Inspection Sticker Gate

Brent Finnegan -- September 18th, 2009

Yesterday the DNR ran a story about Mayor Kai Degner’s expired inspection sticker. Lots of interesting comments on that one. On the one hand, the expired inspection, when coupled with last year’s story about missing the fundraising filing deadline, might give readers the impression Degner could use a Sven. On the other hand, is that news?

After spending a few minutes on the Virginia Court Case Information website, I was able to find a 2001 speeding ticket for a Jeffery Mellott, as well as six violations for myself, including three speeding tickets, a safety belt violation, and an expired license. What sort of dirt can you dig up on yourself?

22 Responses to “Inspection Sticker Gate”

  1. Justin says:

    Who let Mellott, a convicted traffic speeder, write articles!?

    If he drives with out checking the limits, does he write without checking the facts?

  2. Emo Boy says:

    I’m not sure if it is “news” but when I see a public official that can’t do simple thing in their own life I assume that is how they are in public life. The local sheriff has had problem at home also and that’s why I didn’t vote for him. Now I will not vote for Kai.
    A state inspection is not just for fun, it is be check to be sure that your car is safe. If your brakes are bad don’t know because you “forgot” to get a inspection done, then you kill a child in the road way. How is that excuse going to go over with that family with that loss?

  3. Lowell Fulk says:

    Those who have nothing to trouble them, will be troubled at nothing…

  4. seth says:

    “A state inspection is not just for fun, it is be check to be sure that your car is safe.”

    this info is from wiki, so take it for what it’s worth, but these states don’t have safety inspections at all:

    Idaho (Ada County has a county level program that requires testing) [27]
    North Dakota
    South Carolina
    South Dakota

    it would take a bit of research, but i don’t really expect you’d find that many more children getting ‘killed in the road way’ in these states than anywhere else.

  5. Emmy says:

    I saw this article and laughed out loud. It’s not that I think the mayor should try to remember to get his car inspected, but I find it hilarious that it is considered important enough to be news. Sure I suppose that there could be something on his car that needed repair that could cause him problems, but chances are good if his brakes were failing, he’d notice. If this were repeated speeding tickets, or DUI’s I’d find it worthy of a mention, but seriously is there nothing else worthy of a report going on? Honestly I hope this is the most serious thing going on, that means all of our other problems are solved.

    As for this being a reason not to vote for someone…I also find that laughable.

  6. Renee says:

    Well, Kai can be happy that this is the worst they could dig up about him! Pretty silly for anyone to be outraged about it.

    I didn’t find my name in that court database, even though I have gotten a ticket before. I’ve also been pulled over by the bike cop that stands by the courthouse for not having my updated license plate sticker on, but luckily I had just gotten it and had it in the car with me so he just made me stick it on right there and let me go with out a ticket, luckily.

  7. When the Mayor told you that he was Green he was also referring to his car – which grows moss, collects mildew, and needs a bath.

    Seriously, the guy doesn’t love his car. Seems pretty futuristic to me. If you want a motor-head look elsewhere. I got a road full of ’em.

    And since when did the local smokies enforce State Police Inspection Stickers. I remember the day when they were specifically excluded from enforcing State Inspection violations.

  8. Jamie Smith says:

    State inspections are the law in the Commonwealth. Some of us remember when they were twice a year. He’s the mayor, he’s a public figure, that’s what makes it “news.” When you reach that “public figure” plateau you have to be more diligent.
    Florida doesn’t have state income tax, but that doesn’t keep us from having to pay ours.

  9. Bill says:

    Glad he’s not my mayor- all elected officials swear an oath to uphold the laws of the Commonwealth- he needs to set a better example. Period.

  10. Lowell Fulk says:

    At the end of the day, Jamie Smith is right about public figures needing to keep in mind that what they do will be under the public eye more than a private citizen.

    I think Mayor Degner stands properly chastised, has paid his debt to society, and has sincerely expressed appreciation for the excellent job the Harrisonburg police continue to do.

    How refreshing would it be if this were as serious as infractions got for politicians, and this was how politicians conducted themselves overall?

    On a side note, I bet after having read this story there were a whole bunch of folks who went to check the status of their own inspection sticker…

  11. Renee says:

    Maybe Kai was testing the cops :) haha

    “On a side note, I bet after having read this story there were a whole bunch of folks who went to check the status of their own inspection sticker…” – Yep, I did.

  12. seth says:

    “Florida doesn’t have state income tax, but that doesn’t keep us from having to pay ours.”

    uhh, we don’t have a dear leader, but that doesn’t keep the north koreans from worshipping theirs’…..

    i think you missed the point. i was responding to a post which associated expired inspections w/ an increased incidence of children being ‘killed in the roadway,’ in an effort to appeal to people’s emotions and cause them to think it’s bad (in grinch who stole christmas kind of way) to have an expired inspection. i thought it might be useful to interject with a bit of logic. apparently not.

  13. John Elledge says:

    I like it when a public official feels the effects of government intrusion in out lives. Hopefully it will spur him to create less of it.

  14. Dan says:

    Right on, John. When will our leaders finally realize we don’t want to live in a country where people are required to prove their cars are safe before they can drive them on our roads?

  15. Carrie says:

    Seth, Indiana also lacks state inspection. I’d never heard of state inspections until I came here for college…Sure there are junkers on the roads in Indiana, but yeah, not sure that it has much of an impact on saving lives. (Helping the environment, some. Keeping mechanics in business, yes.)

  16. Confused says:

    Why would the DNR run this story?

  17. Bill says:

    Why wouldn’t they? Come on now- what would some of you have said if this would have happened to Rodney Eagle when he was the mayor?

  18. Emmy says:

    I would have said the same thing Bill.

  19. Renee says:

    Bill, if you search that database Brent linked to, there IS a traffic infraction for Rodney Eagle.

    I agree with Emmy – I’d feel the same way. If any mayor missed an inspection sticker renewal, then immediately remedied it by getting the inspection and paying the fine, and the paper ran a story about it, I’d say “At least [mayor] can be happy that this is the worst they could dig up about [him/her]! Pretty silly for anyone to be outraged about it.”

  20. seth says:

    you know what i’ve been wondering….
    what if marion barry got a ticket for an expired inspection? would that be news?

  21. john doe says:

    I have personally seen many accidents that were caused because of faulty brakes, bald tires, etc. The VA state inspection is simply a preventative measure that only costs $16, and if you receive a ticket you only have to get your inspected and bring proof to court that it was inspected and the judge drops it. Most expired inspections I see the owner know that something is wrong with the vehicle and it won’t pass inspection.
    I don’t understand why people whine about state inspections. I would be whining about the required city decal.
    Whatever. Some people will whine about anything.

  22. David Miller says:

    People whine about inspections because inspection stations abuse their power and nit-pick everything. Plain and simple. That being said I still think that the inspection system’s goals are important.

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