Curt resigns GOP finance post

Brent Finnegan -- January 26th, 2009

Last June, local Republican Party activist Walter Curt was appointed finance chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Today the RTD reports that he has resigned in frustration (h/t Adam Sharp). In a letter to admonished RPV chairman, Del. Jeff Frederick, Curt wrote:

“Unfortunately the problems of structure, power projection, consultant interference, interpersonal difficulties, years of internal malaise, luddite attitude, leadership, and unity of purpose stand in the way of any hope of [RPV] success.”

9 Responses to “Curt resigns GOP finance post”

  1. zen says:

    “luddite.” Ouch!
    So, for Walter Curt, everything stands in the way of any hope. Wow.

    Could the two big parties have a more contrasting message?

    Is that the sound of dinosaurs dying?

  2. The Valley Progressive says:

    The GOP should have known better then to appoint an inflexible, control freak as their financial beggar which requires finess and tact. Perhaps the GOP was after Curt’s money and this appointment was just stroking him.

    Maybe he was wise to resign after seeing first hand the disarray, rigidness and out-of-touch nature of his party.

  3. JGFitzgerald says:

    Some people aren’t born to serve on committees. They’re modeled on Walter. Besides being a good friend and politically Cro-Magnon, he is also a very smart man. If he says the GOP is dysfunctional, we should believe him.

  4. Brian M says:

    But isn’t it a shame that things are so bad that he felt his only recourse was to resign? That is disappointing.

    It’s almost like he’s saying, “Obviously I am on the non-winning team and can’t immediately fix it so I’m out of here.”

    I expected a better, bigger, and longer fight out of him.

  5. Bill says:

    Just another sign that the Republican Party is in trouble in Virginia… or is it? If the extreme right wingers like Walter are starting to bail, then there’s hope for the moderates, who are the real core of Virginia politics in either party, to take the party back. It has moved way too far to the right over the past 10-15 years and the recent losses in Virginia state politics is certainly a testament to that fact. This should be great news for the Emmett Hanger’s out there. I know that I for one am glad to see the party shift back to the center and away from certain destruction if it would continue to move further right. Also, maybe those stupid he-haws ads against Hanger will finally stop.

  6. Jamie Smith says:

    Walter isn’t just smart, he’s brilliant, but his people skills can be a bit “Luddite” when he doesn’t get his way. The only way Walter could raise money would be by peer pressure, not by persuasive conversation. Maybe he’ll buy the Republican Party and structure the way he thinks it should be!

  7. Bill,
    Not at all obvious this is a sign of the far right bolting. Jamie’s comment about Walter’s people skills is very relevant. After all, his resignation letter was sent to State Chairman Jeff Frederick, who is viewed by many as about as far to the right as anybody in the upper echelons of the GOP state party. It is not like Walter was objecting to a bunch of moderates being too lame for his tastes.

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