Midwives Alliance “on board” with regs

Brent Finnegan -- February 18th, 2009

When Del. Matt Lohr introduced his midwife regulation bill, it was initially met by opposition from midwives, and stirred controversy on hburgnews. But a story in yesterday’s NVDaily reports:

Lohr said the bill is motivated by a desire to protect mothers and children, and was brought to him by Dr. Catherine Slusher, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Harrisonburg … the bill was originally met with some opposition, but now the midwifery lobby has come on board, Lohr said.

That’s true, said Rebecca Bowers-Lanier, lobbyist for the Commonwealth Midwives Alliance.

“We decided that we not only support it, but [wanted to] strengthen it so that all midwives can work with the Board of Medicine in creating standard practices around informed consent and disclosure,” Bowers-Lanier said.

Sally Voth reports that the regulatory bill, which would require midwives to disclose “information on health risks associated with home deliveries” to expectant mothers, was apparently sparked by two cases of stillbirths to “morbidly obese” women in the Virginia Beach area.

(h/t Adam Sharp)

11 Responses to “Midwives Alliance “on board” with regs”

  1. seth says:

    don’t everybody jump in and apologize to delegate lohr all at once


  2. JGFitzgerald says:

    Apologize for … ?

    Give us a break, Seth. Argument for the sake of argument is annoying under the best of circumstances. When it’s to defend the business interests of a family member, and the person doing the arguing does not reveal those interests, it becomes something else.

  3. Emmy says:

    Um yeah, nothing to apologize for. I still find it concerning that Lohr would take on something like this at the asking of ONE doctor. Not to mention that just because the lobbyists agree that certainly doesn’t mean all the midwives agree or that it’s still the best idea.

    And yeah, what Joe said.

  4. seth says:

    joe, {Edited no name calling}.as i recall, when i got involved in this last time, my primary point was that it would be beneficial to the conversation if we fostered an atmosphere where someone with some professional medical credentials felt comfortable weighing in (read: any intelligent person should have been struck by the one sided nature of what was ostensibly a dialogue). i didn’t feel it was relevant who my father was, as i hadn’t even spoken to him about it at that point and my opinions were my own.

    at any rate, it sounds like matt was able to get that two sided discussion going. good for him.

  5. Jeremy Aldrich says:

    I do think some commenters went over the line in attacking Del. Lohr, rather than just the bill, in the thread here.

  6. JGFitzgerald says:

    Without re-reading the comments, I seem to recall that much of the vehemence was on the Medicaid aspects of the legislation, which according to the NVD, died in committee. The part that everybody’s happy with essentially duplicates existing rules and practices. Sort of like the midwives now support Lohr’s actions on the grounds that nothing happened.

  7. seth says:

    and emmy,
    if i were going to parrot whacky accusations, i’d first be inclined to look back and see if there’s any justification whatsoever to support them. if you guys think that anything i said on the previous thread dealing with this issue was meant to “defend the business interests of a family member” then you’re nuttier than i had previously realized.

  8. David Miller says:

    I think (and hope that I’m correct) that if anyone thought that, then they’d just say it. As we’ve all illustrated, no one here has a knack for insinuating without declaring. We (you and I) tend to just come out and say what’s on our mind.

  9. Emmy says:

    Seth your comments seemed terribly defensive from just an average person. They made a whole lot more sense once I learned your father is an OB/GYN. If you’d come out with that from the beginning the whole conversation would have been totally different.

  10. Barnabas says:

    Since this has something to do with healthcare.
    If your in Augusta County you can take advantage of the Counties Prescription Dicount Card wether you are insured or not.


  11. Renee says:

    This article on CNN reminded me of our hburgnews discussion about it:

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