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Brent Finnegan -- January 27th, 2010

hburgnews reader Drew Richard is working on a handy little guide for local restaurants.

Couldn’t find anything like this I liked, so I made a quick filterable food guide for Harrisonburg. Will be adding more features soon (including adding more phone numbers), but figured I’d go ahead and make this public as it might be useful to a lot of people. Feedback/comments are much appreciated.


26 Responses to “Mobile Food Guide”

  1. Bell says:


  2. Katy says:

    Last year (spring 09) me and 5 other people in James Wilson’s Internet GIS class at JMU did this. Only this one is better (content wise, and search wise) But ours did have a map element.

  3. Deb SF says:

    Beyond awesome. You ROCK!

  4. Katie says:

    Indian American.!

  5. Drew Richard says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Still making some updates to the look of it. I added Indian American in. I’ll add phone numbers over the weekend. And I think once I get an advertiser or two I’ll buy it an actual domain…

    If it takes off maybe I’ll add in the map element Katy. That’s a good idea. Shouldn’t be too hard to add in some Google maps integration.

  6. Erin says:

    Make it an app for mobile phones.

  7. Eso says:

    I don’t want to dismiss all the work that went into this … But Yelp now includes harrisonburg at With maps, user reviews, and an iPhone app.


  8. Clearly Drew needs to put some kind of asterisk on Cuchi Guido’s to point out how some people are offended by its name. “Cute Little Boy”? Hah! Some of us know better!!!

  9. Clearly, he does not.

    Even if it is a double entendre and a play on Italian language, double entendres require no asterisk, Barkley.

    The offensiveness (or nonoffensiveness, in my view) of a restaurant’s name has no bearing on the quality of their food, which is what is most important.

  10. seth says:

    everybody needs a little little!

    (i’m thinking it won’t be long before that apparently redundant slogan goes the way of the new luigis)

  11. Phil,

    In case it was not obvious, I was being sarcastic about all those who have gotten all worked up about this name issue, which I have thought was silly from Day One. Maybe Franco’s has more authentic Brooklyn atmosphere or better food (or both, and no offending girl calendars), but the I have found the expressions of horror by some over all this to be ridiculous.

  12. Sorry, the expressions of horror expressed by so many people have clouded my sarcasm radar when it comes to Cuchi Guidos ;) I’m so used to people raising a fuss over this that I just took the comment to be another snide remark towards the place.

  13. seth says:

    just to fan those flames,

    round these parts, if someone’s offended then it’s accepted as offensive.

  14. So, anyway. Back to the list. Anyone have any real suggestions for Drew?

  15. Josh says:

    Great work Drew!

    Maybe there could be a few more icons in addition the phone icons:

    [www] links to webpage
    [menu] links to online menu

    (where [] equals a graphic of some sort)

    Do you need assistance compiling phone numbers and webpages?

  16. Drew Richard says:

    Thanks Josh (and Brent for getting us back on topic haha)! If you want to help compile that would be great. Otherwise I just planned on running through Google and GoLookOn to pull everything together. That would definitely save me some time though.

  17. Barnabas says:

    Asian, sounds a little broad. I would split that up. It’s like saying “food that white people make”.

  18. Drew Richard says:

    Barnabas, I considered this, but I couldn’t figure out how to split it up. But I also didn’t split out burger places, bbq places, etc out of American. And most of the places categorized as Asian now have at least 75% the same menu (other than Kyoto, Sushi JAKO and Beyond I would say). JAKO is really the only place I would say focuses on sushi. So if you can come up with a good split, I’d be glad to do it haha. I’m already annoyed enough having Dave’s set out in a ‘Greek’ category in which it is the only one.

  19. Drew,

    Good luck, and JAKO is part Korean as well, the only outlet for that in the area that I am aware of.

  20. seth says:

    xenia can go in that greek category

  21. I was just in Xenia today. They serve falafel, and have a picture of Mecca on the wall. I would put them squarely in the Middle Eastern category, despite the Greek name.

  22. seth says:

    yeah, i tend to conflate middle eastern/greek/turkish fare under the mediterranean label.

  23. Barnabas says:

    Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese. I know some buffets offer multiple types of food. Can reastruants have multiple tags?

  24. Drew Richard says:

    9 places and 5 tags. That’s kinda the issue I was running into. To have any meaningful separation, you have to really break it down, which leaves only 1 or 2 per category. My purpose in creating this was creating a quick way to find someplace to eat. That much of a breakout I think makes it harder to find places. If the majority disagrees with me I’ll change it. And no, unfortunately it won’t take multiple tags, or else it would be a little easier.

  25. Joseph K. says:

    Thai Cafe
    coke machine in Keezletown–oops, it’s gone

  26. Drew Richard says:

    Added in a lot of phone numbers tonight. Also moved to:

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