Old Dominion Coffee Co. Closing

Brent Finnegan -- January 15th, 2010

old dominion coffee company harrisonburgA commenter in the Pennybackers discussion wrote, “ODCC will be closing January 18th according to a sign on the door.”

Sure enough, there is a sign on the door. I asked someone behind the counter, and they confirmed it. Old Dominion Coffee Company will be closing its doors next week. This is the second small business in downtown Harrisonburg to announce closure this month.

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58 Responses to “Old Dominion Coffee Co. Closing”

  1. I had heard that the Dems who own the building which houses this business keep wanting to jack the rates on Howard, owner of the ODCC.

    Over a year ago, when we were talking about this, Howard was exploring other sites…but like much of that building, the space occupying ODCC will, perhaps, remain vacant for sometime once ODCC closes.

    It’s unfortunate, but reminds me of the report, issued by the City of Harrisonburg back in the 90s, which envisioned Harrisonburg becoming a giant slum.

  2. Now I feel guilty for having dissed their service on the other thread. I appreciated that they were open during last month’s storm at a time when about the only other places I saw open were Jack Brown’s and Schenk’s Bakery.

    OTOH, Artful Dodger always had an edge on them in terms of the quality of their coffee. I know nothing of these rental issues, but had heard that the owner had heard of the general opinion about the relative quality of his coffee and wanted to know what to do about it (sorry, but can’t help on that one, especially at this point). Anyway, I am not going to applaud this development any more than I am the Midtowne Market decision.

  3. Emmy says:

    I’m always sorry to see someone go out of business downton (and most anywhere for that matter), but this one doesn’t shock me.

    Has anyone noticed the new restaurant opening in the old Luigi’s building? It certainly has interesting signage.

  4. Tom says:

    Dang! Now I am going to have to drive for a decent coffee shop! Shank’s and the Artful Dodger are not viable alternatives. Lack of options are one of the downsides to small town life.

  5. Emmy says:

    If ODCC is near enough to you then why aren’t Shank’s and the Dodger options?

  6. Brooke says:

    Sounds like I better use that free meal coupon I won a while back, while I can. :-/

    Sorry to see them go. :-( I will say there’s been a little something something missing since the previous owners (when it was a Daily Grind franchise) sold the business. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it, but it was never quite the same. Not bad, but not the same. Still, it’s a shame to lose another business.

  7. Tom says:

    Shank’s is small and uncomfortable and AD is not really a coffee shop for work or at least a coffee shop I can work at.

  8. Isn’t the Artful Dodger a gay bar?

  9. Lowell Fulk says:

    Ever been there Myron?

  10. Emmy says:

    He says that every time the Dodger is mentioned. It’s getting really old.

  11. David Miller says:

    It does get old but it’s still going to be reqarding in thirty years when Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender citizens finally gain equal rights and protections under the law and we look back historically and label people like Myron with the same labels that we now use for Segregationists (you know, bigots, racists etc).

  12. David Miller says:

    sorry, rewarding not reqarding

  13. MF says:

    Its sad to see another downtown business fade away. It seems like that spot has never had much luck.

    Speaking of downtown coffee options the Blue Nile has excellent coffee, and they make it to go!

  14. David Miller says:

    Blue Nile’s coffee and espresso especially are spectacular

  15. Ryan S says:

    The old Luigi’s is going to be Cuchi Guido’s. It has a soft, public opening next Friday and then I think is open fully on Sunday. I sampled a few things tonight and it’s AMAZING. I tried garlic knots and a delicious, different version of calzone called panzarotti (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-panzarotti.htm). The owner is absolutely passionate about food. The dough is handmade, as is pretty much everything.

    He’s going to have authentic cheesesteaks (with TONS of steak) and hoagies on freshly baked crusty and doughy bread. The pizza will be made with fresh, house made dough, and house made sauce, with high quality house-grated cheese (I know I’m going overboard about the “house made” but it’s so rare these days). Nothing comes pre-made in bags, cans, and frozen packages.

    I have nothing to do with the restaurant, but it looked really cool and tasted even better. He’s even going to have a comedy club upstairs.

    The owner is local but grew up in Philly/Jersey, so he’s REALLY serious about authentic/quality. I can’t wait until they open.

    Oh, and he said they’ll deliver until 3 a.m. and take the JACK card, so it should be a hit with the JMU crew.

  16. BANDIT says:

    Need clarification: Is ODCC closing or moving??????

  17. Jen says:

    ODCC is closing, not moving.

  18. Jenni says:

    Well drat. They had a really good tuna melt :(

  19. @David Miller: Gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgendered people already have EVERY right that heterosexual people have….if they don’t, why don’t you enlighten us as to what rights they don’t have?

  20. @David Miller: Sorry about your market closing down…perhaps if you weren’t so openly hostile toward people who have differing political views, it might have been patrionized by a more affluent socio-economic group?

  21. Allen says:

    I agree with Jason. I drove by there today and was shocked to see the name of the new store. I thought it was rather crude and offensive.

  22. Emmy says:

    I thought it said Guchi Guidos, but I was driving so I didn’t look too closely. I did think it was an odd name.

  23. Jeremy Aldrich says:

    I dunno, Jason. Have you seen we have a “Mick”Donald’s and a Cracker Barrel?

  24. Frank J Witt says:

    excellent point Jeremy, people need to stop trying so hard to be offended FOR OTHERS.

    I wish them all, opening and closing, well.

  25. Renee says:

    Is it possible “Cuchi Guido” is someone’s name? I wonder if the owner is italian? Then again, it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re aiming for “shock value”.

  26. Renee says:

    And about ODCC – I never really had a problem with them, though the people behind the counter always seemed to be silent and straight-faced when I was placing my order or exchanging money.

    I think their business troubles may be because of their prices. I don’t know if they had to have high prices because of high rent or not, but it seemed I spent almost $10 on a veggie bagel sandwich and a small iced tea, which I thought was a little high.

    But they were a nice convenient spot to get a flavored coffee on my way to the office, and they did have yummy sweets, and a nice environment to browse the internet – it’s too bad they couldn’t last. I’m sure it was also tough not having a parking lot outside their door for people wanting a quick hot drink.

    I wonder if another coffee place will move in there like ODCC did after Daily Grind?

  27. Tina says:

    I’m sad to see businesses in downtown close, but I have to admit that I haven’t been in Midtowne Market or ODCC in a very long time.

    For those looking for a $6 lunch downtown, the Artful Dodger used to have a special each day on a select sandwich, chips, and drink. I assume they still do.

    I don’t know the owner of Cuchi Guidos and can’t comment on the food they may be serving, but I’m not real impressed with some of the ads they’ve been putting on Craigslist: “We need models to pose for first Cuchi Guidos Calendar for 2011. Must be Hot!!!!!!!!!!! …” (from Gigs 1/9/10). There’ve been others encouraging women to apply, “but cool guys are also welcome” and looking for bands with female lead singers to perform there.

  28. There also seems to be a cafe/lounge called Brooklyn’s opening soon down the block from Urban Exchange, across the street from Wachovia.

    We’ll see how long this one lasts (why can’t we get one or two decent real bars to last around here, anyway?), but it’s always good to see new businesses pop up…at least that means that we’re not simply seeing buildings sit vacant without anything new coming in.

  29. Also, if the owner of Cuchi Quido’s is Italian, could it possible that he just doesn’t find the term “Guido” offensive? Or maybe it’s the irony he is going for. I don’t know.

  30. David Miller says:


    Bars are illegal in Virginia, the ideology that restricts and discourages alcohol sales makes operating anything resembling a bar a masochistic exercise.

  31. I have been told that Cuchi Guido’s is actually a chain, which might not be the case. However, if it is, then clearly they have gotten away with this apparently offensive name (I was unaware previously that “Guido” was viewed as offensive). If it is a chain (and “Guido” is viewed as offensive by some), then it may well be the Italian equivalent of Cracker Barrel.

    The issue has not been discussed further, but I am vaguely curious if Briggman thinks that Dem landlords in downtown Harrisonburg are less reasonable (and thus worse businesspeople) than Republican ones, as he seemed to imply? Usually it is Dems who are accused of being wussy soft touches for sobbing charity cases.

  32. Emmy says:

    I know very little about the Italian culture, but I’ve only ever heard the word guido used to mean something offensive, so it will be interesting to learn why this name was chosen. I wish them much success though.

    Am I the only person who never associated Cracker Barrel with white people? It only makes me think of a barrel full of actual crackers. Now it has a whole new meaning! Heh!

  33. Frank J Witt says:

    Emmy, I had no idea about CB being racist either. I find this talk of Guido to be a little off center…someone just looking to be offended, I think.

    I’m part Italian and have NEVER even heard the term Guido mean anything other than a person’s name. Maybe, once again, I just don’t “get it”…touchy touchy….

  34. Emmy says:

    Well like I said, any time I’ve ever heard the word it has been used in an offensive way, so I don’t blame you for being offended Jason.

    People have a right to their opinion and their feelings.

  35. I’ve heard Italians who use the term “Guido” as a term of endearment, too…I guess it depends on the individual Italian and the intent behind the word.

    As for the “bar” thing, David…fine, I’ll restate myself. How come we can’t get a few good “lounges” to stick around these parts? Winchester seems to have no problem getting a few non-chain bars/lounges to stay in good, healthy business.

  36. Jamie Smith says:

    I believe you have over analyzed the name of the new restaurant but you have made a lot of folks aware of it. That’s called good advertising!

  37. Nancy says:

    “Guido” is a proper name.

  38. As far as blacks calling each other the N-word and whether or not it’s right…that’s up to the black community to decide, really.

    Nancy is right that Guido is a proper name…in fact, in High School Spanish class, my “Spanish” name was “Guido” (pronounced “Gee-do”). It is Spanish for “Guy” (as in the name, not the gender)

  39. seth says:

    if you’re prone to be offended, i’d recommend googling alternative spellings of cuchi as well.

  40. seth says:


    or just check out this educational bit from the early days of kid rock…..

  41. Christa says:

    I know the owner of the restaurant…his name is Andrew Fernando. Great family. It is co-owned by the Panzarotti family from Jersy. I talked to Andrew about doing some work for him and that’s the only reason I know this. The Fernandos are super nice people….I photograph their children often.

  42. Scott Rogers says:

    Comcast Spotlight will be in the center Urban Exchange retail space on Market Street.

  43. Emmy says:

    I saw that today too. I was hoping it was something a bit more exciting. Oh well, at least maybe that will persuade some others to move in.

  44. Drew Richard says:

    Thank you seth. Given shows like Jersey Shore, “guido” is becoming less and less offensive (some even being proud of the term). Anyway, since the name was announced I have been wondering how they can have “Cuchi” in their name. Do people not get the double entendre in their radio spots: “Everybody wants a little cuchi.” People are all up in arms about bars, but they have no problem with the word cuchi in radio spots?

  45. Jason says:

    Rochester, NY (where I live) has a large Italian population and Guido is a fairly common name. There is a restaurant called Guido’s right around the corner from my house. Our insurance guy’s name is Guido.

  46. Tina says:

    OK, I’m getting into dangerous territory here… Guido is a name that may or may not be offensive, but what is “cuchi”? Yes, I know that a word spelled differently, but pronounced the same, is a slang term for female genitalia. However, if you look up “cuchi” you get Charo or the Vietnamese cu chi tunnels. [Yes, I have too much time on my hands.]

    BTW, in Covington VA there’s a restaurant called Cucci’s (pronounced the same as above). It’s a family name (Victor Cucci is the owner) and one of my favorite places to eat growing up. I never thought twice about it, but now I have to be careful when talking about it to friends who are not from that area or I just get snickers when I say it.

  47. Jenny says:

    I believe that Cucina means Kitchen in Italian. So maybe this is a shortened version basically meaning “Guido’s Kitchen”?

  48. JGFitzgerald says:

    I’m assuming the restaurant is a family name. But then, I think Hooter’s is named for an owl.

  49. BANDIT says:

    Now Joe,
    I thought you weren’t going to comment on here until after the election? When running for office you should be a man of your word…..

  50. Emmy says:

    Bandit he is no longer a contributor to the blog (able to post stories), he never said he wouldn’t comment.

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