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Thanh -- November 24th, 2009

Why carpool? Well, it all starts with the environmental and monetary costs of transportation. Close to 30% of greenhouse gases released in the U.S. come from transportation. The less gasoline we burn, the better it is for our atmosphere.

Driving also costs money. Nationally, the average daily commute to work or school is 16 miles each way, or 32 miles per day total. At current national average gasoline prices, each day you don’t drive saves you from burning about 1.3 gallons of gas, which is a savings of $3.34 each day. Driving less cuts down on tire wear and other car maintenance. All together, getting into the habit of carpooling even one day per week can save you as much as $1000 each year! (Source.)

Where can we get help setting up a carpool? Register with RideShare! Rideshare is a free commuter matching service available to anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Albemarle, Augusta, Bath, Fluvanna, Greene, Highland, Louisa, Nelson, and Rockbridge counties. Rideshare can help you find a carpool that’s convenient for your commute and has a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) for anyone that carpools, vanpools, rides transit, or walks or bikes to work! GRH provides free transportation from work when life’s unexpected emergencies arise.

How it works. Once you register for Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH), you will receive a Member ID card, voucher, and survey form. Keep them at work. If an emergency arises and you need to leave, notify your immediate supervisor and contact one of the service providers listed below. Tell them you are a RideShare Guaranteed Ride Home member and need transportation.

When the taxi (or rental car) arrives, present your ID card, picture ID, and voucher. The voucher is your “payment”; the provider sends it to us and we pay. To replace the voucher you’ve used, fill out and return the survey form to us within 10 days of your ride home. We will send you another voucher through the mail.

You get up to five (5) free trips per calendar year. Please note that the Guaranteed Ride Home is not for personal errands or non-emergencies. You can, of course, make stops related to your emergency. Usage is monitored, and GRH members will be billed for non-emergency transportation. Misuse of the program is grounds for being dropped from membership.

RideShare is a service provided by the Thomas Jefferson and Central Shenandoah Planning District Commissions. (The CSPDC services the Harrisonburg & Rockingham area.) For more information or to register with RideShare call 1-888-974-5500 to register or online at

For more information about the environmental benefits of carpooling and tips on carpooling visit Carbonrally.

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    Nice! Thanks for the info.

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