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Brent Finnegan -- September 22nd, 2009

hburgnews.com has always been community-driven, which is why it wouldn’t do to just pick our own logo unilaterally. Our friends at Estland Design have created a couple of logos for us, and we need you, our readers, to pick which one you think suits us best.

The logo will be used in the header of the new website (coming soon) as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else you would imagine a logo being used for.

1) The springhouse has been our default icon for over two years now. A tip of the hat to Jason Hevener, who drew that. This reworking is a bit more logo-friendly.

Springhouse (white)

Springhouse (white)

2) This HBN logo takes the look in an entirely new direction. This one is a bit more “professional looking,” and uses three letters, a la Talking Points Memo or NPR.

HBN logo

HBN logo

3) This last one is a different version of the fist springhouse logo.

Springhouse (blue)

Springhouse (blue)

Help us decide:

Voting will end at noon tomorrow, so tell your friends to vote ASAP.

21 Responses to “Pick Our New Logo”

  1. seth says:

    do you know walker?
    i’d ask him and forego the opinions of the design challenged masses.


  2. I’m sure you would, and I have no doubt that Walker is good at what he does, but again, the purpose of this poll is to let the readers decide.

  3. Thanks for the comments here, on Twitter and Facebook.

    One comment we’ve gotten more than once is about the shade of blue. That can be changed, as can other aspects of the logo(s). Please share suggestions for improvements in addition to your vote.

  4. cook says:

    Can I argue for the third option? I like the springhouse as the symbol of hburgnews. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a beautiful structure; but it sits outside my window, and all day every day Court Square and the springhouse serve as an informal gathering place for all types of people. I see lawyers and other ne’er-do-wells stopping to talk, students, businessmen, skateboarders, cops, priests, and so forth. hburgnews serves a similar function on the internet: hburgnews is the virtual sidewalk of downtown Harrisonburg.

    I guess I chose the blue square rather than the first option because it would make a recognizable stand-alone avitar.

  5. I agree, cook, although I like the first one more than the third.

    In early 2007, Jason made two sketches, one was the springhouse, and the other was the “default” symbol of Harrisonburg; the courthouse tower. I preferred the springhouse for the same reasons. To me, the courthouse represents power, bureaucracy, rules (you have to go through a metal detector to get inside), the long arm of the law, etc. In contrast, the springhouse represents all the things you mentioned. To me it’s open, friendly, conversational, and historical. If not for the original spring, it’s doubtful the Harrisons would have settled here.

  6. Emmy says:

    I like all of them, but I like the first and third best because I like the idea of keeping the spring house.

  7. seth says:

    i like that the “h” in the first one is in the springhouse icon and wonder if that could be incoporated directly into the “burgnews.com” part so as to avoid redundancy. that being said, i voted for the second one just because in my mind the design is a bit tighter…

    i’d still be curious to hear what walker has to say about it….

  8. The springhouse – where information flows forth and sustains a community.

    I was surprised to find that the Courthouse, which sits on a massive limestone lithology is faced with limestone from Indiana! That ain’t right.

  9. Marcus says:

    I think the middle one looks most professional, but the first fits the personality of the site, writers and the readers. Glad to be back in the USA sort of :)….high speed internet is cool anyway.

  10. Renee says:

    I like Seth’s idea of making the “h” in the springhouse logo part of the hburgnews word. That would also solve the other picky thing I was going to bring up about the “h” being a different color in the word.

    Like this:

  11. Emmy says:

    Yeah I really like the suggestion of using the “h” in the spring house.

  12. Brooke says:

    I like the more streamlined look of the first, but also love the blue background spring house of the third. Could they maybe combine the two, and use the type-face of the first with the blue background springhouse?

  13. I’m sure some things can be combined. There will most likely be at least some minor adjustments based on the comments received today here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

  14. Kai says:

    The courthouse is on county property ;)

    Go #3!

  15. Thanh says:

    I voted for #3. But I second what Brooke says. And also what cook says about #3 being a stand alone avitar.

  16. Thanh says:

    Also, I hesitate somewhat about what combining the h into the springhouse would look like; for concern that the “h” would get “lost” in the spring house and it would just look like “burgnews.com”. I’m not sure if the springhouse would look as good with a defined “h” in it, particularly with the #3 square around it, but if there’s time and interest for the designer to try that out and use color to unify the “h” in the springhouse with the rest of the logo, I say give it a try (sometimes its hard to tell if something will look good or not without seeing it first.)

  17. Thanh says:

    Oops. Somehow I missed the link Renee uploaded/posted of the tried “h” in the springhouse. Hmmm… looks good, but not sure. Would someone who does not know hburgnews.com see the “h”?

  18. mtnsailor says:

    My initial thought–there’s only 2 choices here? Neither are very eye catching or appealing to me. Did you’al consider any take-offs from the DTR Streetscape signs- as at Visitor’s Center? Some combination design with “profile” from the Rock. Co. Courthouse plus Wilson Hall of JMU–the 2 most important symbols of Rocktown. If only these 2 logos, I’d vote for #3-Spring house with a lighter-blue.

  19. Renee says:

    I agree that the logo using the “h” would need some work. I simply cut-and-pasted it, but if the designer could make the h bolder or maybe use a font similar to the h in the rest of the word, it would look more like one word and not like “burgnews”.

  20. seth says:

    yeah, i think you’re on the right track renee

  21. Well, the votes have been tallied, and it looks like the first one is the winner. I’ll go back to Estland with some of your suggestions and try to tweak that first design in accordance with some of your notes here, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

    Thanks for your input!

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