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Brent Finnegan -- August 30th, 2008

If you’re wondering why it’s been a little quiet here lately, I recently started a new job, I’m starting work on a new documentary, and I’ve been packing up to move across town. So, I probably won’t be able to devote as much time to hburgnews as I have in the past. But that might not matter so much if Harrisonburg had it’s own Digg.

A big part of what I do as a news blogger is sort through news stories, and pass interesting local links along to readers. And that’s essentially what Digg does, but it’s a more democratic, collective effort. Up until now, Digg has been one big, popular site, full of national and international news. But a recent post on CNET leads me to believe that’s where Digg is headed.

…one question suggested “geotagging” for stories to group them into local news stories, something that could make the site legitimately compete with sites like Outside.in and city blog networks like Gothamist. “Yes,” [Digg creator Kevin] Rose said. “We’ve thought about this as well and it would be really cool if we could start to group different events around you.” [Digg CE0 Jay] Adelson added that Digg has “a few projects on the way…think 2009, realistically, for some of this stuff.”

Just as we now have a local Craigslist, we may one day have a local Digg. Of course, like Craigslist, it could take quite a while for an effort like that to reach a city the size of Harrisonburg. But I think the popularity of hburgnews proves there’s a market for it here.

4 Responses to “Digg local?”

  1. Emmy says:

    I didn’t have anything interesting to share, but I was just coming here to start a Labor Day open thread to see what people will be doing over the long weekend!

    Brent, we appreciate all you do and its clear the rest of us are slackers :)

  2. Myers says:

    I’ve created a reddit (much like digg) for harrisonburg news


  3. finnegan says:

    Meyers, submitted a story there yesterday, but it doesn’t show up on that page. Is there a tag I’m supposed to add, or do you (as admin) have to add me as a user of Harrisonburg Reddit?

  4. Myers says:

    @finnegan – I don’t have to moderate it, but you do have to pick the harrisonburg reddit when you submit the link. I suspect you went to add a link, it asked for a user account, you created one, think clicked add a link again. But at that point you’d have been at the default reddit and you submitted it there. Silly workflow.

    What was the link?

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