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Brent Finnegan -- November 2nd, 2009 reader Anne Nielsen surveyed all the House of Delegates candidates running in any part of Harrisonburg or Rockingham County (on behalf of the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley).

See part one of this series here. Below are the results to the third and final question from her survey; What is your interest in the “buy local” movement?

District 26

Republican incumbent, Del. Matt Lohr:

(No response. According to his website, Lohr supports legislation protecting family farms and chaired study of statewide Transfer of Development program that passed General Assembly this year; also championed bill to ease small scale biofuels production on farms.)

Democratic challenger Gene Hart: “The “buy local” movement is certainly very exciting and I support the concept wholeheartedly. Governments at all levels should encourage local producers and local consumers to expand local exchanges and farmers’ markets. I would like to see if we can encourage local governmental institutional players (such as school cafeterias and jails) to become active participants in local exchanges/markets as a way to foster their continuing development. I would support emerging business models like that of the Friendly City Food Coop.”

District 20

Republican Richard P. “Dickie” Bell:

(No response)

Democrat Erik Curren:

“Our resurgent farmers’ markets are a big success story for our Valley communities and can be an example of how we can revive vibrant economies with significant local trade. I am a big supporter of buying local, not only for food, but for a variety of products and services. For food, I support Food Choice, which would give consumers a true choice between mass-produced, commercially processed food and food grown and produced locally. To make progress toward Food Choice, a variety of regulations need to be adjusted to create a level playing field for smaller producers and to remove barriers to those producers willing to supply local markets. Beyond food, I support promoting local renewable energy, local small scale manufacturing, and of course local commutes–coordinating transportation and land-use policy so that people can live closer to where they work, shop and play. Again, please see my jobs plan for more information.”

District 25

Republican incumbent Del. Steve Landes:

(No response)

Democratic challenger Greg Marrow:

“Buying locally is a logical, easy and healthy endeavor for all of us in the Shenandoah Valley. I support and will (look) forward to providing incentives to maintain this movement. The Valley is rich with agricultural land, resources and farmer’s markets. We have a great opportunity to support our local farmers, economy and community, while reducing our carbon footprint and the costs and health concerns associated with industrialized food importation.”

Anne said she didn’t receive replies from Del. Todd Gilbert or challenger John Lesinski, both of whom are running in District 15.

(thanks, Anne)

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