Frank Enters Delegate Race

Brent Finnegan -- May 4th, 2010

Harrisonburg City Council member Carolyn Frank has declared her candidacy as an independent in the 26th district race for delegate. Frank joins Republican candidate Tony Wilt and Democratic Party candidate Kai Degner, making this a three-way race.

In a statement released today, Frank touts her two terms on council, and her “service on numerous civic boards” as qualifications to represent Harrisonburg and northern Rockingham County in the House of Delegates.

“The republican and democratic parties are full of great people, but unfortunately our current system doesn’t seem to be producing the type of results the people expect. It is for this reason, and my experience, that I declare my candidacy for the 26th district house seat.”

In 2007, Frank ran as an independent against then Republican incumbent Matt Lohr. Frank lost to Lohr 3,269 to 8,166.

Frank says that she knows she’s at a disadvantage as an independent, but she hopes her experience and track record of community advocacy will win over independent voters. “It’s a special election, so I think it’s off the radar screen for a lot of people,” Frank says. “The Republicans and Democrats have their party faithfuls, but I’m looking for people in the middle that are maybe looking for someone different.”

It remains to be seen how an independent on the ballot will help or hurt Wilt or Degner. Some say it’s a “disaster” for Degner. But in a statement released this afternoon, Mayor Degner welcomed his fellow City Council member to the race, and added, “It appears that conservatives will have choices besides Tony Wilt.”

The special election will be held Tuesday, June 15, 2010.

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39 Responses to “Frank Enters Delegate Race”

  1. megan says:

    And liberals will have a choices as well!

  2. Emmy says:

    I guess it will be good for some and choices are a good thing, but honestly I don’t expect her to do much better than she did the last time.

  3. As an ardent Tony Wilt supporter, I have to completely laugh at Kai’s statement. I’ve already had hard core republicans tell me to thank Carolyn “in advance”. As I said on that other local blog, “this is a disaster for Kai”, simply because she’s from the city and more city voters KNOW her because she’s been here for 30 years and actually done things.

    I checked Carolyn’s money situation and she has a mere $700. That’s probably all she’ll spend.

  4. Emmy says:

    It’s not a disaster for Kai. Those who know her, know what her politics are and if they would vote for her they wouldn’t likely vote for him anyway. Not to mention that just because they know her, doesn’t mean they like her even if they would agree with her in politics.

  5. Well, Emmy, if Carolyn doesn’t do any better than she did last time, she’ll still exceed the number of votes Kai will get…especially as we tie the term “community organizer” to him.

    • Jeremy Aldrich says:

      So Dave, from your website I would guess it’s just a matter of time until you announce you’re running too?

  6. Uh…no comment — yet.

    • JGFitzgerald says:

      Let the record show that at 4:31 p.m. on May 4, 2010, Dave Briggman had nothing to say.

  7. BANDIT says:

    She doesn’t have the support she once had. When Carolyn got involved with Becky Neal’s situation, she lost a lot of support and friends…just ask her husband.

  8. Actually, I talked to him at Home Depot last week. We spoke about that matter.

    You’ll always have a few people who knew ‘Becca that won’t like Carolyn…that’s life and that’s tough. She did what she thought she had to do when she saw Diane and Cynthia being victimized. Obviously a judge saw it her way too….

    I’m sure they’re are some folks who don’t like Judge Lane too….

    move on.

  9. Comment removed.

    No personal potshots. Keep it grown-up.

  10. BANDIT says:

    Actually, Mr. Frank did not want his wife to GET INVOLVED in the first place. Carolyn got involved WAY before she “saw Diane and Cynthia being victimized” … but that sure makes it sound good. You just might be surprised at the number of people who dislike several public individuals. Time will tell.

    Life if grand … hope yours is the same!

  11. Co-workers expressed distress from the situation from the day of the raid.

    I really don’t care if people like me or think Karma’s going to “get me”.

    That’s like saying Christa deserved having her store run into. Bad things happen to everyone. Only pointing out the bad as “God’s judgment” only proves you have it in for them….

    Life being grand has nothing to do with earthly circumstances…If that was the case, every prophet,disciple, and apostle were awful wretched people who God was judging constantly.

    Looks like you have a spirit of bitterness, not reconciliation.

    Buck up cowboy…

    • Myron, I am so glad to read your current take on “God’s judgment.” I remember after Katrina, you blogging that New Orleans deserved it. Way to grow!

      • Actually, I “wondered” if it was.

        How have you been? What have you been doing?

        • I am very well, thanks, and work as a pharmacy technician at the Augusta Regional Free Clinic. Like this has anything to do with Carolyn running for HoD. Apologies for helping take this off-topic!

          And as I have said privately to the hburgnews crew, they are doing a fabulous job!! I really appreciate the improvements to the site: the hard work shows.

    • BANDIT says:

      Thanks for the clarification … so she got publicly involved on day 1 … that is nice to know. I thought that there were more than 2 employees in that office … good thing she jumped in for those 2 employees.

      I wonder who the other employees in the office supported … who looked out for them? Actually – there was someone…..that person did what they did, for the sake of those employees, not to get something to put on a campaign announcement.

      There again, time will tell.

      • You know, if I was Becky Neal’s attorney and I was trying to get the petition taken out, I would have subpoenaed some of the signers to come in and explain to the court what they believed the petition met….all it might have taken was ONE signer to have improperly explained the meaning of the petition to the court…

        • BANDIT says:

          So, would you say the attorney was “incompetent” or on the “good ole boy club”? He got a judgeship out of the whole deal, didn’t he? It went through without any of the usual hoopla too. If you sat back and watched … a lot of what happened made no sense at all … good ole boy and girl club hard at work and an incompetent attorney to boot. There appeared to be a lot of political posturing going on then, and now.

          Carolyn made herself front and center then and now continues to boast about it.

          Who knows will happen …

          • I didn’t say David O’Donnell was incompetent, those were your words. I think attorneys often fail to represent their clients by overlooking the most basic things that are often “caught” by non-attorneys.

            I don’t think he was part of any “good old” boys club…he is simply an attorney and I believe he’s a good one and wasn’t rewarded a judgeship for his part in that case.

            I used to believe all attorneys had a basic level of competence, but (and this isn’t applicable to O’Donnell or many other lawyers I know) after having dealt with the child support system and having observed both non-attorneys and judges letting non-attorneys sign legal pleadings for two decades with absolutely no challenge by either, I am no longer willing to believe an attorney is competent to represent others, merely because he’s a member of the Virginia State Bar.

            You will be hard pressed to find a more corrupt agency of Virginia government.

            Carolyn has a damn good leg to stand on for having gotten the signatures she did…I can’t vouch for what those who assisted her believed or what they told the signers as to what the petition meant, but I know that Carolyn knew.

      • Actually, she didn’t get involved on day one…it was well into the process, just ask Dave.

  12. You know, that was a great petition I wrote.

    I had planned to take out an entire school board with it, either Rockingham or Harrisonburg for their enactment of illegal weapons policies, but then they went and had the law changed to give them the authority they didn’t have when they continued their policies.

    I wonder if one could use such a petition to take out either, or both, Senators Webb and Warner for their Obamacare votes?

  13. MF says:

    This is no disaster for Kai. The people that would switch from Kai to Carolyn do not exist in large numbers in the city. But the number of people in the city that will switch from Wilt To Carolyn (because of the raw deal they got in the primary) are going to be the deciding factor. The county probably won’t shift much either way over her getting in the race, but if it does it will take away from Wilt not Degner.

  14. She will pull from both, but more from Kai simply because she is from the city which leans democratic.

  15. In today’s DNR, Bob Roberts (of course) says, “Frank and Degner’s candidacies likely will pull from the same base of moderate voters.”

    While there might be a small percentage of voters that were going to vote for Kai that will now vote for Carolyn, I think Roberts is out of touch here. What about the liberal base? Will they vote for Carolyn? It seems more likely that certain people that know Carolyn, and would have otherwise stayed home on election day will now get to the polls to vote for her.

    The article also mentions Carolyn’s opposition to the municipal golf course, as well as her role in filing the petition to remove Harrisonburg Treasurer Becky Neal from office.

  16. Out of touch? What about the dems that Kai has turned off? Who are they going to vote for? Who are moderate republicans going to vote for?

    Are you saying that liberals only care about party, Brent? Are you saying that liberals will automatically vote dem? That’s what republicans are always accused of.

    • I’m saying what I said, Myron.

      And yes, it’s rare that a liberal votes Republican, or a conservative votes Democratic. I think for all the independents out there, there are very few that actually vote 50/50. Every self-proclaimed independent is going to vote for candidates from one party more than the other.

      I don’t doubt there are a few crossovers here or there, but find a significant number (more than a few hundred) that were going to vote for Kai that are now going to vote for Carolyn, and I’ll believe that this is a “disaster” for Kai.

      Moderates might vote for Carolyn, but I believe it’s unlikely that they would have otherwise voted for Kai in great numbers.

  17. Smitty says:

    As I said on another site I am very glad Mrs. Frank has decided to run. She is a solid fiscal and social conservative who has local govt experience. She has been active in the Valley Family Forum helping to keep our area free of undesirable influences as much as she can. I did think that Byrd was the best choice for a Republican, but now I have an even better choice.

  18. hhsparent says:

    Well, I consider myself a moderate. I don’t count myself as a Valley Republican but would have come out to support Ted Byrd were the “pledge” or whatever they were calling it wasn’t required. It would go against my conscience to sign it knowing full well I wouldn’t support Mr. Wilt in the special election.

    In all likelihood I wouldn’t be voting in the special election if Ms. Frank hadn’t entered the race. But I don’t plan to vote for her. I plan to vote for Mr. Degner. For every time I’ve talked to Ms. Frank about a concern, there’s been a lot of head nodding and “agreement” but no action. Guess my concerns weren’t glamorous enough.

  19. Dan says:

    If the special election coincided with a national election, I think Carolyn Frank might take a lot of votes off of Kai. People who vote in national elections often don’t know much about the local elections and will put a mark next to whichever name they recognize. I would guess that the majority of folks who vote in this election will do so because they feel strongly about a candidate.

  20. BANDIT says:

    With the latest report… I believe Carolyn should drop out of the race.

  21. Carolyn will be turning her signatures in tomorrow.

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