Valley Candidates on Alt Energy

Brent Finnegan -- October 31st, 2009 reader Anne Nielsen surveyed all the House of Delegates candidates running in any part of Rockingham County (on behalf of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley). She compiled replies to a 3-question sustainability survey, with complete answers from three of the four Democratic Party candidates for the House of Delegates. Anne says that none of the Republican incumbents responded, even after several attempts.

Here are the results to the first question from her survey:

Do you favor a mandatory alternative or renewable energy portfolio for Virginia?

District 26

Republican incumbent, Del. Matt Lohr:

(No response. From his website, “We must continue to support our coal and nuclear industries while simultaneously investing in green jobs & renewable energy resources. A huge piece of energy independence puzzle will be the exploration of oil and natural gas off of Virginia’s coast.”)

Democratic challenger Gene Hart:

“Yes, I do support a mandatory renewable energy standards portfolio, (aiming for) 25% renewable energy sources by 2025. The Commonwealth possesses great potential in wind power, solar energy, biomass and organic-waste-to energy (especially poultry-waste to energy). However, this great potential will not be realized unless we require our power companies to move away from near-total reliance on last century’s energy technologies. Given the incentive, the industry can be efficient and creative, and will amaze us by what they can do.”

District 20

Republican Richard P. “Dickie” Bell:

(No response. According to his own website, Bell disparages EU practice in “Green Jobs,” and supports offshore drilling)

Democrat Erik Curren:

“I absolutely support a mandatory renewable portfolio for the state of Virginia. This would be perhaps the best way to offer strong incentives for energy producers to quickly ramp up solar, wind, non-food biomass, small-scale hydro and other clean, renewable energy technologies that can move Virginia toward energy independence and away from foreign oil.

Government played a major role in encouraging the development of affordable, powerful computers which helped lead to the Internet boom of the 1990s. Now, government, both federal and state, has a major role to play in helping entrepreneurs benefit from the coming clean energy boom that will create trillions of dollars in value, and millions of jobs in the US in the coming decades. If Virginia does not get on board now, we risk missing out to other states on the huge business opportunities in the clean energy economy.”

District 25

Republican incumbent Del. Steve Landes:

(No response. Landes serves on appropriations committee, and worked on HB 2351 (funding, natural resources, BMP, Dept. of Conservation)

Democratic challenger Greg Marrow:

“Yes, I absolutely think that as a state and a nation, we need to work toward clean energy resources. This year we have a great opportunity to work towards a clean energy society. Virginia ranks among the worst states to invest in these opportunities, as a delegate I will work towards alternative energy and give tax incentives to companies willing to invest in clean energy.”

Anne said she didn’t receive replies from Del. Todd Gilbert or challenger John Lesinski, both of whom are running in District 15.

I’ll do my best to post responses to her other two questions later this weekend.

(thanks, Anne)

One Response to “Valley Candidates on Alt Energy”

  1. Anne says that none of the Republican incumbents responded, even after several attempts.

    Anne, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have not formulated the Republican Alternative and Renewable Energy Policy yet. When they do I am sure that our local Republicans will speak to it. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, but don’t get your hopes up. Rush and Fox are pretty busy organizing Tea Parties and challenging Health Care Reform.

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