  1. republitarian says:

    Brent, great question you asked. I was going to ask the same one(ethanol). I’m glad someone finally changed the discussion to a domestic issue.

  2. David Miller says:

    While I don’t agree with each position that Webb holds, I gained further respect for him after last nights meet/greet.

  3. mikekeane says:

    Webb drinks heiniken, thats un-american.

  4. David Miller says:

    That son of a bench. I kinda felt bad for him, he hardly had the opportunity to drink his beer for all of our badgering

  5. JohnLL says:

    So at the fair tonight, someone addresses me from behind- I turn around, and it’s Jim Gilmore. I do believe that he’s the first politician I’ve ever met. (Could that be true? I need to get out more.)

    Anyway, he asked me if I had any questions, and I asked him about off-shore drilling- and we disagreed on my only question!

    Anyway, I was surprised with my internal response to his “interest” in talking to me- yes, I know it was only to ask me to vote for him, etc etc- but I felt good about talking to him!

    Weird. I’m getting off the analyst’s chair now. Thanks for listening. JLL

  6. finnegan says:

    Warner was also scheduled to be at the fair, but according to RockDem, “Earlier this week Governor Warner suffered an injury to his leg but continued with his vigorous schedule and now his doctors have insisted he sit down, take a load off, and allow himself to heal.”

  7. charles chenault says:

    Brent – the same thing happened to me this weekend – Charlie

  8. finnegan says:

    Sorry to hear that, Charlie. Hope you have a quick recovery.

    I agree with David. I don’t agree with the man on several issues, but I have a lot of respect for him.

    I may catch flack for this, but I have to say that his answer to my question about immigration reform was disappointing. Instead of sticking to the same decades-old talking points about how we need to secure the border, for once I’d love for some politician to say to me, “That’s a really complex and sensitive issue, and I don’t have all the answers. But clearly there is a much higher demand for workers here than our current system allows. We need to start by addressing the minimum work visa issue…” and then go ahead and talk about border security and citizenship.

    But like I said, I don’t regret voting for him. I asked George Allen the same question two years ago and got a much more disappointing answer.

  9. Bubby says:

    Brent: And the DNR would report, “Senator Webb doesn’t have answers”, the nattering nabobs at Fox Noise would report “Webb soft on immigration”, and the Mountain Valley Republicans would inspect his flag pin for conformity with community standards!

    Fact is, the vast majority of people don’t have a clue about how we got to where we are with immigration, or how to reform it. Everyone has an “opinion”, but no one in the Valley has your command of the details on this issue. The wingnuts may be consumed by immigration, but they don’t do “complexity”, or “difficult” – they just pass around anti-brown people emails, and pump their fists with each immigrant round-up.

    Democracy is hard work, and takes many hands. I think YOU have shone much light on immigration policy and hope that you will continue to do so. In his new book “A Time to Fight”, Jim Webb observes that all great social change has begun amongst the people and swept politicians along. We need smarter ideas than a foolish mega-billion dollar border wall.

  10. Did anybody ask Senator Webb if that was his weapon that his aide was caught with going into the Capitol? I’m still waiting for an answer to that question.

  11. Bubby says:

    Phillip Thompson, executive assistant to Webb (D-Va.), had been charged with carrying a pistol without a license after Capitol Police found the loaded gun and ammunition March 26 during a routine screening of his briefcase. Thompson said that Webb owned the weapon and that he did not realize he was carrying it.

  12. JGFitzgerald says:


    No. No one did.

    Hope this helps.


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