Permit Parking in Harrisonburg

Thanh -- August 20th, 2009

In a news release today, the Harrisonburg Police Department, on behalf of the City of Harrisonburg, reminded the community of residential permit parking zones. There are three different permit parking zones in the city and they are defined in Harrisonburg City Code section 13-1-60:

  • Red Zone – Parking permits are required Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. until 6 p.m.
  • Blue Zone – Parking permits are required 24/7 and this is a towable zone
  • Green Zone – Parking permits are required Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

The specific streets which are permit parking zones are also listed in the city code.

Many of these permitted parking zones were created in neighborhoods adjacent to the former Harrisonburg High School and James Madison University and were adopted by the city council by ordinance to make on-street parking reserved only for neighborhood residents and their guests. City code describes the “intent and purpose” of these zones as:

(1)   To reduce hazardous traffic conditions resulting from the use of streets within residential districts for vehicles parked by persons not residing within the residential districts;
(2)   To protect these residential districts from excessive noise and refuse cause by the entry of such vehicles;
(3)   To protect the residents of these residential districts from unreasonable burdens in gaining access to their residences;
(4)   To preserve the character of these districts as residential districts;
(5)   To promote efficiency in the maintenance of streets in these residential districts in a clean and safe condition;
(6)   To preserve the value of the property in these residential districts;
(7)   To promote traffic safety and the safety of children and other pedestrians in these residential districts;
(8)   To facilitate the movement of traffic in the event of accidents and other disasters; and
(9)   To promote the peace, comfort, convenience and welfare of all inhabitants of the city.

City code also describes that prior to being approved by city council to be designated as a permit parking zone, it must be verified by the Police Department that 25% of the cars parked on the residential street are nonresidents. Additionally, residents must submit a petition of at least 50% resident signatures to create the permit parking zone.

There are also city code sections that describe lenght of time restrictions on vehicles parked in streets adjacent to R-1 single family residential zone (Sec 13-1-70 and 13-1-71).

The news release also noted that residents in need of a parking permit or guest parking pass may contact the Harrisonburg City Treasurer’s Office at 432-7705.

2 Responses to “Permit Parking in Harrisonburg”

  1. Laura says:

    Question: if I have a blue sticker because of the neightborhood I live in, can I park on the street in all blue zones, even if it’s not my street?

    I would guess that I could, but was shooed away one day by a resident staing that I could only park on my own street, not on her street, even though I had the right color sticker. (I was parking near JMU to run an errand there.)

  2. seth says:

    while i think you’re ok in terms of the technicalities of it, i don’t think it’s ok to use old town as a parking lot for trips to jmu. perhaps that’s just a manifestation of nimba coming from someone who grew up over there, but i feel like using the permit stickers as passes which allow you to park conveniently while you run errands is somewhat counter to the intent of permit stickers.

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