The Shrinking AP

Brent Finnegan -- November 20th, 2009

The Roanoke Times reported yesterday that “The Associated Press discharged an undisclosed number of news employees Tuesday, and their ranks included Sue Lindsey, a veteran journalist who has been the correspondent for the AP’s Roanoke bureau since 2005.” Lindsey covered the greater Roanoke/Shenandoah Valley area.

Lindsey said she did not know what the AP intends to do with the Roanoke bureau, where she was the sole employee, and is unsure what she will do next.

12 Responses to “The Shrinking AP”

  1. The haven’t really shrunk…they’re just choosing to assign all of their spare reporters to Sarah Palin…instead of watching people who actually have control over government and government policy.

    Don’t let the door hit any AP reporter in the ass.

  2. BANDIT says:

    Oh, Dave…you are so funny……

  3. Hey Dave, you going down to the Roanoke Barnes & Noble tomorrow morning to get your Sarah book signed by the rogue herself?

  4. BANDIT says:

    Hey Dave … if you like we could ride together. I’ll pay for the gas and you buy lunch …. how ’bout it bud?

  5. Jamie Smith says:

    As liberal as the Roanoke Times is they probably won’t cover this event.

  6. It was a great day in Roanoke! I look forward to doing my part to assist Governor Palin in insuring that we not have another four years of a government led by a socialist like Obama.

  7. Renee says:

    Good luck with that. I think the more extreme-right-wingers cling to Palin, the better off democrats will be in the next election.

    And Jamie, the so-called “liberal media” (i have no idea whether Roanoke Times is liberal or not in actuality) doesn’t suppress Palin like her followers seem to think. Roanoke Times basically live-blogged her visit, and I’ve heard so much about her book tour (including on CNN and BBC World Service), I’m getting tired of hearing about it.

    About the AP writer, it’s too bad they are downsizing, especially in areas where they only have one writer, since so many other news sources use their articles. Here are the articles Lindsey has written recently:

  8. Think what you want, Renee. Independents will also cause the pendulum to swing back to the left as well.

    As all of my comments are being thrown into moderation, I’m done with this blog…adios muchachos.

  9. Jamie Smith says:

    Renee, I was making a comment about the Roanoke Times not the media in general. It is a very liberal paper.
    Dave, that’s what we need in this country, another empty suit in the White House. Palin is nice, rather pretty, but not up to running this country, even with your help.

  10. Justin C says:

    I was born and raised in Roanoke and lived there until I was 18. I never felt that the paper was biased but I tend to lean to the left so maybe that is why. It is definitely more liberal than the DNR, but I’ve read Republican talking points that were more liberal than the DNR.

    If you are interested in looking into the papers history there is a blog that has attempted to document the liberal leaning of the Roanoke Times:

  11. Renee says:

    “I’ve read Republican talking points that were more liberal than the DNR” -haha

  12. Renee says:

    I looked in the moderation queue and didn’t see any comments waiting for approval.

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