Desktop Driving

Brent Finnegan -- March 31st, 2009

Thanks to Google Maps, you can now drive the wrong way down Main Street. Sort of. Certain roads in Harrisonburg are now on now on Google Street View (discovered via Scott Rogers’ blog). As Renee points out on Twitter, it appears that the Google cam car drove through town sometime last fall.

13 Responses to “Desktop Driving”

  1. Renee says:

    The Urban-Exchange-affiliated people can probably tell by the height of the building:
    Google Street View of UE

  2. Emmy says:

    I saw a sign for a treasurer candidate in the window of my former place of employment so it was before the election. Kind of makes me dizzy to look at it.

  3. Chris Bell says:

    hahah i was about to say the same thing emmy!

  4. Renee says:

    I’m going with mid-October. Emmy’s comments made me think to look at the signs here – there were more Barack Obama signs by the end of October. But the guy at the corner of my neighborhood had his big inflatable pumpkin out (which was always deflated), so it wasn’t too early in the fall! :)

    I was hoping they’d go up my street, if only to prove to the city/Google that someone is wrong about my street’s name in some database somewhere. (If you look it up as written on the sign, “PARKLAWN”, in Google Maps, it doesn’t know what you’re talking about and doesn’t give any suggestions. Only “Park Lawn” with a space works.)

    Also, their labels of our streets are several years old now – it doesn’t have Parklawn going all the way to connect to Garber’s Church like it does now.

    I’ve been wondering how often they’ll update their street view pics. Like how many years will it take for this street view to be updated? Erickson and Pear St. And have you ever noticed when looking up directions that they don’t have Erickson & Pear connecting there?

  5. TM says:

    Hey, I put this in Hburg Happenings on the 20th! But, it did get kicked out of the recent comments pretty quickly. My house isn’t up there yet. I wonder why they skipped so much of Reservoir Street.

  6. So you did, TM. I must have missed that. Are you on Twitter? you can always #hburgnews hashtag it.

  7. TM says:

    I’m not on Twitter yet. Can’t access it at work.
    Speaking of work, we’re wondering when they’re going to add Heritage Center Way to the map.
    Renee makes a great point. There’s a lot missing from the Hburg map on my nav device (a TomTom), but the railroad underpass is one of the most glaring.

  8. Josh says:

    TM, If that’s what stopping you, you may want to look into

  9. Renee says:

    Wow, you were on top of it TM! How did you find out? Did you happen to use Google Maps and notice it?

    Yeah it’s surprising they don’t have an online forum with city residents to find out the main places people want to make sure are on there. Heck, they could’ve at least followed the City bus system (which is integrated into Google Maps) to figure that out. I’d think Reservoir, Garber’s Church, Bluestone, Neff, Cantrell, Mt. Clinton/Vine, and a couple East-West roads downtown would be on most people’s lists.

  10. TM says:

    Renee, it was just a coincidence that I discovered the extra coverage.
    Thanks for the tip, Josh. I’ll check it out. Maybe I’m running out of excuses not to tweet.

  11. John Elledge says:

    I stumbled across it yesterday when I was preparing for a jury trial yesterday. I was trying to figure out which of four possible corner houses at a particular intersection a witness was talking about, and google maps showed me all four in a 360-degree pan around in full color precise graphic detail. It was amazing.

  12. I could definitely see Street View becoming an asset to attorneys, prosecutors, and police.

  13. sam hottinger says:

    I will check the original plat for Park Lawn Subdivision to see if he name of your street is one word or two. If it is one, I will change the City’s Database and if not, I will notify public works to change the sign. I am not sure how long it will be before Google gets the change. We give our data to NAvteq and some other vendors yearly and they disoense it to whoever.
    Sam Hottinger
    Sam Hottinger

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