JMU swallows keg store

JGFitzgerald -- April 6th, 2009

The Breeze reports that Mike’s Food Mart, the premiere keg store for a good portion of the JMU undergraduate cohort, has been bought by the university. Questions are already circulating on campus about whether the university should keep it in business as a source of revenue.

11 Responses to “JMU swallows keg store”

  1. JGFitzgerald says:

    Actually, I don’t read the DNR. That’s probably how I missed it. Yeah, that’s it.

  2. Brooke says:

    I don’t remember where I heard this, so I could be wrong, but I thought the plan was to perhaps raze both the store and the theater (because of the performing arts space coming in) and put something else there, or perhaps, even more parking.

    I *do* know they also recently contracted to purchase three properties around the corner of Main and Port: A house on Port, an adjoining empty lot on the corner, and a house on Fairview that backs up to the house on Port. And they’re hoping to eventually buy the property on the corner of Fairview and Main, to be able to have a large chunk of land on that corner.

  3. Jamie Smith says:

    They obviously don’t want to buy everything, just what is contiguous to them.

  4. Brooke says:

    The Corner of Port and Main is not (in my mind, at least) “contiguous” to JMU – unless, of course, they are planning to buy ALL of Maplehurst.

  5. Renee says:

    It looks like they’re buying up the strip of Main St. land there. I really doubt they’d try to keep that place in business, I’m sure they’re buying the space to expand their facilities when necessary. Wonder if they’re also going to get the Kinko’s lot?

    @Brooke, I bet they paid an arm and a leg for that corner lot – it has been for sale as long as I can remember!

  6. Bill says:

    There’s lots of “old” Harrisonburg money in the Maplehurst area. I bet lots of those folks are not happy about JMU’s recent acquistitions! But it sure seems that the University will at least expand to Port Road and then turn north towards downtown and continue west and north along High Street and Chesapeake Drive. It could be worse.

  7. Bubby says:

    OK, fair enough but JMU is going to have to quit painting things purple, lavender, amethyst or whatever that color is…especially the beer store. It ain’t right.

  8. JGFitzgerald says:

    RGB: 69/00/132.
    Hex: #450084

  9. Jackie says:

    The most recent Board of Visitors minutes tell us JMU paying $1.5 million to buy 722 S. Main Street. According to the city property assessment web site, the property value is $700,000. Paying double??? Seems like as much as some residents claim JMU takes advantage of the city, it goes both ways. I wish JMU would get entrepreneurial on its people’s behalf (employees) and sell some beer to generate some revenue, but it will probably go to buying more property! JMU staff have not had COLA or performance salary increases since November 2007. I do know that a number of faculty were selected for pay increases last year (some twice during the year) because reports showed they weren’t making enough money).

  10. Josh says:

    Jackie, on that note, Virginia Tech’s Collegiate Times student newspaper maintains a searchable database of Virginia public university salaries:

  11. Jackie says:

    It’s been a few years since I saw a list… thanks for the link. I’m afraid to look but that won’t stop me.

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